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New Mexico Map DLC


Discover the subtle beauty of the New Mexico landscape. Its nickname – “Land of Enchantment” – fits perfectly. Staad pro v8i tutorial book pdf. A lot of unique natural scenery will accompany you during all hauls, two trips will never feel the same.

Drive through urbanized areas like Albuquerque, sparsely populated trading posts, rest stops in the middle of the desert, lush forests and mountain ranges. New Mexico has a lot to offer in terms of landscape variety. Cross Rio Grande, visit Carson National Forest, Baylor Peak, Pyramid Rock and other natural landmarks.

American Truck Simulator Macbook Air

Spend your night, rest, refuel and repair your truck on one of the many unique truck stops around New Mexico’s highways. Admire the red sunsets while driving past recognizable monumental rock formations.

American Truck Simulator Mexico Mods

American Truck Simulator. Supported platforms. PC Windows PC Linux Mac. Arizona (2016) New Mexico (2017) Oregon (2018) Washington (2019) Utah (2019) Idaho (2020) Colorado (2020) Truck manufacturers. International Kenworth Mack Peterbilt Volvo Western Star Steam rating. 95% (2020) Metacritic. Download mod Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS American Truck Simulator game. Viva Mexico Map - this mod add the b eautiful map of Mexico, with its own color and atmosphere. This American Truck Simulator 2018 is all set for experiencing an real driving during the day and night. Download now our new American Truck Simulator 2018 and show your skills with loaded truck driving and have fun all the way. Sit in an awesome Truck steering, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the sensational journey being a real driver. Roaring and Thundering Trucks American Truck Simulator showcases the impressive career of truck drivers. Players can visit real-life locations like Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon. They can see breathtaking sceneries, beaches, deserts, and even the Grand Canyon.

American Truck Simulator - New Mexico For Macbook Pro

New Mexico (Navajo: Yootó Hahoodzo) is the fifth largest by area and the 36th most populous of the U.S. states. This corner-state has diverse nature which includes deserts, high plains, and mountains. The climate is generally semi-arid to arid because New Mexico has very little water.

American Truck Simulator For Mac

  • Over 4,000 miles of new in-game roads
  • 14 major cities, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Roswell
  • 11 custom rest/truck stops for parking and refueling
  • More than 600 completely new 3D graphics assets
  • Complex and realistic custom-built junctions and Interstate interchanges
  • 8 new company docks and industries
  • Unique landmarks both natural and man-made
  • New Mexico achievements to unlock