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  1. Djmax Respect V - Respect Original Soundtrack Download For Mac Free
  2. Djmax Respect V - Respect Original Soundtrack Download For Mac Download
  3. Djmax Respect V - Respect Original Soundtrack Download For Mac Os
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DJMAX Portable Black Square
SeriesDJ Max
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable
  • KOR: December 24, 2008
  • JP: March 22, 2012
Genre(s)Music video game
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

DJMAX Respect มีกำหนดวันวางจำหน่ายบนเครื่อง PS4 ในวันที่ 28 กรกฎาคมปี 2017 โดยจะเป็นเวอร์ชั่นAsia มีซับภาษาอังกฤษ เกาหลี และจีน ซึ่งจะมีชุด.

DJMax Portable Black Square (Korean: 디제이맥스 포터블 블랙 스퀘어, dijeimaegseu poteobeul beullaeg seukweeo; abbr.: DMP:BS) is a music game for the PlayStation Portable developed by South Korean developer Pentavision released on December 24, 2008.[1] This is the fourth major game of the DJMax series released for the PSP. The game includes various enhancements and new features built on from DJMax Portable 2 and DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition. The original aim was to launch the game in November, however due to numerous bugs or piracy issues[2] with DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition, the release of DJMax Portable Black Square was postponed. The game was released in Japan on March 22, 2012, it removes the autocorrect feature and Japanese is the only language option available, yet most of the game retains English titles for songs, artwork and so on.


DJMax Black Square features largely the same features as Clazziquai Edition, but with increased difficulty and an almost completely different song list. It has the same user interface as Clazziquai Edition, but with a different 'Bling Style' theme. In Black Square, 2B Mode, which was featured in Clazziquai Edition, has been removed. 8B Mode has been re-introduced into the series and has been renamed 6BFX Mode for this release. Black Square features note auto-correction which corrects the notes player misses. Black Square has an enhanced Fever bonus which can go up to a x7 multiplier. Black Square also has an extended Club Tour mode.

In Black Square, a specialized note appears that's a different color than the rest, hitting these notes gives the player 1,000 bonus points and 1,000 extra points every time they hit another note of the same kind (ex: hit once in a row: 1,000, hit twice in a row, 2,000, hit ten times in a row: 10,000). The note also has a penalty - the music stops if it is missed. The music starts playing again when the next special note is hit, and the extra points are reset to 1000. Black Square introduces RD (Redesign) song patterns to the game series. Some songs have a special pattern, called RD style, that appears in the place of MX patterns on the song selection screen. This pattern is a remixed version of the song, and is usually harder. The RD songs can also be listened to on a special disc in Album Mode. Players can use Link Disc feature with DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition, allowing them to play the songs of Clazziquai Edition along with song patterns and RD patterns unique to Black Square. Link Disc with DJMax Portable 1 and 2 is also possible but only unlocks avatars, songs, notes, and gears for Black Square.


As with DJ Max Fever, DJMax Portable Black Square prevents the transfer of save files by associating the saved data with the MAC address of the PSP. If a save file is transferred to a PSP either by swapping memory sticks or downloading, the game recognizes the mismatch and refuses to load the game data. This can be circumvented using a MAC address spoofer. However, if the player puts the save file on a different Memory Stick, and uses the Memory Stick on the same PSP the Save File is created on, the data will still load.

Due to piracy problems with Clazziquai Edition, Black Square includes few anti-piracy mechanisms. It utilizes methods such as the detection of the 'ISO' folder in the memory stick, in which it subsequently will refuse to run, as well as deleting save game data for DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition. Nevertheless, crackers have managed to circumvent the protection in question through a patch.[citation needed]


Black Square was released in three different packages in Korea: the normal retail edition, a limited edition and two-in-one limited package which has both normal retail versions of Clazziquai Edition and Black Square. In Japan, the game is set to be released in normal and limited editions.

Limited Edition[edit]

Packaging of the DJMax Portable Black Square Quattra Limited Edition and its contents

A limited collector's edition package called DJMax Portable Black Square - Quattra Limited Edition was also released in limited quantities.[3] Only 1,500 of these were manufactured. Black Square is the fourth title in the DJMax series and the name for this special package is derived from Italian word 'Quattro' which means number 'four'. The package itself is a black cube.[4] A two-day pre-order event was held for people whom wanted to reserve this package for themselves. On December 6, 2008, the first 1,000 packages of the limited edition became available for pre-order and later on December 7, 2008, the last 500 packages became available.[5]

Djmax Respect V - Respect Original Soundtrack Download For Mac Free

The limited edition is delivered in a package called DJMax Portable Black Square Premium Limited case which has a magnet-based door mechanism. It contains a retail version of the DJMax Portable Black Square PSP game, an original soundtrack which consists of four audio CDs, an art book called Illusion: DJMAX Metro Project Visualization Book containing notes about the development of the game, graphical art and credits with pictures of every developer. The package also has small portable speakers, a Black Square themed bandana, a 2009 new year's card, and a Son of Sun Special Gift which consists of plant seeds and a cup. The package also has a few other items included although they aren't mentioned in the product description.[6] These additional items are a TECHNIKA IC Card: Black Square Edition, a Black Square limited package cover and a NB Ranger 3D paper figure.

The Japanese limited edition contains an art book, four CDs and the Japanese version of the game.


Djmax Respect V - Respect Original Soundtrack Download For Mac Download

Track Listing

Black Disc
1.'Get Down'BJJBrandy (feat. Jessica Kim)1:49
2.'STOP'3rd CoastSo fly (rap feat. JC)1:30
3.'Ruti'n'BexterSo fly (rap feat. JC)1:42
4.'Fever Pitch Girl'NikachaSo fly (rap feat. JC)1:39
5.'Y' ((BS Style))ND LeeSilver1:49
7.'Sweet Shining Shooting Star'CrooveSo fly (feat. JC)1:40
8.'Secret World'SweetuneMiya1:42
9.'Lovely Hands'PlanetboomMiya1:40
10.'I want You'Lin-GJay1:50
11.'Honeymoon'Humming Urban StereoYozoh1:39
12.'Lover' ((BS Style))ND LeeYoung1:30
13.'Jealousy'3rd CoastSo fly (rap feat. JC)1:32
14.'The Last Dance' ((English Version))Urbatronic ChopsticksEsprit Lee (rap feat. KID K)1:42
15.'PDM'TrishTrish (rap feat. Zito)1:49
17.'Supersonic'PlanetboomPlanetboom (rap feat. Mike Blunck)1:46
18.'Keys to the World'PlanetboomYohan (Pia)1:30
20.'In my Dream'ND Lee1:40
21.'Shoreline'Oriental ST81:38
Square Disc
2.'Colours of Sorrow'Tsukasanomico1:41
4.'Heart of Witch'ReX1:34
5.'Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part 2' (고백, 꽃, 늑대 Part 2)ReX1:53
6.'Grave Consequence'Tsukasa1:44
7.'Beat U Down'Makou1:36
8.'Cypher Gate'7 Sequence1:47
9.'Play the Future'Urbatronic ChopsticksMellow Funk Sound1:55
10.'Ready Now'Ruby TuesdayLEAH1:41
11.'Dear my lady'Oriental ST81:36
12.'Melody'bermei.inazawaEsprit Lee1:48
13.'Super lovely'EarBreaker2:10
14.'Ask to wind (Live Mix)' (바람에게 부탁해 (Live Mix))Forte Escape1:49
15.'River Flow'Planetboom2:16
16.'Relation Again'Tsukasa2:19
18.'DJMAX'Humming Urban StereoJ-Dogg (Rhymebus)1:37
19.'Get Up'CrooveSo fly feat. JC2:15
20.'Real Over Drive'NieN2:02
21.'SON OF SUN'Hosoe Shinji1:45
Extended Disc
1.'Get Down (Extended Version)'BJJBrandy feat. Jessica Kim3:38
2.'Y (BS Style Extended Version)'ND LeeSilver3:32
3.'Fever Pitch Girl (Extended Version)'NikachaSo fly rap feat. JC2:24
4.'Jealousy (Extended Version)'3rd CoastSo fly rap feat. JC2:33
5.'Secret World (Extended Version)'SweetuneMiya3:19
6.'Lovely Hands (Extended Version)'PlanetboomMiya1:55
7.'Lover (BS Style Extended Version)'ND LeeYoung3:29
8.'Play the Future (Extended Version)'Urbatronic Chopsticks3:42
9.'STOP (Extended Version)'3rd CoastSo fly feat. JC3:06
10.'Keys to the world (Extended Version)'PlanetboomYohan (Pia)2:10
11.'In my Dream (Extended Version)'ND Lee2:56
12.'Ready Now (Extended Version)'Ruby TuesdayLEAH3:03
13.'Colours of Sorrow (JAP Extended Version)'Tsukasanomico5:35
14.'Melody (JAP Extended Version)'bermei.inazawaMayu4:49
15.'SON OF SUN (Extended Version)'Hosoe Shinji3:07
Special+Bonus Disc
1.'Proposed, Flower, Wolf (Acoustic Version)' (고백, 꽃, 늑대 (Acoustic Version))ReXEriaN1:54
2.'Fate (English Version)'STi1:43
3.'Remember (Another Version)'Lin-GMiya1:49
4.'Jealousy (2Step Mix)'3rd CoastSo fly rap feat. JC1:37
5.'Memory of Beach (Remix)'M2USanch rap feat. HaNi2:16
6.'Airwave (DJMAX Portable CE PV Music)'ReX4:49
7.'HEXAD (DJMAX Portable BS PV Music)'Electronic Boutique1:40
8.'White Canvas'ReX1:39
9.'Dream of Winds'XeoN4:02
10.'Love Clazzico (DJMAX Portable CE Title Music)'ReX1:13
11.'Black SQ (DJMAX Portable BS Title Music)'Urbatronic Chopsticks1:18
12.'Get Out (U.C Mix)'ND LeeGypsi Road & Jimmy Len1:42
13.'PDM (Original Version)'Trish?? (rap feat. Zito)1:46
15.'Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part.2 (Classic Version)' (고백, 꽃, 늑대 Part.2 (Classic Version))ReX2:07
16.'Lover (RD Mix)'ND Lee (Redesign XeoN)Young1:29
17.'I Want You (RD Mix)'Lin-G (Redesign XeoN)Jay1:50
18.'Shoreline (RD Mix)'Oriental ST8 (Redesign XeoN)1:38
19.'Honeymoon (RD Mix)'Humming Urban Stereo (Redesign SIJIN)Yozoh1:41
20.'Y (RD Mix)'ND Lee (Redesign 7 Sequence)Silver1:46
21.'Cypher Gate (RD Mix)'7 Sequence (Redesign 7 Sequence)1:47
22.'Taekwonburi (RD Mix)' (태권부리 (RD Mix))xxdbxx (Redesign Electronic Boutique)1:58


  • After 505 plays, the game will display a message stating that a 'New OST, Keys to the World, has been unlocked', however the player has unlocked 'Fury' instead.
  • When player unlocks 'Little Bird' note, 'The Bird inside the egg' note is actually unlocked, and vice versa.
  • Another labeling error occurs in Album mode. The in-video track information for 'Super Lovely' and 'Real Overdrive' are swapped, despite showing correctly in all other locations.

Platinum Crew Patch[edit]

Members of the Platinum Crew were given access to two different updates for DJMax Portable Black Square.

  • The first update fixes a bug in 6B Stage Mode which caused the same two songs to appear for all three stages. The update also unlocks Season 2 for the DJMax Portable Black Square Club Tour upon completion of Season 1 of the Club Tour.
  • The second update fixes a bug in Link Disc with DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition. When unpatched, the explosion effect that occurs when the note is hit does not appear. The patch fixes this bug, making small explosions appear when a note is hit.


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