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Divinity 2 Change Race
Hey guys & hopefully a Larian emp,
Running into a custom race problem. Everything is working properly, but this custom race has blindfolds by default, but I cannot find a way to change the color of the blindfold.
'ClothColor' is defined in the race code by default, so the values exist, thus I tried using the following attributes in code below to call a color (that would then define the blindfold color):

None of these calls worked successfully. Any ideas? Or, @Larian, did you define 'cloth colors' but then decided they were irrelevant since it's generally defined through equipment?
edit: Current workaround is to change VisualSet's first ClothColor to desired clothing color. You cannot delete Cloth Colors in a VisualSet (the editor automatically readds them). Not a viable solution, but until this gets looked into that's the alternative.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Change Race Talents

Divinity 2 permanently change race

Divinity 2 Change Race

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