45 Dearmandialectical Behavioral Training

Training with C4BHI clinical instructors

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..is always an engaging experience. We design all workshops to stimulate learning and transfer clinical skills and information through dynamic presentations, interactive participation, video vignettes, and essential handouts. Our interactive clinical workshops lead to competencies on a wide range of topics.

45 Dearman Dialectical Behavioral Training Reliaslearning

  1. National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care – A Best Practice Toolkit Knowledge Informing Transformation Page 6 of 80 Forward The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the U.S.
  2. Apr 24, 2011 This mnemonic device was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan as a component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help remind people of the basic skills involved in getting what you want in relationships in a healthy manner.

Training Offerings Include:

  • Motivational Interviewing Basics - this training focuses on training the use of initial competence in all essential aspects of using MI to help motivate clients toward change.
  • Motivational Interviewing Advanced - this training builds more advanced skills to elicit change talk with a special focus on understanding and matching readiness and compassionate complex reflections.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) - this training incorporates the essential skills of MI into a structured intervention based on the four phases of MI sessions to build continued collaboration through reflective feedback discussion and goal setting.
  • SBIRT - Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment - this introductory training covers the methods, tools and interventions for implementing behavioral healthcare into medical settings to increase access efficiently and effectively.
  • Accurate Screening and Assessment for Mental Health and Substance Use Risk - this training introduces participants to a wide range of accurate screening and assessment tools for co-occurring disorders for use within SBIRT-type processes. Tools are reviewed, administered, scored and discussed.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy combined – this more intensive training promotes the use of these two structured effective interventions for youth, young adults and adult populations (Cannabis Youth Treatment Series vol. 1 & 2; Integrated Change Therapy for Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders). Time in training is spent reviewing and practicing the essential clinical background and skills to implement and build competency to deliver 5-12 sessions for a wide range of needed skills to help promote wellness and recovery from co-occurring disorders.
  • Family Support Network (FSN) - FSN is volume three of the five Cannabis Youth Treatment series interventions. FSN builds on volumes 1 and 2, which focus on direct work with the youth, by engaging caregivers in family sessions to support youth recovery by improving caregivers’ competencies in supporting their loved one’s recovery.
  • Cannabis Clinical Competencies – this training provides essential information and clinical strategies to meet the current and dramatic changes in the legal status, medical applications, social perceptions, methods of use, and marijuana strength. Unique screening and intervention techniques will be addressed and practiced so that participants leave with a richer understanding of cannabis science and clinical competencies to help raise patient awareness for potential impacts from use.

45 Dearman Dialectical Behavioral Training Institute

Current or recently completed trainings:

Provided training on Cannabis Clinical Competencies as part of the Virginia SBIRT initiative.

Provided training and practice facilitation in the use of SBIRT across Blueprint for Health practices on behalf of the Department for Vermont Health Access.

Provided MI and CBT trainings and coaching to competency certification as part of the New Jersey Evidenced Based Practice Initiative.

Provided trainings and coaching to competency certification in use of the Cannabis Youth Treatment Series volumes 1, 2, and 3 (MET/CBT and FSN) for the State of South Dakota.

Provided trainings and coaching to competency certification in use of the Cannabis Youth Treatment Series volumes 1 and 2 (MET/CBT) for the State of Iowa’s Department of Public Health.

C4BHI has also provided training on behalf of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, the National Drug Court Institute, and across state agencies, community health services, schools, and tribal communities in Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Vermont.

45 Dearmandialectical Behavioral Training

45 Dearman Dialectical Behavioral Training Techniques

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45 Dearmandialectical Behavioral Training Reliaslearning

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is one of the fastest growing approaches — because it works! It harnesses the power of CBT and mindfulness in a strategic way that gets results.

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And now you can learn how to share and adapt the evidence-based DBT model for children and adolescents in practical and engaging ways — tailored to their unique developmental needs.

Join DBT expert Jean Eich, Psy.D, LP, to discover how DBT can help the kids you work with manage out of control behaviors and emotional regulation deficits that can often be associated with ADHD, attachment disorder, ODD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and more..

You'll get step by step instruction on how to use mindfulness strategies and techniques that will help young clients observe and identify moments of distress, master skills to manage their emotions and behaviors, and develop communication strategies to talk about how they're feeling so they can maintain healthy, positive relationships.

45 Dearman Dialectical Behavioral Training Certification

This course will help make even your most challenging child and adolescent clients easier to treat by showing you step by step how you can use DBT in a fluid and flexible way specific to your clients — so you can help transform treatment outcomes and improve the health, well-being and happiness of today's youth.