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The sketcher controls are modeled from the ChemDoodle® desktop application (learn more about the desktop software here). Those familiar with the ChemDoodle desktop application will immediately be comfortable drawing structures in this web-based sketching component.

ACD/ChemSketch is an easy-to-use chemical modeling and rendering program with a versatile 3D viewer that lets you specify everything from shapes and colors to Initial Internuclear Distance (in. MolPad is a chemical structure drawing app specifically designed for tablets. It allows you to draw chemical structures freehand with a finger, stylus or mouse, just as you would with pencil and paper. The raw ink is converted on the fly to an underlying connection table.

The most basic sketcher input is received from mouse events. All aspects of the ChemDoodle desktop application are present, from locking bond lengths and angles, to the optimize zone to fragment previews. More information about how to use the ChemDoodle family of sketchers can be found in the ChemDoodle user guide. Pritt Balagopal has also put together a nice tutorial on the Chemistry StackExchange.

In addition to mouse input, there are buttons and keyboard shortcuts that are described in the other tabs.

Cad drawing software for mac

The small grey dot that follows your cursor is an atom (carbon). All structures must begin with an atom. Click to place an atom. Hover and click on a placed atom to place a bond. You can make it so starting atoms are not required by clicking on the Require starting atom checkbox to the right of the sketcher.

There are two types of ChemDoodle Web Sketchers, the Full Sketcher and the Single Molecule Sketcher. You can choose either above in this demo. Based on the interface, you may be using one or the other or both. The Full Sketcher allows for the creation of multiple chemical structures, shapes and figures. The Single Molecule Sketcher provides a streamlined interface for drawing a single molecular structure.

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Cad Drawing Software For Mac

If you are developer and would like to learn how to install this sketcher, please refer to the SketcherCanvas documentation.