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Mastery Basics

  1. 33 Greene Pdf Robert Strategy War Free Download Programs For Windows 7
  2. 33 Greene Pdf Robert Strategy War Free Download Programs Download

The 33 Strategies of War is a 2006 book written by American author Robert Greene that is described as a 'guide to the subtle social game of everyday life informed by the. Military principles in war'. Mar 03, 2005 Free download or read online The 33 Strategies of War pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of the novel was published in March 3rd 2005, and was written by Robert Greene. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 496 pages and is available in Hardcover format. Robert Greene has a degree in classical studies and is the author of several bestselling books, including The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, and Mastery.He lives in Los.

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  • Mastery: The secret to greatness in a field
  • Mastery is not a function of Genius. Not a miracle
    • Mastery is a function of
      • Time
      • Intense Focus
      • Mentors/Relationships
    • Mastery is not
      • Possessed by other Great ones
    • Our vanity/self-love/ego protection promotes the cult of genius
      • If someone is a miracle or gifted or genius and we are not – it does not aggrieve us
      • If we stop believing that there are any geniuses, all the responsibility of becoming great now falls on us.

Mastery by Robert Greene: 5 Steps

  1. Discover your calling
  2. Apprenticeship
  3. Must have Mentor(s)
  4. Social Intelligence
  5. Strategies for creativity

1. Discover your Calling:

  • Characteristics of a calling
    • LOVE – You must love it.
      • You must feel passion for it
    • Visceral Reactions to stuff related to it
    • Never Tired of it
      • As if you can work on it all the time.
      • This is the feeling I personally get when I am reading business and personal development books and talking about them and teaching the ideas from them.
      • Ask yourself: What is it that you are never tired of?
    • Curiosity – an unusual degree of curiosity
      • You keep digging more and finding more
    • Power – Feelings of power attached to particular actions.
  • Avoid the false path
    • Doing it for money/fame/power
      • When you do it for money/fame/power, you never attain mastery, and you never get the money/fame/power either.
  • Weaknesses
    • Ignore your weaknesses
    • Resist the temptation to be like others
      • The world is constantly trying to make you average.
      • You must resist the temptation to give in and be like others.
      • You must chart your own course.
  • It doesn’t appear out of the blue … it’s a process
    • It can appear in the guise of your deficiencies
      • Makes you focus on the one or two things that you are inevitably good at

2. Apprenticeship

  • Steps of Apprenticeship:
    • Step 1 – Deep observation
      • Don’t try to impress
    • Step 2 – Skills acquisition
      • Natural learning – we learn by watching and imitating
      • Practice – Long hours. Challenging comfort zone
    • Step 3 – Experimentation
      • Experiment with the new
  • Strategies:
    • Value learning over money
      • Don’t choose an apprenticeship that promises to pay more money
      • Instead, choose an apprenticeship where you will learn a lot more, even if you will be paid less.
    • Revert to a child-like feeling of not knowing
      • That is when you are most open to learning.
    • Trust the process
      • Trust that failure is part of the process
      • Trust that challenges will be a part of the process
      • Trust that negative emotions will be a part of the process.
    • Move towards resistance and pain
      • In order to learn at the fastest pace possible, attack areas where you are hitting resistance.
      • Invent exercises in areas of your biggest challenge
    • Apprentice yourself in failure.
      • There are 2 Kinds of Failure:
        • Never trying – waiting for the perfect time to take action.
          • Failure of Inaction will DESTROY you
        • Bold and venturesome – You try and you fail
          • You learn and grow a lot from this kind of failure.

3. Find a Mentor

  • Why do you need a Mentor?
    • Life is too short. Your creative time is very limited.
      • You can not figure it all out by yourself.
    • Trying to learn through books, practice, occasional advice is time-consuming and hit/miss
    • Shortcut the process
      • 10 years on your own
      • 5 years or less with a mentor
  • Emotional Relationship w/ Mentor is crucial
    • They feel emotionally invested in your progress
    • Be useful to them
    • You feel emotionally drawn to them
      • You admire them
      • Mentors find this immensely flattering
  • How to get a mentor interested and hooked
    • See the world through their eyes
    • Ask yourself – what do they need the most?
    • If you are interested in their self-interest – they will, in turn, be interested in you

4. Social Intelligence

  • Most of us are operating in the dark
    • We are blind to Others’ motivations and intentions
  • Your goal is to identify and pierce through to what makes people unique. TO understand their:
    • character
    • Values
    • Pasts
    • Way of thinking
  • Be able to see yourself as others see you
  • Put yourself in their shoes
    • Don’t project your feelings on them
  • How to do this?
    • Silence your inner voice. Be present

33 Greene Pdf Robert Strategy War Free Download Programs For Windows 7

5. Strategies for Creativity

33 Greene Pdf Robert Strategy War Free Download Programs Download

  • Creative Task
      • Think of yourself as an explorer.
      • THE higher the goal, the more energy you will call up from deep within.
  • Creative Strategies
    • Cultivate negative capability
      • The ability to hold paradoxes.
      • Be OK with feeling doubt and uncertainty
    • Allow serendipity
      • most interesting and profound discoveries in science occur when the thinker is not concentrating directly on the problem
    • Alter your perspective
      • Look for what’s not there.
    • Have a Sense of Urgency
      • The feeling that we have endless time to complete our work has an insidious and debilitating effect on our minds.
      • Manufacture urgency if needed
        • Your mind is now like an army that is backed up and can not retreat.
        • Fight or DIE
      • Edison – Light Bulb
        • Deliberately talked to press about an idea before he was ready
          • Put his reputation on the line
      • Galois – The greatest work on Algebra
        • The night before his duel (which could lead to death) he summarized all his ideas on algebra
    • Lack of Intensity is BAD
      • Without intensity, the brain doesn’t jolt into high gear
      • Mental connections do not trigger

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