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5 Calls is the easiest and most effective way for citizens to make an impact in national and local politics. Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative. Read more about why calling works. Get email alerts once a week. Pick your issue; Call your Rep; Record your result. Dialpad Talk is a modern cloud-based business phone system that keeps teams connected by making all of their telephony needs available on any device. Dialpad Talk's native Voice Intelligence features boost productivity with real-time transcription and post-call summaries, including highlighted action items.

Try the hosted dialer that managers trust and employees love to use.

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Expand your company’s reach and maximize your agents’ performance with cost-effective call center software from CallTools.com. From precise preview dialing to intelligent predictive dialing, we offer an option for your business. Our virtual call center software keeps agents connected to customers no matter their location or the size of your workforce.

Make more calls, increase profits, and exceed customer expectations.

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The Next Generation in Call Center Technology

  • Daily Stats

    Monitor total calls and remaining leads in your active campaign, right from your dashboard, updated in real-time.

    Web Phone

    Integrated web phone allows you to connect directly to the dialer and take inbound calls from anywhere in the program.

    Inbound Capability

    With the integrated web phone, agents can take calls directly inside the platform, from any location in the program.

    Effortless Campaigns

    Sls wide shelfsugars legacy stables palm city. As simple as logging into the platform, connecting to a campaign, making your status available, and dialing.

  • Contact Toolbar

    Compose an email, schedule appointments, and view all activity in the contact toolbar.

    Built-In CRM

    CRM built into the software helps manage contacts and organize campaign efforts.

    Dozens of Integrations

    Push contact details to your third-party CRM, view their business on Google Maps, and more.

  • Fast Filtering

    Quickly sort campaigns by dates run and activity status for easy organization.

    Create New Campaigns Easily

    Quick access to add a campaign makes the process fast and simple.

    Campaign Stats Overview

    Stay informed on performance with campaign stats laid out in your dashboard.

    Dashboard Campaign Management

    Start, pause, edit, duplicate, recycle, or delete campaigns directly from the dashboard.

Built-in Web Phone
Make 5x More Calls
Monitor Employees
Call Recordings
Experience the Difference
No Manager Seat Cost

Call Centre Softwares

Manager seat is included with purchase, allowing you to monitor your contact center’s performance in real-time.

No Long Distance Fees

No additional fees when you use the platform as virtual call center software to keep all your agents connected.

Cloud Based
Csall Softwares

Cloud-based, hosted solutions offer speed and reliability, as well as simple and affordable setup and maintenance.

CRM Integrations

Integrates with third-party CRMs so you do not lose your data when switching dialing platforms.

10 Channels Per Agent

10 channel dialing capability included for each agent with our Predictive and Power dialing solutions, up to 30 channels available.

Our Solutions

CallTools Predictive

Maximize agent productivity at your call center with CallTools.com’s Predictive Dialing solution. Using a hosted predictive dialer boosts lead reach by 500%, allowing you to contact more leads in less time. Make and receive calls from the integrated Web Phone, analyze agent performance in real time with Live Agent Monitoring, and keep track of metrics with Real Time Reporting. With the cloud-based Predictive Dialer from CallTools.com, there is little need for extensive hardware and virtually instant set-up.

Call Recording Software

CallTools Preview

Simplify and organize your calling with the CallTools.com Preview Dialer. Search for a specific contact or scroll through them one-by-one, then call them with a single click. Their information populates on the screen, keeping you informed on every contact you call. Export call logs and contact information into your third-party CRM with a wide range of integrations. The user-friendly, distraction-free dashboard makes it easy to stay focused on dialing. The cloud-based system requires little to get started.