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And placing monochrome bitmap image onto a canvas. Most interesting thing is an ability to export created font into a binary or text data blob acceptable for usage in an embedded system. There is a comprehensive exporting procedure with many options inside Editor. Bitmap Font Icons Free Software PpFonter - Bitmap Font Maker v.2.2 A bitmap font creation tool that creates tightly packed font pages from TTF fonts, includes unicode support, a plugin architecture for custom exporters and previewers, and the ability to texture map created fonts.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to generate and import bitmap fonts in Unity3D with ShoeBox and GlyphDesigner.

UPDATE 07.07.2016: An Unity asset store plugin can convert your bitmap fonts for free:
UPDATE 11.17.2015: Littera is an online tool. It works great and it’s free:
UPDATE: Unity 5.x, I updated the script but there is an issue with the space interline.

EDIT: GitHub repository

  1. Fony is a free editor for bitmap fonts. The author of this program tried to make it user friendly, but he has not yet gotten around to writing any proper documentation. Fony is not guaranteed yet to be bug-free, you should always keep backup copies of any fonts you work on.
  2. Fony is a bitmap font editor, originally created for editing Windows bitmap fonts in FON/FNT format. Fony runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and newer. To run Fony on Windows 98/ME you may be able to use KernelEx; for Linux use Wine.

You can use your own custom font in your Unity games like this:

First of all we need to export a .xml file and a .png file.

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You will also need this piece of code to generate a font compatible with Unity. I modified and found this C# script in the Unity forum.

Download and add this C# script in your Unity Assets folder: GitHub zip

Free Online Bitmap Editor

The softwares

It exists several applications to export a bitmap font with a .xml file but in this tutorial we will use ShoeBox and GlyphDesigner:

  • ShoeBox: Free, Adobe Air required
  • GlyphDesigner: Shareware, Mac, Windows
  • Littera: Free, Online
  • bmGlyph: Shareware, Mac
  • etc.

Export a bitmap font with ShoeBox

ShoeBox is a free Adobe Air based app for Windows and Mac OSX with game and ui related tools. Each tool uses a drag and drop or clipboard interaction for a quick workflow.

How to generate the required files to import your custom font with ShoeBox?

  • Download and Install ShoeBox:
  • You can use my custom font in this .psd file: MyCustomFont.psd
  • Watch this video bellow but export with the template: FNT-xml Starling. Yes! Starling! :). The BitmapImporterScript.cs script needs a .XML file format.

The video tutorial:

  • Import the .xml and the .png files in your Unity Assets folder.

Follow the next step of the tutorial in the next chapter after this one.

Export a bitmap font with GlyphDesigner

Glyph Designer is a powerful bitmap font designer. Create beautiful designs using highly configurable effects, definable backgrounds and more. Make the most of your screen with smart zooming and full screen support. Target hundreds of devices on multiple platforms with support for over 15 frameworks out the box. Streamline localizations with GDCL.

How to generate the required files to import your custom font with GlyphDesigner?

  • Download and install GlyphDesigner for Mac or Windows
  • Create your own custom bitmap font with all the glyphs you need
  • Click on the Export button
  • And select Export Type > .xml (BMFont XML)

Bitmap Font Editor Free Online

  • Click Save
  • Import the .xml and the .png files in your Unity Assets folder.

Follow the next step of the tutorial in the next chapter.

Import and use the bitmap font in Unity

Bitmap Font Editor Free Downloads

Bitmap Font Editor Free

Bitmap Font Editor Free Online

  • Import the BitmapFontImporter.cs file in your Unity Assets folder.
  • Then do a Right Click on the .xml file
  • Click Generate Bitmap Font
  • The Script should generate a .material and a .fontsettings file
  • Now we use the font you just created in your scene
  • Create an UI > Text game object in your scene
  • Select the UI Text game object
  • In the inspector go to the Text(Script) component and add the .fontsettings file in the Character >Font field
  • Then add the .mat file in the Material field
  • Never use the Font Size value in the component but use the Scale of the game object instead