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All i can say is it is your choice whether you want to smoke it, i smoke 3-4 grams a day which escalated from a half g per day within about 2 months, and the high is extremely different to snorting, the binges are what you have to watch out for, try not to go for hit after hit, find a ' sweet spot' your first hit make it the sweet spot hit once. Vaping can be a fun, stress-relieving way to smoke without bringing so many toxic chemicals into your body. However, there are many components to vaporizers, which may make your first filling experience confusing. Whether your vaporizer is top-fill or bottom-fill, you’ll need to take your vaporizer apart. Pen vapes also enable you to vape wax concentrates, dry herb, and eliquid on-the-fly. The vapor pen accommodates busy commuter lifestyles and 9-to-5 schedules, as well as casual situations. You can use a vape pen on your lunch break, or simply step outside for a hit.

Vaporizing or “vaping” cannabis has long been a practice, but in recent years it has gained increasing popularity due to a combination of expanding legalization and heightened attention to its health benefits. So how do you smoke weed in a vaporizer?

Let’s start by looking at the health benefits.

Why Smoke Weed In a Vaporizer?

While smoking weed is better for you than smoking cigarettes, the simple truth is that putting smoke in your lungs is never going to be risk-free. But why put up with the smoke that comes with burning the cannabis plant, when all you really need to get high is the THC that is locked in the plant?

Vaporizing heats the bud to the point where the THC is turned into vapor rather than smoke, resulting in a cleaner, healthier method of getting high. The THC cooks off, while the bud is left unburned and unsmoked.

How to Smoke Weed In a Vaporizer

So how do you use a vaporizer to smoke weed? There are a variety of different vaporizers that all have slightly different processes, but for our purposes here we’re going to focus on a basic vape pen, which is probably the most common.

1. Grind herb.

2. Pack a small amount of herb into the vape pen’s removable chamber. Think of using an amount the size of a pencil eraser.

3. Switch the pen on.

4. Depending on your pen, there may be a button to activate the heating element. Press this and inhale from the mouthpiece. If there is no button, simply inhale to start the vaping process.

5. Pull the pen away from your lips and exhale.

6. Repeat at will.

Some vape pens require you to use cannabis concentrates and cartridges, and there are also tabletop vaporizers (some that involve a hose but function essentially just like your pen, others that fill a balloon from which you inhale the vapor), but it doesn’t take much alteration to tailor these steps to whatever vape you happen to use.

Now, enjoy your weed in good health. If smoking weed is new to you, it is good for you to know what to expect before trying on it.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you should get a firm grasp on all aspects of vaping. Today we will learn how to vape weed, what it’s like to be high and how long does a high from vaping last.

Given that weed is now legal, first-timers ought to learn why vaping may be one of the best ways to consume weed.

Up until recently, marijuana was mostly used in the form of a flower. Every now and then someone would come through with a little bit of hash, but that’s as far as diversity went.

Hp loadrunner latest version. People only used to smoke weed in pipes and joints.

Nowadays, we have way more diversity both in the product and in the consumption departments.

Not only are pipes and joints more present than ever before, but now we have bongs, blunts, electric dabbing tools, and vaporizers.


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Vaporizers (sometimes called vape pens) are the newest trend in cannabis consumption. In short, they are the least harmful way to inhale cannabis.

Even though certain papers might say that vaporizing is healthier than smoking, we all know that inhaling neither vapor nor smoke is healthy by itself. We’re not here to debate that.

Instead, given that vaporizers are a very new trend, we’re here to explain how they work and how to vape weed in the healthiest way possible.

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Can You Smoke Crack In A Vaporizer Pens

How does a vaporizer work?

Can You Smoke Crack In A Vaporizer Pen Vaporizer

Vaporizers work by heating up plant material into vapor. That vapor then rises and is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.


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Not all vaporizers work the same, as there are two basic types.

The most popular vaporizers are vape pens. However, there are also desktop versions which are only for stationary use.

Some vaporizers work by heating up the air below the plant material. That hot air then goes around and through the weed which releases THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in the air.

Others heat up the weed directly through a heated surface, such as a metal plate or a chamber. Once the weed touches the hot surface, it releases cannabinoids into the vapor.


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How to vape weed?

Let’s first talk about the less common, but often more convenient, stationary (desktop) vaporizers.

These machines are quite big and they require a power outlet.

You set them up on a table or some type of flat surface. Depending on the model, they either make use of a small hose or a plastic balloon.

The hose is used to inhale the vapor directly from the vaporizer, while the balloon gets automatically inflated, and then you inhale from it.

To vape weed, put the weed into the chamber, or on the surface which gets heated.

Set the plastic bag/hose, plug in the vaporizer into the power outlet and turn it on.

Select the desired temperature and give it a minute or two before starting to drag the vapor in.

Below is a great video on how to use a desktop vaporizer:


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How to use a vape pen?

Vape pens are much simpler to use. If you’re familiar with the e-cigarette concept, this is pretty much the same thing.

You charge the battery and once it’s full you fill it up with your desired material.

However, every vaporizer is different, so you better read the instructions in order to learn how to use your vape pen. They are small (or pocket-friendly) so they have very specific ways of turning on and controlling the various features.

Most vape pens are just for weed, but some vape pens can be used for cannabis concentrates as well. Check that in the instructions as well, or call the manufacturer.


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How to make your own vape juice?

Can You Smoke Crack In A Vaporizer Pen

Making your own vape juice isn’t that hard. Electronic cigarettes that have a detachable lid can be used for vaping weed. You just need to have some cannabis extracts such as hash or BHO.

In order to make your own vape juice, turn on the e-cig and put the extracts in.

Put a small piece of the extract in the chamber. If it doesn’t fit, break it down or shape it so it does fit.

Keep the e-cig turned on and give it time to melt down. Enjoy the custom-made weed-infused vape juice as you puff on big clouds of vaping liquid.

What is it like to be high?

Can you smoke crack in a vaporizer pens

Depending on what type of weed you’ve vaporized you can feel a bunch of different types of high.

However, most cannabis strains will give you a head rush that will make you feel lightheaded. You will also very likely feel a pressure in your eyes, almost as if it was a type of burn.

You may even get dizzy if you’ve taken too much. You’ll know you had too much if you’re sitting and you start feeling as if you were quickly sinking.

On the other side, if you’ve had the right amount, you may feel like the couch is hugging you and everything is really soft and comfy.

You will also likely think a bit slower and you’ll likely zone out while you’re at it. Weed is known for having the “zoning out” effect on its users.

However, don’t worry — sometimes these moments can be extremely calming and clarifying.

I have to stress that the types of high cannabis produces largely depend on the cannabinoid and terpene profile of that particular strain you are smoking.

For example, myrcene is a terpene most commonly found in Cannabis indica varieties and is the one responsible for the “couch lock” type of high.

How long does a high last?

Depending on what type of weed you vaporized and the amount, the duration of the high might be different.

Your tolerance will also have a play in this. If you’ve never used weed before, you can expect to be high anywhere from 1-4 hours.

In the case of edibles, the high can last up to 12 hours but usually is between 6-8 hours, which is why edibles aren’t recommended to cannabis novices.

In fact, I wouldn’t try them until I’ve gotten a hang of weed.

Can You Smoke Crack In A Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

Keep in mind that weed does stay in your system significantly longer than what you’ll feel high for, so don’t even think about driving after vaping.


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What does weed smell like?

Not all weed smells the same. Depending on the strain, some types of pot might have a hint of lemon or berries, while others smell like diesel or mango.

The reason for this is because every strain has a unique terpene profile—terpenes are volatile aromatic molecules secreted inside the resin glands of cannabis, and are what gives each strain its unique scent.

Can You Smoke Crack In A Vaporizer Pen Refills

At first, it will seem that almost all weed strains you try have a skunky and pungent smell, however once you start gaining experience you will realize that there are plenty of different aromas in cannabis.

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