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The Sikh code of conduct, Rehat Maryada, is based on 52 hukams or edicts issued by Guru Gobind Singh in 1708 at Nanded before Guru Sahib re-joined God. The 52 hukamnamas or edicts giving instruction on appropriate behavior were written by order of Guru Gobind Singh and copied down by Baba Raam Singh Koer whose great grandfather was Baba Buddha.

Guru Gobind Singh affixed his personal seal to the document, a copy of which can be seen at historic Gurdwara Paonta Sahib built on the Yamuna river banks in the town of Paonta Sahib of Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh about 44 kilometers from Dehradun. These edicts sum up the ideal way of life of the Khalsa and serve as a code of conduct for the Khalsa Panth.

52 hukams of guru gobind singh ji in punjabi pdf books online

52 Hukams Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji In Punjabi Pdf Books 2017

  • Guru Ji has highlighted that respect and love that should be the foundation of every relationship. In Their order of the 52 Hukams (Divine Commands), Guru Gobind Singh Ji states in the 16th Hukam “Istri da mooh nahi fitkaarnaa – Do not subject your wife to cursing or verbal abuse”. For Guru Ji to have highlighted the importance of this.
  • Numerous anecdotes narrated in his books ” —Dr. Joginder Singh J.P., Birmingham, England. “We highly recommend these books to those who want to learn or teach Sikhism and Sikh Philosophy.” —Gurdwara Guru Ramdas, Singh Sabha, Birmingham, England. Other books by the same author on religious philosophy and history: 1. Hindu Sikh Slkhia 2.
  • Guru Gobind Singh became the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs at the age of nine years. Guru Gobind Singh had four sons namely – Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh. Guru Gobind Singh had a natural genius for poetic composition and his early years were assiduously given to this pursuit.


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Work hard for your religion (Sikhi).

Kirat dharam dee karnee.


Donate a tenth share of your earnings.

Dasvand denaa.


Memorize Gurbani.

Gurbani kantth karnee.


Wake up at Amrit vela (before sunrise).

Amrit velā jaggana.


Serve the Guru's Sikh with love.

Pyar nal Gursikhan dee seva karnee.


Learn the meaning of Gurbani from the Guru's Sikhs.

Gursikhan passon Gurbani de arth samajhana.


Follow the discipline of the five K's (articles of faith) strictly.

Panj Kakkar dee rehit drirh rakhnee.


Practice (Guru's) Shabads.

Shabad da abhiaas karnaa.


Concentrate on the true guru (God).

Dhian sat-saroop satguru daa karna.


Believe in the true Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee noo mananaa.


When undertaking any task, first perform the (prayer of) Ardās.

Sabh kaarjaan dae arambh velae ardaas karnee.


For birth naming, funeral, or marriage ceremonies or devotional reading paath, recite Japji Sahib while making Karah Parshad, perform five verses of Anand Sahib, and ardaas, and then distribute Karah Prashad to the Panj Pyare, attending Granthi, and then to the sangat gathered for worship.

Jaman, maran, viah, anand, aad sumae japji da paath kar ke karaah parsaadh tyar kar ke anand sahib da paath, ardas kar ke, punj pyarian ate atae hazooree granthee singhan da vartara vartaar kae rakh opranth sangat noo varta dhena.


Until Karaah Parshaad has been served to everyone, the sangat (congregation) ought to remain seated.

Jad tak Karaah Parshaad vartadaa rahae sari sangat addol batthee rahae.


Without the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony, do not start married life.

Viah anand binaa grahist nahee karnaa.


Other than your wedded wife, consider all women as your mothers, sisters and daughters.

Par istree, ma bhain, dhee, kar jaananee.


Do not silence your wife.

Istree da mooh nahee phitkaarnaa.


Discard worldly ways, falsehoods, and poisonous tobacco.

Jagat-jooth tambaakoo bikhiaa da tiaag karnaa.


Make companions of Gursikhs who follow Rehat (code of conduct) and recite God's name.

Rehitvaan tae naam jupan vaalae gursikhan dee sangat karnee.


Whatever work you have to do, do not be lazy.

Jitne kum apne karan de houn, ohna de karan vich aalis nahee karnaa.


Listen to and carry out explanations of Gurbani and kirtan every day.

Gurbanee dee kathaa atae keertan roaz sunanaa tae karnaa.


Do not slander, or gossip, or be spiteful to anyone.

Kisae dee ninda, chugalee, atae eirkhaa nahee karnee.


Do not be proud of riches, youthfulness or lineage. (Regardless of maternal and paternal caste or heritage, all of the Guru's Sikhs are siblings of one family).

Dhan, javaanee, kul-jaat da maan naee karnaa.


Maintain a high standard of purity.

Mat uchee tae suchee rakhnee.


Continue performing pure (righteous) deeds.

Shubh karam kardae rahna.


Appreciate intellect and power as gifts of God.

Budh bal da daataa vaheguroo noo jaananaa.


Have no faith in those swearing oaths (paritcularly hindus and muslims).

Kasam, saun chukan valae tae itbaar nahee karnaa.


Maintain independent rule (Khalistan). In the affairs of governing, do not give the power of religious authority to those of other faiths.

Sutantar vicharna. Raaj Kaaj dian kamaan tae doosrae mutaa dia purshaan noo huk nahee daenaa.


Study and learn about how to rule.

Raajnitee vi parhnee.


When dealing with enemies, practice diplomacy, employ a variety of tactics, and exhaust all techniques before engaging in warfare.

Shatru (dushman) naal saam, daam, bhaed, aadiak, upau vartnae, uprant yudh karnaa dharam hai.


Learn and train in the skills of weaponry and horseriding.

Shaster vidyaa tae ghorhae-savaari da abhiaas karnaa.


Study the books and beliefs of other faiths but maintain trust in the Guru's writings and God.

Doosrae dharama dian pustakhan, vidyaa parhnee, par bhrosaa drirh Gurbanee, Akaal Purakh utae hee rakhna.


Follow the Guru teachings.

Guru updesh dhaaran karnaa.


After reciting Rehras Sahib [evening prayers], stand up and perform Ardās.

Raheraas da paath kar kharae karo kae ardaas karnee.


Before sleeping, recite Sohila Sahib (bedtime prayer) begginning 'Pavan guru pani pita..'.

Saun sumae sohilaa da paath karna (pavan guru pani pita..)' salok parhnaa.


Do not allow you hair to be uncovered (always wear a dastar).

Kesh nangai nahee raknae.


Address a Singh by their entire name including Singh (or Kaur), do not shorten it by half or call them by nicknames.

Singhaa da pura naam lae ke bulaunaa, adha nahee.


Do not drink or provide alcoholic drinks.

Sharaab nai peenee-paalunee.


Do not given a daughter's hand in marriage to one who cuts their hair. Give her to a household where God's Sikhs and tenets of Sikhism are respected.

Bhadnee (sir munae) noo kanaiaa nahee daevenee. Uos ghar daeve jithae Akal Purukh dee sikhee hovai.


Carry out pure actions in accordance with the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Gurbani.

Subh kaaraj Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji di tabhia te Gurbani anusaar karnae.


Do not ruin someones work by gossiping.

Chugalee kar kisae da kam nahee vigaarnaa.


Do not break someones heart by speaking in bitterness.

Kaurha bachan kar ke kise da heridha nahee dakhouna.


Only make pilgrimages to Gurdwaras.

Darshan yaatraa gurdwaaraan dee hee karnee.


Keep all promises made.

Bachan karkae paalnaa.


Do as much possible to serve and aid foreigners, those in need, or in trouble.

Athiti, pardaesee, lorvaand, dukhee, apung manukh dee yataahshkat seva karnee.


Realize the earnings of a daughter as poison.

Dhee (putaree) dee kumaee (dhan) bikh kar jananaa.


Do not become a show-off Sikh.

Dikhaavae da Sikh nahee bannaa.


Live and pass away as a Sikh with hair intact and unshorn. Respect you hair.

Sikhi kesaan suwaasaan sang nibhaaounee. Kesan nu gur smaan jaan adhub karna.


Do not become involved in theft, friendships, fraud, deception, and pillaging.

Chori, yaari, thugi, dhokaa, dagaa nahee karnaa.


Trust in a Gursikh.

Gursikh da itbaar karnaa.


Do not make false statements.

Jhutthi gavaahee nahee daenee.


Do not tell lies.

Jhut nahee kahna/ bolonaa.


Serve langar and prashaad equally.

Langar Parshaad ik ras vartaaunaa.

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52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Pur bhrosaa drirh Gurbani, Akal Purakh tae karnaa - Study the books and knowledge of other faiths. The 52 Hukams are a set of instruction in Sikhism set by Guru Gobind Singh in Nanded, Maharashtra, India in 1708. These edicts sum up the ideal way of life of the Khalsa and serve as a code of conduct for the Khalsa Panth.