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  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City is a standalone compilation of the DLC episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, containing both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony on one disc.1 It was released alongside the DLC release of The Ballad of Gay Tony on 29 October 2009 for the Xbox 360 and released on 13 April 2010 for Microsoft.
  • Jan 07, 2021 The 3rd patch for Episodes came out more than a year ago, but the tablet still does not exist Extracted files from 1130 patch for 1120 version of the game and added crack. Download and install for free 94.64 Mb.
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    • By ThatOneReaper
      Original sources: FilePlanet (US, FR, DE, IT, ESP)
      This is the Far Cry AMD64 / WinXP Pro x64 Upgrade Patch. It allows the game to be run as a native 64-bit application, providing various benefits and enhancements.
      Note that the 64-bit version cannot be upgraded to v1.4 (the latest patch).
      After installing the patch, the Enhanced Content Patch should also be installed for extra content and optimizations (a link to the patch can be found on the Far Cry wiki page).
      Available versions of the patch:
      English (US UK)
      French (FR)
      German (DE)
      Italian (IT)
      Spanish (ESP)
      Here is the list of fixes and major notes:
      AMD64 Patch additions
      There is a known issue with the external application settings tool and newer GPU's. Using the auto detect feature in-game will properly detect and apply the correct systems settings.
      Resolved an issue where the dedicated/non-dedicated Server server crashes when a user uses “ rcon start_server “ console command
      There is a known issue in Multiplayer where entering or exiting a ladder may cause the user gun to disappear. The client simply needs to switch weapons to make the gun reappear.
      Uninstalling the AMD64 bit version will not remove the CD-key. To manually remove the CD-key or settings from the registry, follow these steps: Click Start / Run. Tyep “regedit†and press enter. Navigate through the registry tree in the left window to Right click on the CD Key registry and click delete.
      Server and client versions of patch 1.31 and 1.32 will work together but it is highly recommended that users up-grade to the same patch version of both the client and the server.
      To ensure that opening movies play correctly the user must install the same language version of the AMD64 bit patch that is resident on their computer.
      Fixed a graphical issue with tunnel textures in the Stronghold map.
      Punk Buster is not enabled on the AMD64 version and Punk Buster toggles do not appear in server menus.
      Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where a player occasionally gets stuck on geometry in the mp_gorge_amd64 map.
      Fixed an issue where LAN server disappears from the LAN Server List after using the cvar “sv_severtype lanâ€. Note “SV_servertype UBI/LAN†should only be used before-creating a new server via console to define the type of the server. It will not change the status of an existing server.
      Optimized and refactored code to take advantage of 64 bit architecture
      Added Offset bump mapping support
      Patch 1.32 change log
      Fixed a Shader Model 3.0 issue that caused graphics corruption on new ATI hardware.
      Set the game to detect nVidia hardware to avoid shaders being compiled at run time.
      Recompiled the 32-bit version with a different version of STL to address some server slowdowns.
      The README file provided with the patch can be found under <base game folder>SupportAMD64
    • By ThatOneReaper
      Original file:
      This is the 64-bit binaries for Crysis. It allows the game to be run as a native 64-bit application, providing various benefits and enhancements.
      Extract the contents of the download to the Crysis installation folder.
      Run the crysis.exe file in the newly added folder (Bin64) to play the game.
      (Optional) Create a shortcut of the EXE for the Desktop for easier access.
      For the Steam version, there is a way to make the Steam client launch the 64-bit version by default. In the Crysis installation folder, rename the Bin32 folder to Bin32.bak and rename the Bin64 folder to Bin32.
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