Bingo Caller Software

By Brodey Sheppard - September 08, 2016

Free Bingo Caller app for Windows and Windows Phones. Great for home games as well as bigger gatherings. Simple and intuitive user interface. Voice narration available on all compatible devices (we are working on adding more devices). Big, easy to see numbers as well as a display of all numbers in the current game sequence for verifying winners. Bingo Caller Machine (free Bingo Calling App) Run your own bingo night from your device or connect to a TV for big screen bingo. Perfect for bingo parties, bingo fundraising events, quiet nights in. TBBingo is a software aternative to the traditional cage and ball system. It requires no special hardware to run. Just a computer with either Windows 10, 7 or XP With.NET 4.0 (4.6.1 for Lite Version) framework client available from Microsoft. The software has a dual. Bingo Software -Scroll Down to see the Platinum Products! Print 27,000 commercial format bingo cards with verification for each winning card! Or play and verify winning cards purchased from major bingo card manufacturers.

Do you always find organising bingo parties a bit taxing? Is it so darn difficult to memorise all the essential bingo lingo? Do you think being a bingo caller is really not something you can do, and yet you want to have the best bingo party at your home? If so, then the Bingo Caller Pro may be perfect for you. You can bring colour to your parties or social gatherings by bringing this tool to your bingo games.

Available Bingo Games on Bingo Caller Pro

When you go online to purchase and install the Bingo Caller Pro software, you get to play both the popular 90-ball bingo game as well as the American 75-ball bingo format. Asphalt 7 heat download. While it may seem that the selection is limited, you will find that they are all you need to organise a fun-filled bingo party. In the 90-ball bingo format, you get to choose from 4,992 unique ticket combinations. Meanwhile, in the 75-ball bingo game, there are 4,996 unique cards available. With just £5.99, you can get the software along with a free raffle number generator.

Features of the Bingo Caller Pro Software

One of the main features you can enjoy with this software is the automated bingo calls. You do not have to call out the bingo numbers because the computer will do it for you! You can choose between the male or female voice and if some numbers were missed in the previous round, you can use the Automatic Number Recovery to review them.

What’s also great about this software is the fact that you can customise the design. You can change the backdrop of the number board. Select the colour you like or even use a picture you like! To increase the excitement around the bingo game, use your event logo as the number board backdrop!

Electronic Bingo Caller Software


The printed tickets also come with a serial number that can be used to verify the winner. This means that when a BINGO is hit, the computer will know! Isn’t that fantastic?

Bingo Caller Software

The Bingo Caller Pro may be one of the best bingo software for offline games! When you want to take a break and find an alternative for your usual mobile bingo games, download the Bingo Caller Pro and organise the best bingo gathering with your loved ones and friends.