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Torrents are best if you want to download any large files from the internet or sometimes when your friend is sharing the file with you. The best part about torrent is that you don’t need to upload those files in Google Drive instead you can just create the torrent of that file and share it with your friends, and he will be able to download it. There are some applications available which help the user to download the torrent files on the computer, and there are some applications which are available for the Android phones. This is the reason I am going to tell you some the Top 5 Best Torrent Apps For Android.

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If your friend has the torrent files and then it is necessary to have the seeders, and this is the only way you can download those files in the high speed of the internet. The Internet is a huge thing where there is the huge amount of data.

  1. 9+ Best IPA download sites that have free iOS Applications for iPhone Dave June 6, 2018 Apps 1 Comment When you navigate the play store or App store, you come across applications that are limited by payment.
  2. Yes, it’s still possible to download torrents on your iPhone, but you’ll need to use a web client to do it. There are other ways to download torrent files besides apps. If you want to bend the rules and download torrent files in spite of this ban, you can use several different methods.
  3. TorrDroid is a standard Torrent app for Android and the main advantage of it is that it is lightweight, it works fast and it doesn’t have any extra function to distract you. It was developed in order to protect your privacy and allow you to surf the Internet without any risks of being tracked.
  4. In conclusion, Using the iTorrents app is the best way to download torrent files from iPhone and iPads. Most of the features are supports in the iTorrents app, also like the Desktop version of the BitTorrent app. Now you can download torrents on iPhone and iPad with using iTorrents.

Ever needed to download torrents and was unable to find an app on Apple App Store. Don’t worry today your problem will be solved.Just follow the instructions.

Torrent is not having the data of the files you have shared but it is having the location and pieces of the files, and that can be downloaded from you. Now, these application divides the huge chunk of big data into smaller parts, and you can download those files quickly from your Desktop or sometimes with the help of your Android phones.

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Top 5 Best Torrent Apps For Android

#1 Flud Torrent

Now, there are an enormous number of torrent clients available on the Play store, and the Flud torrent is becoming a very popular torrent application. This is the torrent client it is having the good user interface and material design. There are the huge number of users who are using this application to download the torrent files from the internet.

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If you have an android application which is having the great user interface but not having the features, then it is of no use. There is a feature in the Flud application in which users can easily shedule the downloads. This is the best feature of the application. In India Jio users get the Happy hours of unlimited 4G Data from 2 A.M to 5 A.M for them, this is the best application to download files and movies. There are even different themes available.

#2 µTorrent

Best Torrent App For Iphone

µTorrent is the widely used torrent application. I have seen users using this application on their Desktops. This is the application which is recently coming up with the best user interface and the design which is perfect. There is a huge number of settings to download the files from µTorrent. If you click on the Magnet download, the browser will automatically open the µTorrent application. Users can delete the files from the application, and they can remove it simply without deleting the data, or they can eliminate the torrent from the files. Users can also save the files to the external memory which is a great feature.

#3 Bit Torrent

Bit Torrent and the µTorrent is the widely used torrent application for the desktops. The same for Android users it helps the users to download the files quickly. The best part about this app is it is having really a very simple design. The other best part about this app is that users can move the files to the SD Card easily with the help of this application. Deleting and adding the torrent files is also easy and can be done with some clicks.

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The Bit Torrent is the client which is having some extra functionality in which users can play the Audio which they have downloaded. There are some best torrent sites available which you can use to download the files.

Best Torrent Client Iphone

There is some application which is having one of the drawback that there is a limit while downloading the torrent files but one of the best things about Bit Torrent is that you don’t need to wait or anything you can directly download the files without any limit. There will be ads running in the application. You can also buy the premium version of the application.

#4 tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is unique from the list given above why? just because it is having the feature which helps the users to create their own torrent files. This feature is not available in any other torrent application which makes this application unique. tTorrent is having the feature to enter your own proxy and download the torrent files. There are a number of features available in this application.

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There are ads available in this app. If you want to enjoy the ad-free version then you can buy the premium version of the application. This application is also having the web-integrated browser and this helps the users to easily download the torrent files.

#5 aTorrent

aTorrent is the application which helps the users to download all the torrent files in just some clicks. There is a feature in this app if you are going to download any movies. There is a feature in this application which tells users to show the IMDB Rating of the movies and TV Shows. There are different sections which show the downloads, Seeding, Finished, Unfinished torrent files. This way you can download the files.

Final Verdict:

This way you can download the torrent files this was the list of the Top 5 Best Torrent Apps For Android. If we are missing any app from the list, then you can tell us below in the comment section.

Share this article with your friends and share the knowledge of the best torrent application. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this, and I will meet you in the next one.

Apple does not permit BitTorrent apps in the App Store, which makes torrenting on an iPhone or iPad a little more challenging than it is on other platforms. The good news, though, is that thanks to cloud torrent services, torrenting on an iOS device is possible.

What is a cloud torrent service?

A cloud torrent service is like a friend who does the actual torrenting for you. But instead of going round to their house to transfer the torrented content onto a USB stick when the download is complete, you simply transfer or stream it from a remote server to your iPhone or iPad using regular HTTP.

Cloud torrent services usually work inside your browser, although it is interesting to note that Apple does allow some cloud torrent apps into the App Store.

There are numerous cloud services, most of which work in more or less the same way. These include,, and Zbigz, but there are many more.


It is common for cloud torrent services to offer free accounts, often with a 1 GB storage limit. These may be useful, but you get what you pay for. We found most free accounts resulted in HTTP download speeds which were all but unusable.

Paid plans typically start at around $10 per month for 100 GB of storage. This can vary dramatically, though, so it’s well worth shopping around. Paid plans invariable produce much better download speeds than free plans and are usually secured by HTTPS.



Other than the fact that they will work on your iPhone, a big advantage of cloud torrent services is they can stream video content to your phone so that it doesn’t need to be stored locally.

Apple is notoriously spartan when handing out storage memory on its mobile devices, which also don’t support external SD cards. This makes this space-saving feature a godsend for iOS users.

How torrent on an iPhone or iPad

Some cloud torrent services (including our example do actually have an iOS app, but most are browser-based only. As this is a generic guide we focus primarily on how to use a cloud service via its web interface.

  1. Get yourself a cloud torrent account. In this guide we’re going to use because it is very typical of this kind of service. We found it worked well and like the fact that it offers an iOS app, but we have not fully surveyed the market and have therefore chosen for purely illustrative reasons.

    For what it’s worth, does not offer free accounts. But it does offer a 1-day trial of its premium service for $0.99 which we found much more useful for evaluation purposes than any free account we tried.

  2. Connect to a VPN (not strictly necessary, but always a good idea). We recommend ExpressVPN as it is fast, reliable, and super secure.

  3. Visit a torrent site. Most people reading this article will already have a favorite, but if you are new to torrenting then Google (or a private search engine of choice) is your friend.

  4. Search for the content you want.

  5. Find the Magnet link, long press on it and Copy Link. Some cloud torrent services also allow you paste in .torrent files, but most need a Magnet link to work.
    Please note that long-pressing a Magnet link no longer works in Safari, but it does in Firefox and Chrome.

  6. In your browser sign-in to your cloud torrent account and find the “add new torrent” field (it may be called something else). Long press -> Paste Magnet link in. See below how we do this in

    In theory, you can use any browser. It is worth noting, though, that Firefox for iOS worked best for us, as Safari and Chrome threw up some errors during the download process.

  7. The torrent will start downloading to your cloud torrent account. To transfer it locally to your iPad via HTTP, simply hit the associated download button.

    Alternatively, it is usually possible to stream video content direct in your browser window.

  8. As an iDevice owner, you are probably already well aware that file management in iOS is not as straight-forward as it is on other platforms. Fortunately, Files (the iOS built-in file manager app) provides access to the Firefox Download folder where you can easily access your newly downloaded torrents.

    Handy tip: VLC for Mobile is a 100% free and open source app that will play just about any and every video file you can throw at it.

    As already noted, does, in fact, also offer an iOS app. This allows you to browse files stored in your account, transfer them locally to your iPhone or iPad, or (in the case of movie files) stream them.

    In other words, it replaces the need to perform steps 7 & 8 above in your browser. You will still need to follow steps 1-6 above in order to torrent the files to your account.

How to keep your iPhone secure when torrenting?

Use a VPN to keep your iPhone safe when torrenting

A VPN will help to keep you iPhone secure when you are torrenting. The benefits of using a VPN are as follows:

  • Hides your real IP address from peers who can otherwise see exactly who you are. This is particularly worrying when you consider that copyright enforcers routinely monitor the IP addresses of people who torrent their intellectual property and take action against them.
  • Hides what you download from your internet provider (ISP).

Please see Best VPNs for Torrenting for a detailed discussion on this subject.

Torrenting on an iPhone or iPad, however, is different because you are not torrenting directly. Your Cloud torrent service is acting as an intermediary which means that:

  • Peers see the IP address of the cloud torrent server, not your real IP.
  • Your local transfers are likely hidden by HTTPS (this is often not the case with free accounts, but is a fairly standard feature for most premium cloud torrent accounts).

So if all you want a VPN for is to protect yourself while torrenting on an iPhone, then, the case for needing a VPN is less pressing. But we still recommend using a VPN because:

  • A VPN will unblock the torrent sites you still need to visit in order to find the torrents in the first place.
  • A VPN will hide your real IP address from the torrent sites you visit, and who knows what records they log?
  • A VPN will hide your real IP address from the cloud torrent provider (although it will probably have your payment details if purchased a premium plan).

We think you should be using a VPN, anyway, on all your devices. Most VPN services offer an iOS app, but please check out Best VPN Apps For iPhone and iOS for our top recommendations.

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