Clipgrab Free Download For Mac

Download ClipGrab 3.8.14 for Mac. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Virus Name: ClipGrab Mac Virus Virus Type: browser redirect, browser redirection, browser hijacker, browser virus, adware, scam pop-up More details will be displayed in the following article. We recommend you to directly download the anti-virus tools: Note: The scanner is free. If it detects a virus or malware, you’ll need.

Downloading and saving videos that you find online may feel like a chore, but you can now easily save those videos with ClipGrab. This program works with all major video sharing sites and does not require that you use your browser when downloading content.

If you're like most web surfers today, you probably come across at least one video every day that you would like to watch again. You might find funny videos of cats falling in bathtubs, videos of your favorite actors talking about their upcoming films, trailers of your favorite movies, and even music videos that you love watching. With ClipGrab, you can download multiple videos every day and even change the format of those videos.

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ClipGrab works with all your favorite online websites too, including CollegeHumor, Dailymotion, and even YouTube. Though you can opt to save those videos in the same format that it originally used, you can also change the format. The program supports MPEG4, MP3, WMV, and other less popular formats. Another benefit is that it will let you save high-definition videos too. Before you download a video, check the drop down menu, select the quality option, and change the quality settings to HD. Any videos you download will then have the high-definition quality that you want.

The program is fairly easy to use too. It features just two buttons at the very top. One is the downloads button that lets you decide which videos you want to download, and the other is a settings button that lets you go in and make any changes you need. Installing the program is easy also because it comes with an installation wizard. That wizard will walk you through each step you must take to download, install, and use the program.


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Clipgrab Free Download For Mac

One thing you may not like about ClipGrab is that it doesn't work with your browser. Most browsers now come with extensions that you can download that will help you save clips and videos in seconds. With this program, you must use your browser, find the video, copy the link, and then paste the link in the program. ClipGrab will then locate the online file and download a copy to your computer. Those who have the right extensions may find that ClipGrab adds extra steps to the process of downloading videos, but others may like using this program to save online videos.


  • Lets you quickly and easily download online videos
  • Works with YouTube and other popular websites
  • Can change the quality to save videos in high-definition
  • Converts and changes the formats based on your settings
  • Will work with clips that have audio only

Clipgrab Free Download For Mac


Clipgrab App Windows 10

  • Will not replace a video downloading extension
  • Adds extra steps to the downloading process
  • Lacks any integration with your web browser
  • May not work with all websites or video sharing sites
  • Downloads can take a long time