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Bmx show game full version
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  • Get ready to perform extreme stunts with your BMX bike in BMX Show! Prove your skills and get the highest score possible now for free and online at Kizi!

Bmx 2 Game Online

You’ll only get one shot at this. How far can you get this BMX racer down the track in this exciting online game? Ellen g white software for windows 8. It’s time to find out if you can help him clear more than one obstacle and really go.

Bmx Bike Show

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Sik Trix BMX has the most extreme BMX bike tricks you have ever seen in an online Flash game. Fly off ramps onto building rooftops and do all kinds of crazy sick tricks with your bike. With 13 distinct characters, 35 fantastic tricks, 5 pre-made levels and a level editor, Sik Trix BMX will have you glued to you computer until you've unlocked it all! You may have played the demo on someone else's site, but this is the full version and it's free!
How to Play Sik Trix BMX
  • Choose whether or not to load the music and press Start Game to start biking.
  • Press Left and Right arrow keys to move and Spacebar to jump. Press 'Z' + an arrow key to do a regular trick in the air.
  • For every trick you land you will increase your Confidence Level (CL) up to 5 bars. At max confidence of 5, pressing 'X' and an arrow key will execute one of your biker's 4 special sik trix which is worth a lot more points. Crashing lowers your confidence.
  • When you start your BMX bike's max speed is only 13 MPH. For each power up you collect your max speed will increase. Collect at least 5 power ups to obtain the highest max speed of 25 MPH.
  • Just like in Rooftop Skater, hold the forward arrow key through a ramp to launch off of it, or release the key just before the top of the ramp to launch straight into the air.
  • Turn your BMX bike around by pressing the back arrow while stationary or by pressing up while in mid-air.
  • Press Quit at any time to return to the Main Menu, where you can choose other characters or levels that you've unlocked.
Sik Trix BMX Tips
  • The game will load more quickly if you choose not to load the music track.
  • At full speed you can launch your bike from the ground over the back of a ramp. Just watch the background to see where the city skyline lines up with the ramp to time it just right at max speed. If you get stuck you can press Quit to start over.
  • Some power ups are carefully hidden throughout the level. Send your biker flying in every direction you can think to try to find them all!
  • You can launch yourself onto the rooftops of buildings just like Rooftop Skater. You can even go higher than the clouds!
  • As you unlock items, you will be given secret codes that you can enter later when you return to the game to continue your progress. Try to get all 6 secret codes! (I'll give you the first code for free. Type 'FLIP' at the Main Menu and you will receive confirmation that your code was entered succesfully.)
  • Some tricks can be held for higher scores. Link sik trix together by landing your bike backwards or landing backward on your seat.
Fun Facts
  • The character named Fred also appeared in the original Rooftop Skater.
  • Sik Trix BMX has been featured on the front page of Sports Illustrated for Kids now for over 5 years.

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