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Join in as Crowbar Collective's very own Chon Kemp aka DIGITAL SPORTS livestreams On a Rail! Chon will be streaming #HalfLife 's On a Rail and providing commentary on its design. He will also be streaming the #BlackMesa version of On a Rail with his mod On a Rail Uncut installed and hosting giveaways in between games! Jan 25, 2016 On a Rail Uncut will not be integrated officially into Black Mesa in the future, if it were, I would not have put it up on the workshop for download. Like it or not, the shortened version of On a Rail which was shipped with Black Mesa is the team's definitive vision for the chapter. Black Mesa Surface Tension Update - Patch 1. By Austin Phoenix, 07 Jun 2016. On a Rail Uncut is also broken and will cause texture errors in a few places in the. Black Mesa Source OST Remix + New. Black Mesa Soundtrack - Lights Out (On a Rail Uncut) MXYLR 153 播放 0 弹幕 Black Mesa Xen Soundtrack. A step-by-step Walkthrough of On A Rail (Black Mesa, Chapter 8), played through Steam, on the Hard difficulty setting, with maximum graphical detail.

The mod attempts to extend the chapter to the length of the original in Half-Life 1 and includes 4 large new maps, which are placed in-between the existing Black Mesa level changes.

Here’s a few images, see if you can recognise where they are in the original Half-life.

Phoenix 1901 lyrics. The mod adds a large portion of new gameplay to Black Mesa, and includes several of the iconic scenes cut from the final Black Mesa release, such as the storage bay ambush and the moving overhead cargo rooms.

Black Mesa On A Rail Uncut Movie

You can download On A Rail Uncut on the Steam Workshop.

Black Mesa On A Rail Uncut Map

In addition, the Steam version of Black Mesa was just updated with a small patch, which contains minor fixes and improvements, mainly addressing the recently released Crossfire Multiplayer Update.

Here’s the changelog:

Black Mesa On A Rail Uncut Bus

Black Mesa On A Rail Uncut

We are excited to see what’s next in store for Black Mesa. Also, if you missed our livestream giveaway with the Black Mesa developers earlier this month, you can watch it here to listen to some commentary from them about the recent updates.


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February 12, 2014 - 11:52am

Loop Mod is an addition to Black Mesa's On a Rail chapter, adding a couple areas to the very first map of the chapter. The mod reinstates the looped gameplay that was present in the original Half Life but was left out of Black Mesa, in part because the original design was deemed confusing. This issue has (hopefully) been done away with in the mod. It also reinstates three iconic areas from the original as well. The mod also fixes some design errors that were present in the original map. Comes with On a Rail Uncut compatibility.