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SvnX is an open source SVN client that uses the SVN command-line client to do the actual work and for a long time it was the best fully-featured native OS X client. The UI, however, is not what we have all come to expect from a great OS X application and it hurts the user experience. Nonetheless, for a free UI solution, one can’t complain.

Here we have listed free subversion clients (SVN clients) for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac operating systems. List of Subversion Clients to Publish and Track Your WordPress Themes & Plugins TortoiseSVN. TortoiseSVN is the most popular subversion client for Windows that offers many useful features including user friendly. TortoiseSVN is the best for PC and it’s free. There’s a few clients for Mac that are paid. This is the best free client for Mac and it gets better with every release. Keep up the good work!

Setting up some web development stuff with a friend, he’s using Versions SVN (paid for by his company) which looks fantastic but is a touch pricey.

I was tempted by SVNx but if I’m honest don’t like the idea of using command line at all – much prefer a nice and easy to use GUI.

I don’t mind paying for it if I have to, but I was wondering if there were any really good alternatives? We’ll be using Springloops as an SVN fwiw.

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Solution no. 1:

EDIT : Use iSVN as its free

Take a look at RapidSVN. They have a build for the Mac OS.

Note : not supported for mac os 10.8.3 anymore

Solution no. 2:

If you have installed Xcode

File -> Source Control -> Repositories

or in the startup window of Xcode

Also you can press in Xcode

Cmd+Shift+2 and select repositories.

Solution no. 3:

If you are looking at the SVN package, Collabnet has it

If you are looking for GUI Client (Open source)

Rapid by Tigris

SVNX by La chose

Best Free Svn Client For Mac Catalina

SCPlugin by Tigris


SmartSVN by Syntevo

If you are looking for free GUI (non-open source)

*note this is a mercurial/git versioning. If you are connecting to a remote SVN server. It works. It converts it locally to mercurial/git.

I personally find sourcetree to be most generally suitable for most versioning tools.

Solution no. 4:

It’s not Mac OS X native, but you can give Eclipse’s SVN client a try. It works on Mac OS X, and it’s pretty good.

Solution no. 5:

I was also after a free SVN app, I tried a few different solutions, but none of them quite hit the mark. To start with I was excited by svnX, but then it’s really confusing how it treats ‘working copies’ and ‘repositories’ differently – I still am not quite sure exactly when/why to use which of the multiple windows. It seems to cover everything, but just not fluently.

You know what I’ve ended up using? Netbeans

I’ve been using it as my IDE for a while now, and have always liked it, but I didn’t use it for SVN while on my PC (I preferred the Tortoise SVN interface). But now on OSX I’ve been after something that has similar functionality and I was very surprised to find that Netbeans seems to be perfect! All I was after was a single browsable file tree that you can right click and apply all the familiar commands (update, commit, revert, search history, diff against other versions) etc, and netbeans has it all. It’s actually really thorough, logical, familiar and complete. It’s surprisingly similar to Tortoise in the general navigation & interface (minus the pretty icons of course) – but I’m impressed. Give it a shot!

Solution no. 6:

I propose you JEdit with SVNPlugin.

Hope this helps!

If you are a WordPress theme developer or plugin developer then you might have heard of SVN or Subversion control. WordPress says to use subversion with the WordPress plugin directory or theme directory when it approves your newly created theme or plugin. First let’s clarify what is subversion control or SVN?

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What is Subversion Control (SVN)?

Subversion Control (SVN) is used to synchronize the files between local directory and server. In the SVN terminology the server or remote source is called as repository. With subversion you can publish and keep track of your own wordpress theme or plugin’s versions.

If you find it difficult to use subversion with command line then you can use free subversion clients available on the web which comes with graphical user interface. Here we have listed free subversion clients (SVN clients) for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac operating systems.

List of Subversion Clients to Publish and Track Your WordPress Themes & Plugins


TortoiseSVN is the most popular subversion client for Windows that offers many useful features including user friendly interface, revision graph, repository browser, TortoiseIDiff and TortoiseMerge etc. It supports all the Subversion protocols including http, https, svn and svn+ssh etc. Download your copy of TortoiseSVN here.


If you are looking for an alternative to TortoiseSVN for Linux then RabbitVCS is would be the good choice. RabbitVCS is the best SVN client inspired by TortoiseSVN for Linux which makes it easy to work with subversion with graphical user interface. It integrates with Nautilus as well as Thunar file managers and for now it supports Subversion and Git source control systems. Download RabbitVCS over here.


Searching for SVN client for Mac operating system? Versions app is there to serve which let you easily checkout, commit, update and revert. Additionally it also includes timeline to have a look at the changes made to repository. Download Versions app over here.


Best Free Svn Client For Mac Os

SmartSVN is a paid SVN client for Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems. Its features include easy commit wizard, revision graph and file compare and conflict solver etc. One more feature to be mentioned is- you can either integrate smartSVN in Windows explorer or use it as standalone SVN client. Give it a try.


Best Svn Client For Windows

SCPlugin is another easy to use subversion client for Mac OS, this project is also inspired by Tortoise SVN. SCPlugin integrates into Mac’s Finder. Get SCPlugin over here.