Alias Fever Dream Rar

Release Name: Of_Monsters_And_Men-Fever_Dream-CD-FLAC-2019-KOMA
Artist: Of Monsters And Men
Album: Fever Dream
Genre: Rock
Year: 2019
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:40:30
Size: 273.04 MB

  1. Alias Fever Dream Rare
  2. Alias Fever Dream Rarity

Quality: FLAC 24 bit / 96 kHz (Tracks) Artist: Of Monsters and Men Title: Fever Dream Released: 2019 Style: Indie Pop, Alternative RAR Size: 945 Mb Tracklist: 1. Alligator (03:04) 2. Listen to Fever Dream on Spotify. Alias Album 2011 12 songs.

Four years after the release of their hardened sophomore effort, Beneath the Skin, Iceland's Of Monsters and Men returned with Fever Dream, a reinvigorated change of pace that gives the band a shimmering synth pop makeover. Stepping away from the folksy anthems that broke them across the globe, the quintet absorbed bright synths, programmed drums, and beat loops, resulting in a surprisingly satisfying hybrid. Moving past any potential disappointment brought on by the fact that there's no 'Little Talks' to be found on Fever Dream, it still takes a minute to digest this drastic sonic shift. Along with producer Rich Costey (Muse, Sigur Rs), Of Monsters and Men take a daring risk and evolve, maturing themselves in the process. For fans of their early sound, cuts like the pulsing 'Alligator,' the driving 'Vulture, Vulture,' and the melodic 'Rrr' effortlessly bridge their eras. Otherwise, Fever Dream sets its sights on uncharted territory for the group. At times, they echo indie electronic acts like Hlos or Broods ('Wild Roses,' 'Ahay'), while elsewhere they even borrow from 1989-era Taylor Swift with the lovelorn singalong 'Sleepwalker.' Continuing their adventures with genre testing, the poppy, dance-friendly 'Wars' -- complete with groovy disco claps -- juts up alongside the experimental 'Under a Dome,' an expansive epic that shifts from heavy introspection to glimmering elevation. Above all, the sweeping 'Stuck in Gravity' stands tall. With dramatic strings and a gorgeous late-song synth wave, the song is one of the more exciting standouts on an album of unexpected moments. Since each track is so distinctive, the album is compulsively listenable, offering something new to discover around every corner. With Fever Dream, Of Monsters and Men took a chance and rediscovered their creativity, embarking in a colorful and bold direction without sacrificing their heart and soul in the process.


Alias Fever Dream Rare

Alias Fever Dream Rar


Alias Fever Dream Rarity

  1. Of Monsters And Men - Alligator - 3:04 (969 kbps , 21.27 MB)
  2. Of Monsters And Men - Ahay - 2:56 (911 kbps , 19.14 MB)
  3. Of Monsters And Men - R󲳲 - 4:21 (976 kbps , 30.4 MB)
  4. Of Monsters And Men - Waiting For The Snow - 3:43 (747 kbps , 19.89 MB)
  5. Of Monsters And Men - Vulture, Vulture - 2:57 (999 kbps , 21.04 MB)
  6. Of Monsters And Men - Wild Roses - 4:03 (965 kbps , 27.93 MB)
  7. Of Monsters And Men - Stuck In Gravity - 4:24 (929 kbps , 29.28 MB)
  8. Of Monsters And Men - Sleep Walker - 3:19 (962 kbps , 22.82 MB)
  9. Of Monsters And Men - Wars - 3:37 (1020 kbps , 26.4 MB)
  10. Of Monsters And Men - Under A Dome - 4:34 (912 kbps , 29.78 MB)
  11. Of Monsters And Men - Soothsayer - 3:35 (978 kbps , 25.11 MB)

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