Commercial Version

The commercial version of IWRAP was released August 3rd 2010.

2.the commercial version of the user can put forward some commercial functional opinions, the official will evaluate the reasonableness of the opinions, etc. If the opinions are adopted, they will be added in the new version in the future. 3.the commercial version of the user can be updated to commercial version of the new version for free. CRCBR strongly recommends that commercial practitioners take the commercial version of the BICUP or GenUP, as applicable. Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane (with Changes 1-4) November 2011 FAA-S-ACS-7 Commercial Pilot – Airplane Airman Certification Standards (Changes 1 & 2) June 12, 2017 FAA-S-ACS-7 Commercial Pilot – Airplane Airman Certification Standards (Changes 1, 2, & 3) April 19, 2018 FAA-S-ACS-7A Commercial Pilot – Airplane Airman.

  • Activate commercial version. Enter a 20-digit activation code to activate the product. For activation, your computer must be connected to the Internet. The activation wizard will download and install a key file automatically. Activate trial version. The activation wizard will download and install a key file which is valid for 30 days.
  • It is a modified version of the standard BICUP which uses commercially relevant content and examples. Only licensees who are brokers-in-charge or broker-in-charge eligible will receive credit for this course. CRCBR strongly recommends that commercial practitioners take the commercial version of the BICUP or GenUp, as applicable.

Find the Gatehouse IWRAP Mk2 product sheet here

For further information, contact Gatehouse, chief SW Architect, Mr. Per Christian Engberg [email protected]

  • Automatic density map generation

  • Automatic extraction of lateral distribution

  • Automatic mathematical distribution fitting

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FAQ on the commercial version

(answers provided by Gatehouse)

What is the difference between the free and the commercial version of IWRAP?

The primary difference between the commercial version and the basic version of IWRAP Mk2 is, that the commercial version automatically extracts information from AIS data. In the basic version, which is made available free of charge to IALA members, the analyst would have to do this manually, which is time consuming and somewhat cumbersome.

Are there any issues with running the application behind corporate firewalls?

No, IWRAP uses simple HTTP request to download maps, should not be a problem unless the firewall is extremely restrictive.

Licence is per user or per organisation?

Currently per user. A license is locked to one user, a user may install on several computers e.g. office desktop and additional laptop. If you need several licenses I am of course flexible with regards to pricing.

How many users can be allowed on one user licence?

See the answer above.

What is the current cost per annum?

Commercial Version

3500 Euro the first year and 2800 the following years for IALA members.

6000 Euro the first year and 4500 the following years for non-IALA members.

What environments can it work on (e.g. Windows 7, other?)

Windows 7 or later.

What sort of support can our IT team expect?

Normally we have day to day problem solving, e.g. in case encounter a bug. Currently we don’t have any known bugs and it is very rare that people have problems using IWRAP, even people who have received no training. The critical phase is usually the AIS data import , as there are no standards, IWRAP has become very flexible when it comes to handling different formats and I will of course assist you to make sure you get through this phase correctly. Desktop buddy download.

Best installed on PC or on the corporate network?

Commercial Transaction Definition

Currently only PC.

Impact on PC performance if installed a) on PC and b) if installed on network

Depends on what you want to do ;-), I have heard of people having IWRAP loading tons of data over night or performing analysis over night, but that should rarely be needed. On a normal multi core computer it is no problem to have IWRAP running and processing in the background.

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Computer software comes in three different flavors: freeware, shareware, and commercial software. Freeware is free to use and does not require any payment from the user. Shareware is also free to use, but typically limits the program's features or the amount of time the software can be used unless the user purchases the software. Commercial software requires payment before it can be used, but includes all the program's features, with no restrictions or time limits.

Commercial software programs typically come in a physical box, which is what you see displayed in retail stores. While it's true that the software boxes are not as big as they used to be, they still contain the software CD or DVD and usually a 'getting started' manual along with a registration key used for registering the product. Most commercial software programs ask that the user register the program so the company can keep track of its authorized users. Some commercial software programs, such as newer versions of Microsoft and Adobe programs, require the user to register the programs in order to continue using them after 30 days.

While most commercial software programs are sold in the physical box, many software titles are now available as downloads. These downloads are typically made available from the company's website. The user pays for the program directly on the website and instead of receiving the software in the mail, the user downloads it to his computer. Another popular way of purchasing commercial software online is simply paying for a registration key, which unlocks the features of a shareware program. This upgrades the shareware program to the commercial version, which removes any feature limitations from the shareware version.

Commercial Version

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