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Remote Desktop clients/software lets you remotely view and control a computer from another. Distance is not a factor here. You can remotely control a computer in Seoul or Ankara from Kampala or anywhere else in the world and vice versa as if it were right in front of you. But for this wizardry can go down, you first need to install some software on both the Host (a computer you are remotely controlling) and the Client (you).

  • Chrome Remote Desktop One of the simplest ways to access a remote computer is Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop. For this to work, you have to use the Chrome browser on both computers and be logged in to a Google account. You’ll also need to set up the Remote Access extension on any computers you want to access.
  • The remote access with windows 10 is much easy and comfortable to do but if a question appears about remote access Windows 10 with Mac OS X then it’s somehow difficult to do that’s why this time we’ve covered this topic and want to show you. The remote access is the best.
  • Connecting to a remote Mac system from a Windows OS can be complicated. The VNC Viewer in the Dameware Remote Support (DRS) software’s Remote Connect dialog makes it easy to connect from Windows OS to Mac OS X and send keyboard and mouse inputs remotely from one computer to the other.

Remote Access works from Mac to Windows and Linux. Choosing Software for Remote Support. For businesses, it’s important to choose a remote desktop access option that keeps data and users secure while allowing high levels of functionality. NoMachine is another free Remote Desktop client which is a truly multi-platform built around NX technology, a proprietary compression protocol for remote computer access. Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and even ARM.

Most operating systems have a native Remote Desktop client already installed. Among these you will find Windows Remote Desktop on Windows machines, Remmina on Linux distros, and Mac’s Screen Sharing feature which is essentially just another Remote Desktop client.

Of these, only Windows Remote Desktop can claim to be multi-platform. It works just as well on Macs and is free to download from the iTunes store. It’s also one way to remotely connect a Mac to a Windows machine. Be sure to check these clients out before venturing further.

There is literally hundreds of Remote Desktop software out there, many free and just as many paid clients. The criteria we used to zero down these 5 Remote Desktop software boils down to which ones support all three operating systems at the same time. That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But we do love a challenge. This is what we have come up with:

Remote Desktop software for Windows, Mac & Linux


Teamviewer is hands down the most popular Remote Desktop client for remote support and remote management. No expert computer knowledge is required which makes it the perfect tool for most users. Setting up is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is download the app both ends, after which you log in using your partner’s ID and password. Teamviewer supports most platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, name it.

They have a full version with a ton of features for power users such as file transfer, collaboration, online meetings, video and voice calls, chat, Wake-on-LAN and more. From our observations through the free home version is adequate for your old-fashioned Remote Desktop needs.


NoMachine is another free Remote Desktop client which is a truly multi-platform built around NX technology, a proprietary compression protocol for remote computer access. Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and even ARM. NoMachine has perhaps has the most beautiful user interface of all the Remote Desktop clients we have seen. Feature-wise, it goes head-to-head with Teamviewer that we are torn choosing which one we like more. NoMachine

NoMachine lets you securely troubleshoot problems, collaborate with others on projects, share files, and even record what you are doing. You can remotely access your software and also peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, flash drives and others and even print documents or do it on a local device.

Enterprise clients can make use of NoMachine’s Cloud and Terminal Servers to fast track productivity. Corporations, scientific and research organisations privately and securely store their sensitive data on the cloud with centralised remote access management.


AnyDesk follows the same script as NoMachine and Teamviewer down to the multi-platform-ness. The remote desktop client works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Android and iOS. one, you can comfortably run a desktop app or even a portable version on a flash drive. You get the usual Banking-standard TLS 1.2 encryption technology, real-time collaboration, built-in file transfer, recording sessions and what not.

AnyDesk’s claim to fame is how lightweight it is and its data-saving features. The setup file is only 2MB, believe it or not. AnyDesk also uses its own proprietary software, DeskRT, that compresses images to reduce latency while transferring up to 60fps on any network. Moreover, AnyDesk claims excellent bandwidth efficiency. It would still work at about a bandwidth as low as 100 kbps.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop clients don’t get any easier than Chrome Remote Desktop. Google made it an extension you download from the Chrome Webstore that lets you remotely access any other computer running Google Chrome. It runs entirely within the browser and it’s fully multi-platform in case you were wondering. It just works.

On the downside, Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t yet support file sharing or chatting like the other clients. The best you can do is remote support and management. If that’s what you wanted to do anyway, let’s no reason why you can’t use it. It beats having to install yet another software on your system.

VNC Connect

Last on our list is Real VNC’s VNC Connect (Client-side). As with the other Remote Desktops, a companion VNC Viewer (Host-side) has to be installed. Unlike the other Remote Desktop clients, Real VNC chose to split their software two ways. It can be a bit confusing. VNC Connect/Viewer supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX.

The home use version is limited to 5 remote computers and 3 users. VNC Connect doesn’t offer as many features as other Remote Desktop clients. The real magic starts happening when you go Pro and Enterprise. You get Team management capabilities and a dedicated support channel, Multi-factor and system authentication, printing, file transfer, chat and even more features once you go Enterprise.

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Your dad is sitting miles away from you and he needs your help in some work on his PC. A voice or video call might help you out but in such cases, nothing works better than getting your hands on his system. But how will that be possible when you are far away from him? Well, this is the time when the best remote desktop software for window can help you out! Before listing out the best ones, let us first give you a briefing on what exactly is remote desktop access…

What is a remote desktop access software?


  • Top 12 best remote desktop software for Windows:

Remote desktop software or remote access software or remote control software is a software which helps you gain access into someone else’ desktop. But the person can access into his laptop only when the user at the other end permits him to. These softwares are a boon for people who have to access desktops of someone who is far away from them. The office works often fall under such categories in which a person sitting in India shares his desktop to a person sitting in the UK to get his help. So, these softwares play a very vital role in the corporate world apart from another personal usage.

Best Remote Access Program For Windows Mac Free

Though there is a remote access built-in tool called Windows Remote Desktop Connection in Windows operating system, still it lags in features and the desktop sharing experience isn’t as smooth as that in other remote desktop software applications.

Top 12 best remote desktop software for Windows:

1. TeamViewer: one of the best remote desktop software

One of the most widely used remote desktop software for Windows is the TeamViewer software. The most beneficial fact about this app is that it can be used not only to share your desktop screen but also your phone, tablet or phablet’s screen. It works on devices running on various OS like Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows- Phones and laptops and PCs running on Windows, Linux and iOS. TeamViewer is undoubtedly one of the best remote desktop software in 2017.

2. RealVNC: Another Free Remote Desktop Software

This app offers a free trial and a paid version built on open source technology Virtual Network Computing. It allows you to connect to a single or multiple PCs under a public IP Address. It’s highly-encrypted build and VNC authentication feature ensures a secure connection. It supports different platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi.

3. UltraVNC:

Based on similar Virtual Network Computing technology as RealVNC, the UltraVNC gives you two options. Either you can choose to be the viewer or server or both. You need to install the viewer or server in your system and the viewer can access the system of the server remotely. You can transfer files, share clipboards, chat through texts through UltraVNC.

4. me: Window Inbuilt Remote Software

Very simple and easy to use, the premium remote desktop service is a popular choice among people who opt for one-click away meetings with members all around the globe. It supports Windows and Mac OS running devices. You can have over a whopping 250 meeting members at a particular time.

5. Remote Utilities: Remote Desktop Software

Best Remote Access Program For Windows Mac

This is one of the best remote desktop software for Windows. This free remote access program is quite similar to that of RealVNC in which there is a Viewer program and a host/ agent program. Multiple features like remote task manager, text chat, remote registry access, file transfer, remote printing, power control for remote rebooting or WOL, remote terminal (access to Command Prompt), remote file launcher, viewing multiple monitors, system information manager, and remote webcam viewing make it a top choice among corporate people.

6. LogMeIn Pro: Remote Desktop Software

With a price, much less that the others, the LogMeIn Pro app is preferred by many business and private job employees. It works on all Mac and Windows devices and offers features like File transfers, Full-remote access to transfer files, Audio and video streaming, printing of documents by sending to a local printer and sharing of documents with collaborators.

7. Remote PC: best remote desktop software

Yet another top contender in the list of best remote desktop software for Windows is the Remote PC. All you need to establish a connection between your system and your client or server system is your server’s IP address. Your system will have its own Access ID and key which you need to share with the other side to give them access to your system.

8. AeroAdmin:

If you are looking for something easy with a simple user interface, then AeroAdmin is the one for you. You just have to keep your system’s and your server system’s IP address handy to make the connection. The application is absolutely free of cost and is compatible with all the 32 and 64 bit Windows systems. The only thing that misses out in AeroAdmin is that there is no option for chat or text message.

9. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Well, some might advise you to install a software for desktop sharing while other might ask you to buy new application, but guess what! There is one tool which allows you to share desktop without having you to install any software! Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension available in the Chrome browser that allows you to share your screen with someone sitting very far from you.

10. Seecreen:

Best Remote Access Program For Windows Mac Os

Don’t judge an app by its size…Seecreen is merely 500 KB but it can give tough competition to the biggest contenders in the list of the best remote desktop software for Windows. The interesting feature that it offers unlike other TeamViewer alternatives is ‘unattended access’. As the name suggests, this features allows the viewer to gain unattended access into the server but only when the server permits!

Mac Remote Control Windows

11. Mikogo: non-popular remote access softwares

This is one of those premium remote access softwares like TeamViewer which is tailor-made for the business class people. It works on almost all types of smart devices like Windows, Mac, Linux – PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices etc. Remotely control a desktop, share documents with a click, video conferencing, no tension of downloads or plugins… this app has got it all…

12. ShowMyPC:

Best Remote Access Program For Windows Macbook

With a name, as apt as ShowMyPC for a desktop sharing software, certainly, stands among the best remote desktop software for Windows. After running the software and creating your user ID and password, you just have to share it with the other side to give them access into your system.

Remote Access Macbook From Windows

If you use any of the above-mentioned desktop sharing tools, then don’t forget to give your comments and reviews about them…Your review matters a lot!