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The question, 'Who would win in a fight?' is the root of many fierce debates throughout the history of pop culture. The notion of pitting characters from different properties and different media against one another is exciting to discuss. And when it comes to letting fans live out these arguments, there are few better outlets than fighting games.

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Even within a genre known for character-merging crossovers, there's one two-decade-old game that reigns supreme when it comes to pitting a wide variety of characters against one another. That program is MUGEN, derived from the Japanese word for 'infinite,' which is an appropriate name for a program that provides near limitless potential for players to create new fighting games and characters.

MUGEN began life just before the turn of the century as a PC-based side-scrolling shoot-'em-up title, created by a small company called Elecbyte. The team was originally experimenting with creating an engine to handle the rigors of so-called shmup games but found that it just wasn't living up to what they had hoped to create. Taking inspiration from a PC Korean Street Fighter 2 hack known as SFIBM, Elecbyte decided to change course from a shooter to a 2D fighting game engine.

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The first public MS-DOS beta release of MUGEN came on July 27, 1999. This early release differed from most fighting games, though, by offering only one 'official' character, Kung Fu Man, and a single stage. Everything else, from additional characters to even title-screen art, would have to be supplied by the users themselves, most often through files shared via Internet communities. For the first time, fans of fighting games weren't just allowed but expected to create their own fighters and matchups.

Building a game-building community

  • Mugen Windows Configurator Roster builder Many Sprites to One Palette Drag and drop 3D Def File Generator For stages MUtaGEN Sprite swapper Double Clsn Size Storyboard Viewer v0.45 alpha Alfred Spritesheet Unpacker Ultimate Character Tester Palette ACT Editor Full Games. M.U.G.E.N Games.
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Though you don't need programming knowledge to create a MUGEN character, the process can still be time-intensive, especially if you're creating your custom art. Over the years, fighter-creation software like 2005's Fighter Factory has popped up to help facilitate this process. These third-party programs allow creators to import either their own hand-drawn sprites or images ripped from existing sprite-based games (making good use of the various sprite sheets that littered the Internet even since the late '90s). With art in hand, Fighter Factory let users tweak values, line up the sprites for animations, and make everything feel just right before exporting the generated files to create fully animated MUGEN characters.


Players have also tasked themselves with MUGEN's core logic and gameplay. In the early years, the AI for MUGEN's computer-controlled opponents was rather simple, akin to a new player just button-mashing different commands at random without any coherent strategy. In the decades since the game's launch, the community has dived deeper into the program's potential, programming more robust and intricate behaviors for the AI and leading to far more exciting and difficult matches with the computer. Goldberger solution manual pdf.

As MUGEN became more stable and as word of mouth spread farther, communities continued to expand around the game, bringing creators and players together across the Internet. Many coders and artists interested in the game gathered at The Mugen Fighters Guild, a forum that continues to this day.

Creating polished and professional-level fighters in MUGEN takes a lot of effort and time, and these communities have proven instrumental in facilitating these projects. Hyper Dragonball Z is one particularly polished example of a MUGEN project, packed with expertly done custom sprites and stages that faithfully capture the characters and fights of the show. What started as an April Fool's Day joke from three creators is now on its fifth version with upwards of 20 characters and tons of custom code work.

Iced, one of the creators of Hyper DBZ and an admin at MugenGuild, said that 'games like HDBZ and The Black Heart (another popular MUGEN fan project) push the limits of the engine itself.. At the same time you can download some kid's original character made in MSPaint that took him two days to make. And that's important as well, as that kid that made a random MSPaint character can get a taste for pixel art and keep working on it, maybe one day making his own full game.'

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At this point, MUGEN creators spend a good deal of time fighting with old technology, troubleshooting and coding their way around limitations of an aging engine that's no longer receiving official updates. For example, one of HDBZ's standout features, the extravagant finisher cut scenes, were not originally intended to be a part of MUGEN.

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“Broke and bent”

'We broke and bent the throw system to make it happen, changing the original toolset designed to code short throws so that they are doing things like Goku doing his genkidama, or Frieza summoning his army to beat up the opponent before throwing a giant death ball and erasing them,' he said. 'Those types of coding moves are pretty complex, and sometimes we break them or they bug out unexpectedly, so they took a ton of work.. We had a lot of issues making sure that other characters can't break out of these.'

Felipe Xavier de Freitas (aka FXFreitas), the main sprite artist on the fan project Mega Man X: Fighting Arena, explained just how difficult building a MUGEN character can be. 'The most complex [aspect] in my opinion is that almost every piece of content in the game has to be made from scratch, he said. 'The source game is a 2D shooting-platform game, so we have to convert everything into a fighting-game style, making custom sprites, looking for good references or even making our own playstyle for some characters and deal with the limitations of the engine.'

Even using characters from existing games sometimes doesn't save much effort, Xavier said. Mega Man X4 character Iris, for example, has a limited number of 'official' sprites to be pulled from the original game. To fill in the animations for a standard fighting-game character's set of unique moves and attacks, a project artist has to create additional sprites from scratch.

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Making sure that these new assets fit in with the art style of the original sprites, and can transition smoothly into and out of previously existing sprites, is not a simple process. Even with a character like Zero, who has a vast trove of official sprites, MUGEN creators still make a point to create brand new moves and sprites unique to their project.

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Welcome page

Welcome to my website of nothingness! Only here you can find my newest (and, probably, my best) creations here.
Not related to MUGEN, but my Discord server has been reopened since its private days after the hate account raid.
Sonic that was made for Sonic vs Pokemon has been finally finished and finally released.
Hoo, boy. Looks like I'm working on another Sonic vs Pokemon update. Sorry for a very big delay.
Pichu that I made for SvP has been released (though it's actually an edit of my SvP Pikachu). Unlike my other SvP fighters, Pichu has a Oshawott-esque smartpal (head and arms share colors, but rest of body is color separated).
Why not to go to SvP Characters page and download him now?
gabe2006's older version of PokePark 2 + Anime soundpack for MvC1 Emolga has been rehosted. The reason why I did that is because the soundpack on GameBanana was updated with higher-pitched sound from PP2 and Pokken Tournament sound which was used in MvC1 Emolga's default soundpack were thrown into mix, which is why I don't like using newest version of PP2+Anime soundpack.
TFGAF-style Original SMW Luigi I made back in 2019 but never released until now has been finally released.
New stage released: Super Mario Maker 2 - Forest (SMB1). Available now in 'Stages' page.
MvC1 Petunia is now a new WIP and she is having her own page at MvC Guest Characters page.
Roblox Speed Run 4's Level 24 stage has been reuploaded to MEGA. No changes were made to that stage except changing music to correct one (since prior to music update in Roblox SR4 it used Drop Mix of Kevin Macleod's Go Cart, not the original)
MvC2 Emolga has been updated, and a new stage (Nintendo DS) has been released. The Nintendo DS stage was actually rendered in Zmodeler 2.2.6, and it's my last MUGEN creation of 2019.
Hey, guys! I made a special page dedicated to my old characters that you never should add to your roster. Those characters from circa 2014-2016. Characters from 2014-2015 have stolen codes or are even actually spriteswaps before I learned out to code very properly, while some characters from 2016 are either buggy or something like this. The first four that made into this page were my three Super Smash Bros-like characters (Mario, Pikachu and Young Link) and one cringy one. All of those old characters re-released in 2019 won't get any changes (if character has no own portrait (and instead uses portrait from base character), the portrait will be replaced with correct one), and the page itself is for my old character collection purposes only.
18.12.2019 (UTC) - 19.20.2019 (MSK):
After 2 months and a few days of lack of newest updates, I decided to release 6 new stages. They are:
  • 4 stages from GBA version of Street Racing Syndicate (Car Showroom, City Circular, Freeway Short, Mulholland Drive)
  • 1 stage from Super Mario All-Stars (Super Mario Bros 1 Overworld)
  • 1 stage from Vurse's ROBLOX Speed Run 4 (Level 15 (Normal Dimension))

MvC2 Emolga is updated again.

Wow, around(?) 2 months I never worked on my site. No new releases nor new updates here, but MvC2 Togedemaru is revealed to be as my new WIP (will work on her if I finish other four 'mon that I'm working)!
'External Links' page was completely changed to 'About Me' page (no worry, links are still in this page), and the 'My Creations' page also got a change (also removed links that led to old site cuz my old Weebly-based site is down now)
Unfortunately, MvC1 Leafeon has been completely scrapped due to following reasons:
  1. I was moving from MvC1 Pokemon with JoshR's and Nintendo DS games' sprites to MvC2 Pokemon with my own sprites
  2. I lost interest on working on Leafeon for MUGEN, unfortunately (Press F to pay respects).
Unfinished files of MvC1 Leafeon will be released soon as possible. (Nevermind, those unfinished files of it are released if you want to continue my scrapped work)
Since it's my birthday, I updated my MvC2 Emolga yet again up to version 1.0.1.
StarPlatnum4658's (formerly Pizzasause) old SBME spriteswaps from 2015 are back! Check 'Hosted Creations' page.
A (very) small update of SvP Riolu has been released. Check 'SvP Characters' page, where I also edited roster for base and pro versions.
Changed Stages page's look, now stages are separated by games. Plus, I released Roblox Speed Run 4 Stages (Normal versions of Level 16 and Level 24 are my stages from 2018, Level 23 is my recent stage from SR4 and Moon version of Level 16 is an unreleased stage that is now in public)
Started on small modification to my pages, as they will now have (probably) more detailed information.
The first pages of new character select format were my MvC2 Emolga (she's not updated yet at this moment, but she is first to get her own page), MvC2 Minccino and MvC2 Ribombee (both of them were not yet released), I'll make more character pages later.
'Edits' page was removed in favour of new formatting of my MUGEN characters and stages pages.
Also, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Soundpack for PichuMario650's Pichu was released.
Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Emolga from Sonic vs Pokemon game are updated. Pikachu and Jigglypuff have their victory quotes changed since Solarflared/Dylanius9000 caught me for stealing victory quotes from his characters, while Emolga now can do some specials in air!
MvC2 Emolga has been updated again up to version 1.0.

Reformatted Hosted Creations page.

SSB4 Soundpack for Dylanius9000/Solarflared's KOF Chespin has been released.
Since vo-jk's Paqi has been updated to make it more cheap (teleports after getting hit), I added anti-cheap patch so it won't teleport after getting hit. The soundpack has been also updated.
Actual voice for vo-jk's Pachirisu (paqi) has been released.
I had to release Marine the Raccoon early. Why? Because I lost interest on her, so I cancelled my own version of Marine the Raccoon. She looks very unfinished (no specials, but she has 1 super), though, but you can finish her by yourself.
Also, 'Work in Progress' page has been removed, because, you know, all WIPs are in corresponding characters category pages (for example, if I'm working on MvC character, this WIP will be seen in MvC Guest Characters page)
SSB4 Soundpack form Tanicfan22's Custom/SSBM Luigi has been released.
Added 'Sonic vs Pokemon' page, and SvP Characters page has been moved. Also I scaled down stage previews.
Piplup (SvP version) is now has actual voice instead of classic cry.
Also renamed 'Palettes' to 'Palettes & Addons' which now will contain not only palettes, but also some other minor things such as sound packs.

A minor update of my MvC2 Emolga. Catch her here.
Just a release of beta version of Zobbes-esque MvC2 Emolga. Well, you can catch her at the same page where you download my MvC1 Pokemon.
Someone told me to leak Windows Longhorn Build 4015 as MUGEN stage. Well, I did. Splendid!
Another update of my MvC Emolga. Grab it at 'MvC Guest Characters' page.
I've finally made Discord server! Check this out:
MvC version of Emolga has been updated (again). Catch it at 'MvC Guest Characters' page!
MvC version of Emolga has been updated. Now it has Discharge as a level 3 super. Catch it at 'MvC Guest Characters' page!
SvP version of Emolga has been released. Catch it at 'SvP Characters' page!
MvC Pachirisu has been released + minor update of my MvC Emolga. Catch 'em at 'MvC Guest Characters' page!
Happy April Fools! The 'All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!' stage has been released! Grab this at 'Stages' page!
Added 'Joke Characters' page along with Ridge Racer '11 punching bag.
27.03.2018 - 28.03.2018:
'MvC Guest Characters' page has been added along with release of MvC version of Emolga. Grab your Pokeballs and catch it (Emolga) at aforementioned page.
Jigglypuff has been released! Grab it in 'SvP Characters' page!
'SvP Characters' page has been reformatted for easier navigation.
Tails.exe has been updated! You can get him at 'My Creations' > 'Characters' > '.exe Characters' page!
Cream.exe has been updated too! You can also get her at 'My Creations' > 'Characters' > '.exe Characters' page!
Beta version of Mario.exe is now available for download. You can get him at 'My Creations' > 'Characters' > '.exe Characters' page!
All my beta released .exe Characters are now moved from 'Work in Progress' to 'My Creations' > 'Characters' > '.exe Characters' page.
Beta version of Tails.exe is now available for download. You can get him at 'Work in Progress' page!
Cream.exe has been updated. You can also get her at 'Work in Progress' page!
A new stage (Bowser's Castle) is now available. Check out 'My Creations' > 'Stages' page!
A: If you are downloading a character, click on character portrait (old formatted pages have character sprite instead), if stage, click on screenshot (or stage preview)
Q: Can I edit your character?

Q: Can you do or edit [insert character name here]?
A: Nope, I don't accept character creation request because I have no interest to that or something else.
Q: Do you have YouTube channel?

A: Now you can't, because I recently checked the site via Tor (I tried to do that with Yandex Browser, but it refuses to load), and it died.
Q: Why your YouTube avatar is Emolga?
A: Because Emolga is one of my favorite Pokemon (the others are Eevee, Azumarill, Mudkip, Pichu, Pikachu and Jigglypuff)
Q: Do you have GameBanana profile?
A: Of course. I upload my MUGEN and Need for Speed stuff here.