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ISQL-Viewer is an open-source JDBC 2/3 compliant database front end written in Java. It implements across multiple platforms features of the JDBC API. It does everything through a single interface. Features and functions: An exclusive feature of the iSQL-Viewer is the specific design that makes two ends meet - the needs of developers of database as well as JDBC drivers are appropriately addressed, thereby enabling easy. Thisfree database software for Macis 2/3 JDBC compliant. The front end for this tool is written.

MDB Viewer opens Microsoft Access 1997-2013 databases on your Macintosh. Supported File Formats in MDB Viewer

Modern Chess Database & Opening Explorer for macOS and Mac chess players. This modern and fresh chess software help you during the game analyze processing, assists to explore the chess openings and provides a full-fledged chess game editor that supports the entire set of pgn annotations and highlights. Get the most comprehensive database of registered MAC address blocks, also referred to as OUIs (Organizationally Unique Identifiers). Download DB Browser for SQLite for Mac - Small open source application designed to further simplify the process of creating, browsing, editing and managing SQLite database files without using SQL commands.

MDB Viewer views and exports all tables in Access databases. (MDB Viewer doesn't edit databases, and it doesn't support queries or forms.)

Comes with search

Sometimes just sorting a table isn't enough. MDB Viewer's high speed search function let's you quickly filter rows to show just those you are looking for.

Handles long text elegantly

If a field contains more text than you can comfortably read in the spreadsheet view, just double click the row to open a new window perfect for long text.

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Shows all your data

Dell photo aio printer 926 software for mac. MDB Viewer has extensive support for less common field types like OLE objects, hyperlinks and attachments.

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Read more about Microsoft Access Field Types.

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MDB Viewer can export your Access database to pretty much anything. Create Excel workbooks, SQLite databases, CSV files or SQL dumps. Use MDB Viewer to export to Apple Numbers, Filemaker, Bento, Open Office or even your Address Book.

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The online documentation includes step-by-step guides for exporting to many applications.