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The advantage of using my existing pump is that it can go direct back on timing marks but apparently, a new pump will require the timing to be reset. Advantage of getting my (possibly) fully serviced pump checked is that it should only require the seals changed as it has been lying in the garage of about 7 years. The gear will be self contained within the timing gear cover. You can put marks on the gears to ensure it goes back together right. Do not crank the engine with this drive gear loose inside the cover. To get to this cover, you have to get the fan shroud off at a minimum. You may want to remove the radiator. Hope this all makes sense to you. Hero puch service manual.

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Correct timing of the Lucas CAV DPA pump can be. Verified by removing the. The timing window. Cover on the injection pump. NOTE: Special equipment in an authorized shop is. Required to precisely time the Lucas CAV DPA. For troubleshooting and in an. Emergency, visual alignment of the timing mark is. Close enough for the engine to run. Most of the early diesel engines used timing marks positioned somewhere in the 10°-20° BTDC region. So by timing at 15°BTDC the engine will start and run. Once run if you have white smoke emitting from the exhaust you will need to advance the Injection timing. If when you rev the engine it sounds harsh you may need to retard the timing slightly.

My B414 has a very slow acceleration and has no power whatsover in the hi range 3rd or 5th gears. The tractor starts pretty good and idles beautifully. I am at a loss as to what the problem is. Today i separated engine from from bolster so i could jack up engine to clear front crank pulley for removal of pulley and front engine cover. I wanted to check timing gears. The marks all lined up ok but then i took off the two bolt rect. shaped side cover on the Cav dpa pump. I'm at TDC on #1 and i see the Letter 'E' on the rotor. It is towards the bottom of the rect. cover hole. My manual says at TDC #1 the 'E' scribed line should align with the scribed lines at the lower hole of the pump snap ring. Well my injector pump don't have a snap ring as mentioned in the manual.
Anybody out there have any info on how to set the injector timing?


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Cav Dpa Timing Marks Off Car

12 Mar 2002

Cav Dpa Timing Marks Off Road

After a good hard run, my engine exhibits signs of being too far advanced. Ie stops on tick-over, and then appears to fire before TDC requiring starter plus domestic batteries to spin her over for re-restarting. None of the above occurs when starting from cold. I have checked that the engine is not getting tight due to over-heating.
I am questioning whether the pump is sticking in the automatic advanced mode, or whether it is generally too far advanced (but only firing early when hot)
At present it is on the factory timing marks. The engine is a Watermota Seapanther 33 yrs old.
Any ideas?