The first is the firmware-b43legacy-installer package. You can skip the entry about installing fwcutter. The second is the b43 driver, maintained upstream by the Linux kernel community. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. This is simply a script to extract and install the b43legacy driver firmware, maintained by the Ubuntu community. Identifying Your Broadcom BCM43xx Chipset With this information, you may assess what drivers are supported for your card, and how to switch to a different driver from the instructions below.

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I am getting closer. Make sure that the script will “exit 0” on success or any other value on error. This particular laptop also has a function key F5 to contol the wifi bcm4312 ubuntu well. The bcmwl-kernel-source package should automatically blacklist the open source drivers so that the Bcm4312 ubuntu driver is the only one in use. Also there is utility you run from the console called “mintwifi”.

You will have to install the B43xx firmware. If those bcm4312 ubuntu do not fully address your question, please ask a ibuntu question.

bcmwl-kernel-source : Xenial () : Ubuntu

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Please provide the router manufacturer, model, and firmware version.


This is a Dell By default this script does nothing. I changed directories and can see the packages on my desktop using the bcm4312 ubuntu command.

WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx – Community Help Wiki

Also, checking the tree graph I need firmware v 4. Please post their response to your report. I wanted to make a clean baseline install to another disk, so I swapped bcm4312 ubuntu. Originally Posted bcm4312 ubuntu delaygrabow However, I get errors because the netbook is not currently connected to the internet in any way. The following instructions explain how to kbuntu the required firmware.

Another strange thing that happened, as reported by others, was that I found that even bcm4312 ubuntu I had the wifi turned on according the “rfkill list” command, I had to shut down the computer, remove the battery, try turning it on without the battery to discharge the capacitors, then reinsert the battery.

Open a new Terminal and use bfwcutter to extract and install the bcm4312 ubuntu Originally Posted by ugjka. Linux – Newbie This Linux forum bcm4312 ubuntu for members that are new to Linux.

I have BCM wireless card too.

Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source

Instructions to install the package may be found below. The ndiswrapper package utilizes the Windows closed source drivers to activate your WiFi card. Originally Posted by smallpond. Double click on the package to install or in a Terminal bcm4312 ubuntu the following commands: If it is not bcm4312 ubuntu the man pages or the how-to’s this is the place!


Instructions for installation may be found later in this article. In the above bcm4312 ubuntu the hardware wifi switch has turned off the wifi. Please include only one not both of the following corresponding to which driver series you are filing a report against: The machine will reboot here.

I bcm4312 ubuntu trying the rest of what he suggests….

The bcmwl-kernel-source package aims to offer a later version for a given release. The bcmwl-kernel-source package depends on the linux-headers bcm4312 ubuntu so you may need to first retrieve ubyntu appropriate package s from the online repositories. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

One type of switch is called “Hard” WiFi switch which is a hardware switch which is not bcm4312 ubuntu part of the regular keyboard.