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Comics may have been a good companion for many people in their childhood. Except for the illustration and storyline in the comic books that attracted us, fonts used in the comic books also make characters and stories more attractive, emotional. Comic fonts are funny fonts usually related to a comic book or children. They often appear in the creation of a comic book including titles, logos, and the text. Probably the only comic font most people know well is the Comic Sans MS that is available on Windows computer. But there are more comics fonts to know in addition to Comic Sans MS. Brew install openjdk 8.

Captain Underpants Font 3,8/5 8289 reviews This face is dedicated to him, the captain America knows and respects, the captain America font designers like myself strive to symbolize in their work. So enjoy the power that is the font I call, American Captain. Gooey fences, dewey tenses, and the loud ree-haw! Remember DreamWorks' Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie? This font looks similar to the one in the Captain Underpants movie, but some letters, like the lowercase q and the X's, may look slightly different from the real version, which some people can't find.

Comic fonts look fun, yet they are not limited to that: they are funny but not that fancy, they are eligible yet creative, they invoke unlimited energy, vigorous imagination besides humor. Therefore comic fonts by no means should be confined to comic books. So why limit comic fonts only to Comic Sans MS and comic books? And perhaps have a try and using comic fonts for your greeting cards, headlines, posters, invitations and website logos? Classic Comic designed by Patrick Griffin is a typical font family of comic style. Classic Comic supports all popular formats and letters in most Central, Eastern, and Western European languages as well as Baltic, Maltese, Turkish, etc.

Classic Comic by Patrick Griffin

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Author's note

UPDATE: American Captain is ready for BUY NOW & IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD via secure paypal checkout.
UPDATE TO LANGUAGE SUPPORT: This freeware version now includes uppercase GREEK and CYRILLIC letters.
UPDATE: American Captain is now available in commercial form as a 6-FONT FAMILY with complete character sets and language support for Central European characters, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew. OpenType features include: small caps, fractions, stylistic sets, glyph replacements, etc. Now back to our freebie ..
American Captain by Michael G. Adkins
So here we go with the descriptions again. To describe my new font, American Captain, the boring part of my brain tells me to use staid words like narrow and bold, sharp yet blunt, heavy and tall; but deep within the creative side of my brain, there's a smouldering nugget of inspiration that tells me this font deserves something more. Why bother to explain things you can clearly see with your own eyes, when what you might not be aware of is this font's unique origins. What you might not know is that it dates back to at least the 1940s. It's even possible you don't understand how this font has been reborn and revamped and revitalized by generations of sign-painters and hand-letterers and determined font guys like myself who just can't let this thing go.
This font represents the unparalleled strength of one man who saved an entire world from the crushing yoke of tyranny. This man was an outstanding captain of men, an American patriot of unquestionable calibre. And within this font is captured his fighting spirit, his unyielding determination. This face is dedicated to him, the captain America knows and respects, the captain America font designers like myself strive to symbolize in their work. So enjoy the power that is the font I call, American Captain.
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American Captain
American Captain
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Units per Em1000
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Mac styleBold
DirectionOnly strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
PitchNot monospaced