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Bernina 850 Instruction / Owners Manual. Image pictured is not of actual item. How About this Item? Assorted Pack Of 12 Universal Needles Standard 2 size 11 / 2 size. Bernina 830 Instruction Manual / 36 / /. Click to enlarge: Bernina 840 841 842 Instruction Manual / 37 / /. Click to enlarge: Bernina 900 Nova Instruction Manual /. BERNINA L 850 – A true masterpiece among sergers Our Swiss engineers have created a masterpiece, which allows you to thread the machine even faster.


You have truly outdone yourself on the amazing new BERNINA L 850 serger that can transform my serging needs into an instant reality. The one-step air threading feature has allowed me to breeze through me putting this serger through its paces to see if it is worthy of all the hype. The answer is YES! Below are some of my favorite features of the new BERNINA L 850 serger.


Sara Snuggerud
~A Serger Connoisseur~

I have loved sergers since the first day I tried one at the age of 15. Shortly thereafter, I started selling them after school at one of my first jobs at a BERNINA store in California. Over the years, I have had the privilege of watching new sergers arrive with more and more advanced technology and innovation packed into every square inch of space.

Recently, we welcomed the BERNINA L 850 serger to the filming studios where I have been able to spend time exploring every one of its amazing new features. We have created short, easy to search for, video tutorials from every page of the manual! If you learn best by watching video tutorials, we have you covered. Click below to start watching!

BERNINA’s One-Step Air Threaded Serger

The biggest excitement of the arrival of the BERNINA L 850 serger is the new one-step air threading system. Threading serger loopers has never been easier. Just step on the foot control and the threads are blown through the machine!

Thread BOTH the Upper & Lower Loopers at the Same Time!

Both loopers on the BERNINA L 850 can been threaded at the same time! This is totally cool! Position both the upper looper thread AND the lower looper thread into the air threading holes and the BERNINA L 850 serger will take them both in at the same time. One and done!

Quiet & FAST – Up to 1,500 Stitches per Minute!


The BERNINA L 850 serger is the quietist serger I have ever used. The sound of it serging at full speed, which by the way is 1,500 stitches per minute, is so gentle on the ears. The next time you are in a BERNINA store you have to try it out for yourself!

Most Used Accessories are in the Front Door

Bernina Instruction Manuals Free

When using a serger, sewists are always using tweezers, the needle screwdriver, serger needles, a brush for cleaning, and the tool that helps take the needle in and out. All these tools have a special home right inside the front cover. Never be without the right tool again.

Slide on Table & Free Arm Option

The BERNINA L 850 comes with a slide on table to help extend the work space. Need a free arm? Simply remove the slide on table!

LED Light

Lighting is so important when selecting a new sewing machine, embroidery machine, or serger. The BERNINA L 850 has premium lighting on board! No need for additional lamps when working with this beauty!

Extra Large Work Space

The working space around the needle on the BERNINA L 850 is 5 5/8″ to the right of the needle and 3 3/8″ of height.

Needle Threader – THERE ARE 2!

There are actually two different ways to thread the needle. One wit the built-in BERNINA needle threader and an included hand-held needle threader. You choose which one is easiest for you.

18 Built-In Overlock Stitches

Bernina Sewing Machine Manual

There are 18 different stitch combinations that can be created with the BERNINA L 850 serger. From 4-thread construction seams, 3-thread overlock edges, rolled hems, flatlock stitches to delicate 2-thread finishes, the BERNINA L 850 is loaded with every serger stitch imaginable.

2-Thread Convertor Intergrated into Machine

The BERNINA L 850 serger has an integrated 2-thread convertor built into the upper looper. With no separate piece to loose, switching from a 4-thread to a 2-thread just got easier.

Uses Standard Home Sewing Machine Needles

The BERNINA L 850 serger can use standard home sewing machine needles. This makes selecting the right needle even easier when you don’t have to search for speciality serger needles. Select denim needles when serging on denim and ball point needles when serging on knit.

How Much Does the BERNINA L 850 Weigh?

The BERNINA L 850 weighs 9.9 pounds (4.49 kg).

Bernina 850 Service Manual

What is the BEST Serger Thread to Use?

Don’t cheap out on crappy serger thread! Your BERNINA L 850 deserves the best. Actually ALL sergers deserve high-quality serger thread. When quality thread is used, users always experience fewer problems. Fewer problems mean more time serging! We recommend the Mettler Seracor serger thread.

My Serger Craftsy Class

Attila total war units. Check out my Craftsy serger online course “Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques”

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Visit your local BERNINA retailer to try out this beautiful L 850 serger from BERNINA for yourself!

Bernina 810 Manual

Watch all the BERNINA L 850 video tutorials from the beginning here: