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The following plans were developed through my own work and 20 years of teaching musical instrument making at:
Bristol Adult Education 1981 - 2000 evening classes
Swindon Adult Education 1986 - 1991 evening classes
Bath Spa University College 1995 - 1999 teaching music students

The photo is from a class in Filton, Bristol, taken about 1982. Download mac os x 10.6. I am on the right and we are discussing a mould for an Appalachian dulcimer.

Many instruments have been made from each plan. The plans are full size, all dimensions are in millimetres and suggestions for materials and construction are given. I welcome feedback about the plans and pictures of your completed project.

Bass Guitar Plans Pdf

Photos of instruments made from these plans are lower down on this page.

On this website you will find information about conservation and lute making, as well as information for novice luthiers.

Guitar Plans Most musicians do not build their own instruments, but if you are a woodworking musician, you may want to use those nimble fingers to build an acoustic or electric guitar, using free guitar plans. Plan015devinesolidelectricguitar.pdf: File Size: 523 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. The JAG doublecut is a solid mahogany electric guitar for 2 x P90 pickups.I called it Devine, because it has a vine inlay. The simple set neck design is VERY effective, think Les Paul junior for sound quality.

Instructions for ordering plans are shown below all the plan descriptions. Portions of some plans are shown - click on them for a larger version.

The Plans

Renaissance Lute, 7 and 8 Courses

Based on the work of north Italian makers from about 1600, the late Renaissance, the string length is 600mm and any odd number of ribs from 11 to 33 is appropriate. As well as being a sensible woodworking project, the lute made from this plan will satisfy the criteria of historical accuracy demanded by today's lute players and will tune to concert pitch. The plan consists of two sheets; the first has full drawings for a seven course lute and the second has full size drawings for the mould and plan drawings for the eight course, including neck, bridge and pegbox.

Parlour Guitar

This unique small steel string guitar with a bright sound is one of the most popular of the plans. It is my own design, the first guitar being made in 1986. In designing, I had three ideas in mind; 1. mid 19th century guitars that had been in the workshop, 2. how these small guitars turned into north American steel string guitars around 1900 and 3. the desire to make a guitar with a voice that would contrast with the common larger dreadnoughts and jumbos.

The string length is 612mm, width 305mm. Being smaller, the wood work project is easier and good quality materials are easier to find. I have made this guitar with and without a truss rod and options are explained on the plan.

Octave Mandola

In 2000, I was commissioned to build an octave mandola. There were no plans and I did not much like any of the instruments I saw. I designed this instrument and the plan has become very popular, with many beautiful instruments being built from it.

The octave mandola is a 20th century invention; the original concept was probably a bass mandolin. It is tuned an octave lower than the mandolin and has become an instrument in its own right, especially popular with folk instrumentalists. Again, it is a small instrument and this makes the project easier, string length 530mm, width 335mm

Appalachian Dulcimer

This plan makes an excellent first project for the woodworker who would like to learn the techniques of lutherie, steam bending and fretting being the most important. The string length is 680mm, width 210mm.

The Appalachian dulcimer is one of two folk instruments played by the settlers of North America. This version is hourglassed shaped, lightly constructed and has a strong bright tone. The other instrument is, of course, the banjo.

Acoustic Bass

This a very large, rather narrow, version of a guitar with four strings, tuned an octave lower than the lowest four strings on a ordinary guitar. It is meant to be played acoustically. The plan is drawn by Don Batten, who tought musical instrument making in Swindon, Wiltshire. He started making instruments as a student on a course which I ran in Swindon and together we designed the prototype of this acoustic bass. Six more acoustic basses have now been made and Don has put his latest ideas on this plan. The string length is 864mm, the instrument is overall 1200mm long and 420mm wide. It's maximum depth is 120mm.

An error has been found on this plan, fret positions 13 to 20 are incorrect on plans dated before 2010.

Click here for the correction if you have an older plan.


Plucked and Bowed - two instruments on the same plan.

Plucked Psaltery - Trapezoidal in shape, about 450mm across the bottom and 50mm deep. Has 15 strings running across the top. Each string is tuned to a different note and the strings are played with with fingers, or a plectrum. A very simple project which is based on very ancient instruments.

Bowed Psaltery - Triangular so that it's two chromatic octaves of strings can be reached with a bow. A slightly more difficult project than the plucked and a simple horsehair bow is part of the project. The bowed psaltery is a late 19th century invention; it is not ancient. It makes a very unique sound.

Hammered Dulcimer

A trapezoidal instrument like the psaltery but bigger and heavier (770x470x50 mm). Strings are in pairs or threes (17 courses) and are played by striking them with two wooden hammers. Versions of this instrument are found all over the world. Not such a delicate project, the woodworking is closer to fine cabinetmaking.

Bass Guitar Plans Pdf Free

Electric Guitar

After the most common 3 pickup electric guitar in the world. The body is straightforward to make but the neck is made in the same way as any other guitar and will need some care with fretting. Easy to read electronics are shown on the plan.

Classical Guitar

A traditional Spanish guitar, lightly built with an open string length of 655mm. A very good first guitar project.

Large Steel String Guitar

A large and deep guitar with a big sound, suitable for flat picking or finger style.

The Æolian Harp

This is a free plan. Click on this link The Little Æolian Harp Page to see the plan and learn about the Æolian Harp. The harp is played by the wind, and is an easy and interesting project.

Ordering Plans

To order a plan, please send an email telling me which plan you want and include your postal address. Find the price of the plan and how to pay below.

Prices of Plans

The cost of the plans varies due to size, your location and the number of sheets. Postage is included in the cost.

Parlour Guitar - Classical Guitar - Large Steel String Guitar - Appalachian Dulcimer - Octave Mandola - Hammered Dulcimer - Electric Guitar - Psalteries:
23 UK pounds to Great Britain
34 UK pounds Airmailed and tracked to outside Great Britain

7/8 Course Lute - two sheets
34 UK pounds to Great Britain
45 UK pounds Airmailed and tracked to outside Great Britain

Acoustic Bass Guitar
27 UK pounds to Great Britain
38 UK pounds Airmailed and tracked to outside Great Britain

The Aeolian Harp plan is free. Go to the The Little Æolian Harp Page and print it!

Paying for Plans

Plans can be paid for by the following methods:

1. By cheque in UK pounds. Please email me at [email protected] for a snail address.

Bass Guitar Plans Pdf Download

2. Using Paypal via the internet. Paypal is a very safe and efficient method for sending small sums of money. You will need to register at Paypal in your own country and use my email address to pay me: [email protected] If you are using Paypal from a country outside the UK, please pay me in UK Pounds.

By bank transfer - contact me for details.

The plans are machine folded and ship flat. I always attempt to post the plans within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Please note, I cannot accept US or Canadian dollar money orders or checks.