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After downloading the Antares Mic Modeler demo I came to the conclusion that many others have - it's kind of fun to fool around with for awhile, but there really isn't much there. You can certainly achieve some pleasant sounds, but it cannot create something that isn't there in the first place.
My source was a Shure KSM32. The original track (vocal) was very pure and dimensional..a 'keeper' track. After a couple of hours of Mic Modeler tweaking I can say with relative certainty that MM seems to place a 'film' (for lack of a better term) over the top of the original signal. the result was never as pleasing as the original. It occurs to me that you can only boost or cut information that is already can't add it. The three dimensional nuances between a Neumann U87 and a Shure KSM32 (both great) cannot be created. Again, you can only add or cut what's already there.
Can it get close? Well, it seems to me that that may depend on listening maturity. I was happy to find that my ears weren't satisfied!
If you really want to buy some software, I might recommend the PSP Vintage Warmer. Now, that's fun! You can pretty much duplicate what MM does (if you want to), plus a whole lot more.
Antares mic modeler

Antares: Microphone Modeler plug in (Direct X version for PC) Reviewed by Rich Hardesty. Antares Audio Technologies, the software DSP innovator that brought the world the Auto-Tune, has come forth with their latest digital mojo-in-a-box called the Microphone Modeler ($249). Perhaps you've heard of this new plug-in that claims to be able to take. Mic Mod EFX is a modern incarnation of Antares' legendary Microphone Modeler plug-in.

Antares Microphone Modeler

From the makers of AutoTune comes Antares Mic Mod EFX. With this mic modeler, you can recreate the color and character of 125 of the most beloved classic microphones in recording history. Remember, this is the company who set the world standard for professional pitch and time correction with Auto-Tune They don’t mess around.

Antares Mic Modeler

Mcculloch 610 pro mac manualeagleecho. Microphone Modeler by Antares Audio Technologies is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units. Watch as Gobbler instructor Pete Dowsett gives an in-depth explanation of how to use the Antares Mic Mod EFX. Learn More Here: