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Runes are permanent upgrades which enable the player to travel to locations and Biomes which are not accessible otherwise.

Once acquired, the player's collected runes can be viewed in the saved game slot (in the main game menu, under 'play')

The only way to acquire runes is to travel to specific zones and defeat a Boss or an Elite enemy, which spawn from certain Elite obelisks.

There are currently eight runes in Dead Cells: the Vine Rune, the Teleportation Rune, the Challenger Rune, the Ram Rune, the Spider Rune, the Homunculus Rune, the Customization Rune, and the Explorer's Rune. All runes will drop after the guardian is defeated and can be picked up afterwards, save for the Homunculus rune, which is acquired automatically after The Hand of the King is defeated.


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List of runes[editedit source]

RuneIconBiomeLocationElite Guardian or BossGrants abilityGrants access to
Vine RunePromenade of the CondemnedIn a room accessed by entering a door found at the base of a large overhangUndead ArcherAbility to sprout vines from special green blobs.Toxic Sewers, Ramparts
Teleportation RuneToxic SewersIn a room found beneath a switch-operated door with the switch directly behind the door.SlasherAbility to teleport between pairs of electric sarcophagi.Ossuary, Forgotten Sepulcher, Dilapidated Arboretum, Morass of the Banished
Challenger’s RuneBlack BridgeDefeat The ConciergeThe ConciergeOpens the daily run door in the Prisoners' Quarters.Daily Run
Ram Rune[a]OssuaryIn a room with spikes that is in front of a switch-operated door.SlasherAbility to break fragile ground (marked with yellow sign) with any dive attack.

Buffs up your Dive attack's damage and range (long fall Dive attack only).

Ancient Sewers
Spider RuneSlumbering SanctuaryIn a room with a dropdown and a banner.CasterAbility to climb the walls and wall-jumping.Slumbering Sanctuary (if entered from Black Bridge/Nest), Graveyard, Prison Depths, Corrupted Prison
Homunculus RuneThrone RoomDefeat The Hand of the King.The Hand of the KingAllows the player detach their head and control it separately from their body to access certain areas. It can latch on to a single enemy, dealing damage to them and leaving the player with full control of the player's body. The damage is scaled on the player's highest stat. The head can also climb walls indefinitely.

Upon reaching max distance away from the main body, the player takes damage while the head is latched onto an enemy, it defeats an enemy, or if the player hits the assigned button again, it will return to the body instantly, going through all obstacles.

The cooldown for this rune will not start unless the head attaches to an enemy but returns before the enemy is defeated. The cooldown is instantly reset if the enemy is defeated, should the head be still on that enemy.

The head can also take items and blueprints, before bringing them back to the player.

Using the rune breaks invisibility. Stata mp for mac.

This rune can't be used if the player is affected by curse, except if the only source of curse on the player is the Cursed Sword.

Customization RuneRampartsIn a room close to the entrance of the Ramparts.Undead Archer or ZombieUnlocks Custom Mode on the main menu.Custom Mode
Explorer's RuneForgotten SepulcherIn a room that is after two elite room, which is at the end of the biome.Two Dark TrackersOnce you explore 80% of the biome's map, the entire map of the biome and the map inside BSC doors are revealed, showing all points of interest, enemies, as well as items and scrolls of power (but not blueprints). Additionally if an enemy is carrying precious loot, like an item or scroll, it will be marked in map with a star. Doesn't reveal layouts and terrain.

Notes[editedit source]

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Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a Horrorpunk Action RPG filled with Lovecraftian horrors and Cronenbergian gore, making it the most gruesome take on the isometric Souls-like genre yet!

You are the last surviving Striver of Dibrom. Your duty, for which you have trained your whole life for, is to defeat the Seven Acolytes, accursed and powerful beings, possessed by malevolent deities called Gahars.

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Dead Cells: Demake Soundtrack Cracked

Challenging foes, mini-bosses, and memorable large-scale boss fights with fully orchestrated music, are central features of the game. To overcome these obstacles you must master the combat, and the mechanics, as well as improve your character and gear through various RPG elements such as Quests, Perks, Runes, Upgrades, and Looting.

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Features Overview

Dead Cells: Demake Soundtrack Crack

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