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'Field-coil electromagnet drivers have a number of advantages over permanent magnet drivers due to their powerful magnet strength. The field-coil electromagnet driver follows the soundtrack or music signal much more accurately, meaning you get greatly reduced distortion from the driver, resulting in much higher fidelity to the music or soundtrack signal.' This section looks at the three primary parts that go into constructing the Cogent True-to-life compression field coil drivers. This phasing plug is from their Cogent DS-1428 midrange / high frequency driver. The radial slits are cut to great accuracy with a wire EDM machine, a.

While at Stereophile’s Home Entertainment Show 2006 in Los Angeles we visited the home of one of the principals of Cogent True-to-Life. Cogent is working on modernizing the field-coil compression driver that was used in loudspeakers ‘back in the day’.

Cogent Field Coil Drivers Training

To hear what these drivers sound like they put them in custom loudspeakers such as the white horn loudspeakers we heard at CES 2006 and earlier this month during our visit.

Close up of Cogent True-to-Life high-frequency horn

We very much liked what we heard both at CES and during our recent audition – though we feel that both systems were comprimised and wonder what these modest horns with their state of the art drivers would sound like hooked up to comensurable equipment.

Perhaps the Mixibitors will come to the rescue…

But until then here are some pictures and some listening impressions:


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Supravox Field Coil Drivers


Cogent Field Coil Drivers Test

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