Change the Number of samples to With myDAQ, students can take instant measurements with software-based instruments or interactively record, view, and explore data. Students can access all the ready-to-run software instruments to perform experiments and exercises with the Bode analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, dynamic signal analyzer fast Fourier transform , digital input, and digital output. You can click the broken Run button to see what the problem is. Enter 2 for the Max input range and -2 for the Min input range. Click OK when you are done. Tinker, Learn Labs Bharathwaj Muthuswamy:

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Now with NI myDAQ you can assign hardware homework consisting of specific circuits, as well as encourage students to independently explore circuits on myraq own ni mydaq.

NI myDAQ – Tutorials

Save and close your VI. While all are available for free viewing and download, be aware that many of these are unedited, rough cuts: You can click the broken Run button to see what the problem is. Our vision at NTS Ni mydaq encompasses a full set of curriculum materials making hands-on project-based learning both practicable and affordable. Notice that the Run button ni mydaq your VI is currently broken.

Learn more about our privacy policy. Enter 1k for Samples to Read and k for Rate Hz. Students ni mydaq can analyze, compare, and process acquired signals any time, anywhere. Now, the program knows to stop when you press the stop button on your front in.


With powerful learning features and myDAQ integration, Multisim teaches students foundational concepts in analog, digital, and power electronics throughout the engineering curriculum. Use online, interactive teaching resources ni mydaq integrate myDAQ into classes in introduction to engineering, measurements, and capstone design. Imagine if ni mydaq had an mp3 player and speakers.

Tutorial kits are available ji checkout to any student or teacher at the electronic support lab ni mydaq of ni mydaq. Enter 2 for the Max input range and -2 for the Min input range. Request myDAQ at a discounted price for evaluation and explore how to extend hands-on learning outside the lab.

ni mydaq Here you can choose which data acquisition device to use as well as specify what type of data you want to acquire or generate. NI myDAQ provides an exciting, expandable computer-based platform for measuring and interacting with the real world, giving students the myddaq ni mydaq Explore — Tinker — Reflect.

myDAQ University Kit

The eight digital input and digital output lines 3. Click the Stop button on the front panel ni mydaq stop the program.

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. This is the Create New Express Task dialog box. Notice that no data appears on the graph. The image below shows the Configure Ni mydaq Signal dialog box, which allows you to configure ni mydaq settings of the signal you want to ,ydaq. Send us your good thoughts, corrections, or suggestions for new material. Quickly and instantly visualize measurements to interactively analyze signals in the classroom and the research laboratory.

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Ni myDAQ National Instruments – Student Kit | eBay

Enter 10k for Samples to Write and k for Rate Hz. When used with LabVIEW, myDAQ turns a computer into a suite of scientific measurement instruments capable of analyzing signal data and controlling simple processes. Change mysaq Number of samples to Anytime you use a loop, you must tell the program when to stop ni mydaq. Under Ni mydaq Settings, select VoltageOut.

Mydxq Automatic to remove the checkmark. The device includes eight popular software-based instruments, including a digital multimeter, oscilloscope, and function generator, and comes with DMM probes ni mydaq an audio cable for iPod connectivity. Watch ni mydaq video for an easy way to teach frequency domain with speakers, a phone, and myDAQ; then, click the link below to test out myDAQ labs on your own. When combined with LabVIEW, NI myDAQ creates a hands-on learning solution for the core concepts in engineering curricula, including analog circuits, sensors, and signals and systems courses.