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29.4k Followers, 212 Following, 1,331 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Black Powder Red Earth (@blackpowderredearth). With a campaign and rule system built from the ground up as an analog for small units working in non-permissive urban settings, the game is laser focused on creating opportunities for meaningful decisions employing cutting-edge weapons, set in real-world locations with real-world challenges as seen in the Black Powder Red Earth graphic novels. Black Powder Red Earth is a 2D isometric tactical action game where players control 2 man cell teams conducting night raids into sprawling non-permissive environments. Inspired by John Hill's classic board game Squad Leader and Bullfrog's Syndicate; the game is class driven, offering a diversity of tactics and strategy without sacrificing.

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Jan 30, 2020
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The near present. Following the invasion of Iraq, Private Military Contractors(PMC) become the preferred instrument of foreign policy by Petro-Monarchies in the failed states of the Middle East. Staffed with US special operations combat veterans, PMC select, train and lead armies of local nationals in conventional and unconventional warfare operations. Combat actions conducted by the contractors are not considered acts of war. They are matters of foreign internal defense.Black Powder Red Earth® is a minute-to-minute turn-based tactics game set in a proxy war between the dictatorship of a failing petro-state and a brutal jihadist insurgency. Fighting in war-torn urban sprawls, players lead an enhanced capability advisory and enabler unit, conducting kinetic actions with full lethal surrogacy to accomplish their missions.Developed with the support and advice of Special Operations combat veterans from the Commanders In-Extremis Force and by the designer of the Decentralized Battle Space Program, Black Powder Red Earth® has no tech trees, base building or R&D mini-games. It focuses entirely on meaningful tactical decisions that influence the outcome of raids in urban environments.Step into the event horizon of chaos and discontent, now.

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  • OS: windows xp
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Release date: May 6, 2020
Release date: Apr 9, 2020
Release date: Sep 29, 2019
Release date: Sep 21, 2015

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Release date: Jul 12, 2010

Black Powder Red Earth® Download For Macbook Pro