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The Business In a Box 2.0 HOME CARE Startup Kit is Everything I use on a daily basis to run my home care business. I went from an $9.00 ‪cna‬ job to a $100,000.00/yr+ business. This is digital download.

Business In a Box 2.0 Home Care Startup Kit {Instant Download}


6 Phase Coaching Manual -This is a step by step guide on how to start your home care service.

The 6 Phases Are:
1.) Vision, Productivity and Entrepreneurship

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2.) Home Care Business Setup

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3.) Home Care Business Compliance

4.) Caregivers: Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

5.) Marketing: Getting Home Care Clients

6.) Home Care Business Resources. The tools, programs, apps, systems etc. we use to operate our home care company.

Accountability Contract - This contract is designed for you and a trusted friend to ensure you reach your business goals.

Productivity Planner - This an awesome used by millionaire entrepreneurs to plan their day and stay productive while avoiding the day to day distractions.

50 Highly Effective Guerrilla Marketing Tactics - Top secret marketing methods and tactics to get leads hunting you down for how care services.

2 Hours Audio Training - Step by Step instructions on setting up your brand, marketing plan and sales system on a budget with no experience.

Caregivers Questionnaire - This is a highly effective company tool that we developed to screen applicants.

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Bandit Sign Sample - This is our top client producing method. We use these on a weekly basis to keep out phone ringing.

Brochure Template - These are the actual brochures we use in doctors offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes etc. We show you the exact copy we use to turn brochure racks into lead machine.

Business Card Sample - These are not your average business cards. These cards are designed to get leads.

Business Budget Spreadsheet - The Business Budget Spreadsheet will allow you the new business owner to see the actual numbers of your business. This is a great tool to track cost and manage your budget in a smart and efficient way. It's also very user friendly so no experience is required.

Client Profile Template - This editable document is absolutely necessary when meeting new clients, signing them up for services, keeping organized files and records.

Caregiver Policy & Procedures Manual -In order to be successful, your caregiving employees need to have a general understanding of your working conditions, employee benefits, and personnel policies. This editable version will allow you to fit this to your companies needs. Most states require this manual for every home care company.

Consent To Drug & Alcohol Screening -This document must be signed by all employees staff and caregivers. It give you the power to conduct drug and alcohol test. This is also good marketing tool when soliciting clients, reassuring them you run a drug and alcohol free organization.

Current Client Referral Letter Template -This editable letter is a very powerful tool in our direct mail marketing campaign. We use this in different variations to turn current clients into your biggest promoter.

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CONFIDENTIALITY, NON COMPETITION, AND NON-SOLICITATION AGREEMENT - This might be the most important document in the the business in a box. This document will protect you from caregivers and staff stealing your clients, marketing ideas and business systems and using them.

Employment Application - This is the exact application we use to hire staff and caregivers as needed. It covers education, references, previous work history etc. Everything you need to know to make a informed decision.

Mileage Tracker - This is a great tool to track caregiver mileage so you can know exactly what to change clients. FYI we only charge clients mileage after a set amount of miles per week.

Monthly Cashflow Chart - This tool is a very effective way to track all your income, bills and expenses so you know exactly where the companies money is going.

These are only a few of the things you will receive in your business in a box. There are many more client, caregiver, business and marketing tools as well.

We will also send you your state requirements for operating a home care and home health business upon purchase.

Business In A Box Key Generator

FAQ: The business in a box 2.0 is a startup kit with all the documents, marketing materials etc. you need to start your home care service. There are also some training videos.
The Virtual coaching is all that plus on going coaching, much more detailed training and access to the private community of successful home care owners that have used the program.