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Adobe Systems Inc. have released a preview release of their Flash Player for Mac OS X. Dubbed 'Square' the plugin enables native 64-bit support on supported hardware, but is also available for 32-bit systems.

Windows and Linux versions are, of course, readily downloadable as well.

In addition to bringing 64-bit support on all platforms, Square specifically adds enhanced support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta on Windows machines.

Adobe Flash Player For Mac Os Sierra

“We have made this preview available so that users can test existing content and new platforms for compatibility and stability,” says Adobe.

  1. Ultimately, while there have been some security concerns with Adobe Flash Player in recent years, if you install it from a trusted source then you should have no issues. Other Systems Adobe Flash Player is also available for Mac OS. The Official Adobe Website should automatically detect which version you need for.
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“Because this is a preview version of Flash Player, we don’t expect it to be as stable as a final release version of Flash Player. Use caution when installing Flash Player ‘Square’ on production machines,” the software company explains.

On the Adobe Labs site, a list of key new capabilities in the Flash Player 'Square' preview is provided, with Adobe highlighting 64-bit support — “Native support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows,” the documentation reads.

We don't have a separate version of Flash Player for OS X 10.10. We are currently testing Flash Player on OS X 10.10 and once it is officially released it'll be added to the Flash Player supported browser list and you'll be able to download Flash Player from the statndard Flash Player download page at using OS X 10.10.

As noted above, in addition to delivering support for 64-bit hardware, the software also comes with enhancements that support Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9.

According to Adobe, Square “takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Internet Explorer 9 Beta, utilizing hardware rendering surfaces to improve graphics performance and enable seamless composition.”

An important note is then provided. Adobe signals that those who install the Flash Player 'Square' preview will need to keep this version up to date by manually installing updates from the very same page these listings were made.

“You will not receive automatic update notifications for future final releases of Flash Player, and you will need to manually uninstall Flash Player ‘Square’ before installing a final shipping version of Flash Player,” the software company adds.

Depends entirely on what Mac you have.

You can check here: to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS. Note that version 10,1,102,64 is the last version available to PPC Mac users*. The latest version, or later, is for Intel Macs only running Tiger or Leopard, as Adobe no longer support the PPC platform. Version 11.4.402.265 or later is for Snow Leopard onwards.

(If you are running Mavericks: After years of fighting malware and exploits facilitated through Adobe's Flash Player, the company is taking advantage of Apple's new App Sandbox feature to restrict malicious code from running outside of Safari in OS X Mavericks.)

* Unhelpfully, if you want the last version for PPC (G4 or G5) Macs, you need to go here: and scroll down to 'Archived Versions/Older Archives'. Flash Player is the one you download. More information here:

You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here (make sure you use the correct one!):

and also that you follow the instructions closely, such as closing ALL applications (including Safari) first before installing. You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe.

Adobe Flash Player For Mac Os X

After installing, reboot your Mac and relaunch Safari, then in Safari Preferences/Security enable ‘Allow Plugins’. If you are running 10.6.8 or later:

When you have installed the latest version of Flash, relaunch Safari and test.

Adobe Flash Player Mac Os X Yosemite

If you're getting a 'blocked plug-in' error, then in System Preferences… ▹ Flash Player▹ Advanced

click Check Now. Quit and relaunch your browser.

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