Cleanapp 3 4 5 Ubkg Download Free

Theoretically, getting rid of software you no longer have a need for is a simple matter of running the associated uninstallation utility or drag the application to the Trash. In practice, however, while these options may be used to get rid of a program, it is not necessarily the case that all of the associated files will be removed.

Cleanapp 3 4 5 Ubkg Download Free Download

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Cleanapp 3 4 5 ubkg download freeware

CleanApp makes it possible to remove all traces of software and uses community driven information to provide you with a list of files that other users deleted when removing a particular program. This information can be used to determine which files you can safely remove from your own computer - and this is something CleanApp can take care of for you.

The program features a logging tool which constantly monitors the files that are created by individual programs. When you come to remove that particular program, any associated files can be quickly located and removed at the same time.

You do not even need to remember to manually launch the program. As soon as you drag an application to the Trash, ApplClean will spring into life and help you to perform a complete cleanup with a minimum of effort.


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Cleanapp 3 4 5 Ubkg Download Free

AppClean makes it easy to ensure that uninstall an application also removes any files associated with it, helping to free up your hard drive.