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This section will describe how to install Boundless Desktop on Mac OS X.

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Boundless Desktop can run on any recent hardware/software combination. SeeMac system requirements for more details.

Boundless For Macbook

Boundless game for mac


On Mac OS, installing Boundless Desktop 1.1.0 will remove any previouslyinstalled version. To avoid the removal, before installing Boundless Desktop1.1.0, you can run the following command in a terminal (you will needadministrator permissions).

If you have accidentally removed a 1.0.x version and want to re-install itwithout being blocked by a warning that states “a newer version is alreadyinstalled,” you can also use the same command before installation.


To install Boundless Desktop:

  1. Open the provided DMG archive. There will be a singleBoundlessDesktop-1.1.1.pkg

  2. Double-click the installer package to launch the installer.

  3. At the Welcome screen, click Continue.

    Welcome screen

  4. Read the Read Me and then click Continue.

  5. Read the License Agreement and click Continue.

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    License agreement screen

  6. When prompted about the license agreement, click Agree tocontinue the installation.

  7. In the Installation type dialog check the components you would like toinstall and click Continue.

    Installation Type screen

  8. You are ready to install the software. Click Install to startthe installation.

  9. When prompted, enter your username and password. Click InstallSoftware to continue.

    Insert your administrator username and password

  10. Please wait while the installation proceeds.

  11. After installation, click Close.

    Boundless Desktop successfully installed

After a successful install, Boundless Desktop components, such as QGIS, canbe run from shortcuts in the Applications Folder (see Quick start guidefor more information).

This document contains information about various tasks specific to Boundless Server for Mac OS X.

Boundless services¶

Boundless Server is comprised of two services:

  1. The Tomcat web server that contains all the web applications such as GeoServer and GeoWebCache.

  2. The PostgreSQL database server with the PostGIS spatial extensions.


    The Boundless PostgreSQL service is only available through the virtual machine.

Service port configuration¶

The Tomcat and PostgreSQL services run on ports 8080 and 5432 respectively. These ports can often conflict with existing services on the system, in which case the ports must be changed.

Changing the Tomcat port¶

Boundless For Mac Os

The Tomcat port can be changed on installation.

To change the Tomcat port after installation:

  1. Open the server.xml file, typically located in your Tomcat conf directory.

  2. Search for the following line:

  3. Change the port value.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart Tomcat.


Boundless For Mac Download


To change the port on the Boundless Server virtual machine, connect to the virtual machine with a Terminal, and follow the Ubuntu instructions.

Changing the PostgreSQL port¶


The Boundless PostgreSQL service is only available through the virtual machine. To change the port on the Boundless Server Virtual Machine, connect to the virtual machine with a Terminal, and follow the Ubuntu instructions.

GeoServer data directory¶

The GeoServer data directory is the location on the file system where GeoServer stores all of its configuration, and (optionally) file-based data.

Boundless For Macbook Pro

By default, this directory is located at ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/GeoServer (or /Library/ApplicationSupport/GeoServer).

To point GeoServer to an alternate location:

  1. Edit the geoserver.xml file inside your Tomcat configuration.

  2. Define GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR with an appropriate value accordingly.