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Screen mirroring involves showcasing the content from one screen – such as an iPhone or iPad – to another, preferably larger, display such as a television. It’s convenient for presentations, watching videos or photo slideshows, and more. If you have Apple TV, screen mirroring is a breeze thanks to AirPlay. But if you have some other television, you can benefit from using some of these best screen mirroring apps for iPhone and iPad.

What is Screen Mirroring?

As the term suggests, screen mirroring is a technique to “mirror” your phone, tablet, or computer screen to a larger TV screen. Whatever you see on your screen will be exactly replicated upon the display at the receiving end as if it is a mirror. This is different from screencasting in two ways.

It is a cool software that can be used on both MAC and Windows. Mirroring 360 comes in different versions for different devices. While using Mirroring 360, keep in mind that your computer and the mirroring device, iPhone/iPad must be connected to the same internet network. Mirroring 360 is a top screen mirroring app which is available for both Android.

When you cast your screen to another display, you can continue using your device without affecting the cast’s content. Moreover, the content is not transmitted from your phone or tablet but instead downloaded and played on the device you cast to.

Screen mirroring reflects your screen onto the target display, and whatever you do will also show up on the receiving end.

What are the Best Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone and iPad?

There are several different apps that you can use to mirror your iPhone screen to a larger display. They are all simple to set up and use with a variety of TVs. Let’s check out the top ten.

1. Screen Mirroring – TV Cast

When it comes to reliable screen mirror, this app is a top choice. View your iPhone or iPad screen on your TV in high quality and real-time speed. It’s ideal for making presentations, casting photos and videos to your TV, and streaming your movies and apps,

You can also cast YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, and any other web videos to the big screen. However, it is not suitable for playing games as there’s a delay time of a few seconds, which may hinder your performance. The good thing is you don’t need to install any apps on your tv to use this.

Price: $3.99

2. Chromecast Streamer

Here’s the best app for Chromecast that will help you use it to its full potential. You can set up your Chromecast dongle by following the easy tutorial and then enjoy your favorite content on your TV screen.

You can cast your photos, music, videos, and even play Chromecast games. Further, cast your live camera feed to your TV, apply filters, and have a ton of fun. Apart from this, it’s also useful to cast presentations for an audience.

Price: Free (Chromecast Monthly Subscription $4.99)

3. Mirror for Roku

Best Screencasting Software

For those with a Roku TV, this is the go-to app to mirror your iPhone & iPad screen on your Roku. You can live mirror your documents, presentations, photos, videos, and games for convenience.

Further, you can maintain full resolution and quality. To use this app, both your iPhone/iPad and Roku need to be connected to the same network. It efficiently works with everything instead of needing a bunch of different apps for your screen mirroring needs.

Price: Free ($2.99 for Monthly Subscription)

4. TV Assist

Showcase your favorite photos, videos, and music to others anytime, anywhere, using this app to mirror your iPhone or iPad to any nearby TV. It can also browse media on other DLNA devices and play them on your TV.

Further, this app works as a media renderer or receiver, so it becomes easy to get media from other devices running the TV Assist app. Among its many supported devices are also gaming consoles such as Microsoft XBOX 360 and Sony PS3.

Price: Free ($2.99 for Full Version)

5. Mirecast – Screen Mirroring

Here’s another excellent iOS screen mirroring app that lets you quickly access all of your games, photos, videos, and other application on a big screen. The process just takes a couple of taps and makes life convenient.

It also works to cast videos from the web onto your smart TV. Just install the app, connect your devices to the same wifi network, and get started. It does a seamless job though there are plenty of ads you can get rid of by paying.

Price: Free (Weekly Subscription: $3.49)

6. Screen Mirroring TV Cast

Check out this app to mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Roku TV. It is ideal for making presentations in business meetings or watching photos, videos, and other content for personal entertainment.

It boasts a latency of less than a second so that you can enjoy your media without any lag. The app also includes an optional subscription to access current and future premium categories.

Best Iphone To Mac Screen Casting Software Windows 10

Price: Free (Premium starts at $4.99)

7. Screen Mirror for Chromecast

This app is super simple to learn and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to work with. All you have to do is download and follow the prompts. So it’s a great solution if you want to stream HD video or games to your Chromecast-equipped TV.

It mirrors your screen with full resolution and quality, so it is perfect for work. However, one notable drawback is that you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version to cast audio.

Price: Free (Monthly Subscription: $1.99) Igrabber software download for mac.

8. Replica

Replica is a screen mirroring app that’s perfect for making presentations in business meetings and sharing photos, videos, and movies from the web or for personal entertainment.

There’s just a two-step set-up process to start watching your favorite videos and photos in the best quality. Moreover, the developer is incredibly responsive to feedback and will fix any issues you communicate to him.

Best Screencasting App

Best Iphone To Mac Screen Casting Software

Price: Free ($2.99 per month for Premium)

9. ApowerMirror

Apart from your iOS devices, ApowerMirror also works effectively on Windows and media projectors. You can achieve excellent results when you wish to display videos, photos, and documents you have stored on your iPhone.

So, it’s handy to use during business meetings and PowerPoint presentations for work. It also helps you share your screen and control your computer from your iPhone or iPad.

Price: Free ($0.99 for 100 minutes)

10. Screen Mirroring – LetsView

Most streaming platforms have a built-in Cast option these days, but if it fails, or you’re using a service that doesn’t, this app is here to help. LetsView never disappoints and casts any content without any glitches.

You can even use your phone to markup content on the screen while you present, making it great for meetings. Moreover, the app has an outstanding support staff who are always willing to help fix your problem.

Price: Free

Easily Mirror your iPhone Screen on a Big Screen Device


Do you often use screen mirroring to view your iPhone or iPad display on a bigger screen? Share your experience in the comments below along with your favorite app for this functionality.

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