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When you spawn in these are already full and can be activated, but instead of a time to reload you have to get these points by killing enemies. Any kills you or your team get gives you points. This do require some planning when selecting the loadout, always make sure you have an automatically reloading attack, otherwise you can end up without. Without a Tome of battle class, though, you can't get it as a feat until level 18, and need a few other feats to qualify for it. There is a pouncing feat, but it requires you to burn a wildshape usage each time. If you have wildshape, you could just turn into a lion anyway, so it seems rather pointless to me.

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Overwatch Strategy Guide

One of the hottest topics I hear throughout the Overwatch community is which heroes are the hardest to master, and which heroes are the easiest to master. I was curious myself to see all the Overwatch heroes ranked from easiest to hardest, so I have decided to make this list here. This list also shows you which heroes are best for beginners (top of the list) and which ones are best for experts (bottom of list).

Keep in mind this list is my rough estimate. Overwatch is still a young game and this list is subject to change in the future once we start realizing the full potential of every hero. If you think a hero deserves to be higher or lower on the list then please comment down below. Check it out.

From Easiest to Hardest

23) Winston

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Winston is a great pick for new players or for players who want an easy experience with Overwatch. Winston requires very little precision with his abilities and his main attack weapon doesn't even need to be aimed at enemies.

Tesla Cannon: Winston's weapon is one of the easiest weapons to use in Overwatch as it requires virtually no aiming. It has a very small learning curve to it and any new players can pick the game up and easily start using his Tesla Cannon with no problems.

Jump Pack: Winston can leap high and far with his Jump Pack ability. Jump pack is easy to use but one must know the maps in order to know where to jump to. But then again, map knowledge is important with any hero.

Barrier Projector: Winston's shield globes are vital to block enemy damage and although it is overall very easy to use, knowing exactly where and when to use it can take a little bit of practice.

ULTIMATE Primal Rage: Winston's ultimate is probably the hardest aspect of him to master. Winston's leap goes on a much shorter cooldown during his ultimate and he must get into melee range to do any damage. Winston remains relatively safe during Primal Rage because he gets fully healed at 1000 HP during his ultimate.

22) Reaper

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Easy

Reaper is great for new players because his abilities don't require a lot of precision. It won't take long to get the hang of his abilities as one can pick him up and start playing right away.

Hellfire Shotguns: Reaper's shotguns are relatively easy to aim at enemies thanks to the large spread of his shotgun pellets. It is much harder than Winston however, as you will still need to do some aiming.

Wraith Form: This ability makes Reaper invulnerable for a few seconds and it can take awhile to get better at using this ability, but overall an easy ability to use and will help you get out of any nasty situation. Rabbit mac muax song mp3 download.

Shadow Step: Reaper's teleportation ability is relatively simple to use, it just takes a bit of knowledge and experience knowing where and when to use it at.

ULTIMATE Death Blossom: Reaper's ultimate is a simple 360 degree short range destruction ability that anyone can pick up on. It can be a bit risky to use, so one must be a little cautious about executing it.

21) Torbjorn

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Torbjorn players have it easy for them because their turrets do a lot of their DPS. Turrets still take knowledge in where to build them throughout the maps and some basic skill for using his Rivet Gun.

Rivet Gun: Torbjorn's weapon does require some precision in learning how to aim properly as he shoots out projectiles that has a travel time to its destination, although it's not terribly difficult to get used to.

Build Turret: A two year old can build a turret, but knowing where to build the turrets can take a little bit of knowledge. Once the turret is up it works for you and you only need to keep an eye on its hitpoints to repair it after it takes damage.

Armor Pack: Torbjorn can collect scrap from dead heroes and then throw out Armor Packs from it. Collecting scrap is probably the most difficult aspect of it and overall it is a very easy ability to do.

ULTIMATE Molten Core: Torbjorn's ultimate turns his turret to level 3 (as long as its currently level 2 at the time), and he also gets an increased amount of armor to go along with it, which is a relatively safe ultimate to use and is easy at the same time. Knowing when to activate it can take a little knowledge.

20) Bastion

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Easy

Bastion is really simple, you move around and shoot things and sit still and shoot things. The strategies are relatively easy to learn, he just takes a bit of aiming practice and knowledge on when and where to use his Sentry mode at and you will be okay with him.

Recon Mode: Bastion is sort of a transformer, transforming into various modes. His default mode is Rocon and he simply moves around while only being able to fire his gun. His gun is hit-scan, meaning there is no projectiles, bullets instantly hit the target you shoot at, which makes aiming more simpler, but still requires some practice.

Sentry Mode: Bastion's powerful defensive mode, Sentry is just as easy and nearly the same as Recon except you will be stationary and simply aiming at enemies with a powerful gatling gun that is also hit-scan requiring only a bit of practice. What's more difficult is learning where and when to use Sentry mode at, which shouldn't take a long time to learn.

Self-Repair: Low on health? Simply repair the damage up. Very easy ability, not much to it.

ULTIMATE Tank: Bastion's ultimate turns him into a tank which fires explosive cannon balls that do AOE splash damage, not too difficult to get a hang of.

19) Reinhardt

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Reinhardt requires virtually no aiming, except when firing Fire Strikes. He spends a lot of time with his shield out protecting his team and his abilities are not too difficult to master, but knowing how to protect his team while staying alive does have a slight learning curve to it.

Rocket Hammer: Reinhardt's weapon is a big hammer that he can use in melee range, it has a wide ark and anyone can pick him up and start using his main weapon very easily.

Barrier Field: Reinhardt has a massive shield to block enemies shots and projectiles. Using it is really easy, but knowing how to position yourself on the battlefield with it will take a bit of experience.

Charge: This is where beginners mess up on usually. Charge is one of the most difficult aspects of Reinhardt's arsenal to master. You can easily get yourself in nasty situations with this ability and it will take some time to master it properly.

Fire Strike: Reinhardt's only long range weapon is a powerful projectile that hits through all targets in its path. Aiming it is not too hard and only takes a bit of practice to get the hang of. The main issue I see with new players is simply not using the ability as often as they should.

ULTIMATE Earthshatter: Reinhardt's ultimate slams his hammer on the ground causes everyone in front of him to drop down and get stunned for a short period of time. Very simple to use and only takes a bit of knowledge in knowing when to use it.

18) Mercy

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Easy

A lot of people think Mercy would be the easiest, think again! Although her abilities are easy to use and she requires virtually no aiming when buffing her teammates, she does require a lot of knowledge in knowing which allies to buff before others and how to stay out of trouble. The amount of knowledge with her is so much that it just so happens that myMercy guide is the biggest one I have made yet.

Caduceus Staff: Like I said above, the skill of actually buffing teammates is easy, she just needs some knowledge in knowing which ally toheal ordamage boost before others along with knowing who issafer to follow than others. She also requires a bit of multitasking, as you have to keep in mind where your allies are at and what is going on.

Caduceus Blaster: Mercy's attack weapon gets very little use because she spends more time buffing teammates, but her blaster gun fires projectiles that does have a slight learning curve to it.

Guardian Angel: This ability allows Mercy to fly to nearby allies to buff them in need and is easy to use but does require some practice to get the hang of more effectively. She also uses this ability to escape out of deadly situations and as such is probably more difficult than what most new players think.

ULTIMATE Resurrect: Mercy's ultimate brings back all dead allies around her. Using it is simple, but knowing when to use it will take a bit of knowledge.

17) Soldier 76

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Easy


If you have played Call of Duty before, then you should be able to jump right into Soldier 76 with no problem. His abilities only take a moderate amount of precision and shouldn't take too long to master.

Sprint: Soldier 76 can quickly run forward (but without firing), allowing him to quickly position himself in a different spot. Knowing where and when to sprint does take some knowledge. Map knowledge plays a big role in knowing where to sprint to.

Heavy Pulse Rifle: Hit-scan weapon that has a moderate learning curve in how to aim. His gun also has a recoil to it, so knowing how to do pulse shots from longer distances takes some practice.

Helix Rockets: I feel that Helix Rockets are one of the most difficult aspects of Soldier 76 to master as knowing who to use these against along with aiming them all requires some practice and knowledge.

Biotic Field: Simple ability that heals you and your teammates around you, not to difficult to get the hang of.

ULTIMATE Tactical Visor: Soldier 76's ultimate is a self aiming bot that only requires a very small amount of aiming, and knowing when to use it will take some practice.

16) Symmetra

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Symmetra doesn't require too much skill with her abilities, but you do need to have good knowledge on how and where to use most of her abilities.

Photon Projector: Like Winston's Tesla Cannon, Symmetra also has a short range self aiming channeled weapon. The weapon is easy to use with no precise aiming required. Her alternate fire shoots slow moving projectiles that will pierce everything in its path and that will take some practice to get better at.

Sentry Turret: Placing her turrets on the battlefield is easy, its just knowing where to put them is the difficult part and this will take knowledge.

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Photon Shield: This gives an ally a +25 HP shield that lasts until the ally dies. This is probably the easiest ability in the game to use.

ULTIMATE Teleporter: Just like her Sentry Turret, Teleporters are relatively easy to put down, its knowing where to put them down is the part that will take knowledge.

15) Roadhog

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

As a tank, Roadhog has important responsibilities of absorbing damage and pulling enemies out of their formation with his Chain Hook ability. He mostly requires some decent aiming for the most part.

Scrap Gun: Roadhog's Scrap Gun fires out very fast moving projectile pellets that takes an average amount of aiming and the learning curve isn't too steep.

Chain Hook: Chain Hook (pulls in enemies with his Chain and Hook) is Roadhog's most difficult ability. Aiming the Chain/Hook at enemies takes a lot of skill and you will need a lot of practice for that most likely. There is a lot of other important things you need to learn about Chain Hook and how to get better at using it.

Take a Breather: This ability fills up half of Roadhog's health (+300 HP), and it is a very easy ability to use, not much to it.

ULTIMATE Whole Hog: Roadhog's ultimate is probably the second hardest thing to master after his Chain Hook. When he uses Whole Hog, he becomes very vulnerable, so knowing when to use it will take some knowledge. Once activated, it takes only a little bit of skill to maintain good control of it.

14) Widowmaker

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Widowmaker is an average difficulty hero specializing in sniping enemies from a distance. The hardest aspect of her is aiming while in sniper mode.

Widow's Kiss (Assault): Her rifle in assault mode is for close up enemies and uses hit-scan that is not terribly difficult to get the hang of.

Widow's Kiss (Sniper): Sniper mode is the main aspect you will need to get the hang of in order to be really good with Widowmaker, and aiming with her while in sniper mode will take a bunch of practice in order to get better at. Not only that but understanding how to be aware of your surroundings while in sniper mode is another skill you will need to develop. Knowingthe best sniping spots will take some time to master properly.

Grappling Hook: Luckily Blizzard made it so using the Grappling Hook is very easy as it auto adjusts to where you are shooting it at, but you still need to learn the maps in order to know where to grapple to and when.

Venom Mine: Venom Mines are traps that Widowmaker can throw onto the ground and you will need to learn how to use them to protect yourself while in sniper mode along with knowing where to put them, so there is a learning curve to these mines.

ULTIMATE Infra-Sight: This is one of the easiest ultimates to use in Overwatch. Very simple ability that allows you and your teammates to see all the enemies on the map (even behind walls). There is only a few things to know about it, but overall very easy to use.

13) Pharah

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Easy

If you have played games like Quake before, then you will already have some good experience in shooting a rocket launcher. However, Pharah is a bit more involved in just shooting a rocket launcher, in that she also has Jet Packs that you will need to learn how to use properly as well.

Rocket Launcher: A Rocket Launcher does require developed skill in order to get better at. One must know how to predict enemy movements and fire in the direction where the enemy will be at slightly in the future. One must know how to take advantage of the splash damage by hitting rockets on floors and walls to deal damage to your enemies.

Jump Jet: This is Pharah's ability that allows her to fly up in the air real quick. The ability will feel clunky at first, but overtime with enough use, it will start feeling more natural to use, and it will take some time to get used to.

Concussive Blast: This ability knocks back enemies, but there is more to it than just that. If you watch some high level play of Pharah, you will discover so many more uses for this ability that will blow your mind. With so many different uses, this ability does have a learning curve to it to become pro with it.

ULTIMATE Barrage: Pharah's ultimate makes her very vulnerable while casting and you need to learn when to use it and how to protect yourself while using it.

12) Lucio

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

What is so hard with Lucio? Lucio's support abilities are more difficult than what most players may think. Knowing when to constantly switch between healing and speed is not easy, and there is a steep learning curve to it. Not only this but Lucio can skate on walls for many purposes, such as to take a shortcut around a map, and possibly many many more that hasn't even been discovered yet.

Wall Ride: Wall riding is a passive skill for Lucio that hasn't been fully tapped into yet. There are multiple uses for wall riding and it may takes years before we discover all the uses for it.

Sonic Projectiles: Lucio's weapon fires out projectiles that travel kind of slowly to its destination and will take some practice to consistently get better at aiming with.

Soundwave: This ability knocks enemies away from him and has a moderate skill level associated with it.

Crossfade: This ability switches between Lucio's healing and speed aura. This is probably the most difficult aspect of Lucio to master. Knowing exactly when to switch between the two is not easy and will take some time to get used to.

Amp It Up: This ability increases the effectiveness of Crossfade and goes hand in hand with it, as such it is another aspect that will take some skill to use at the right times.

ULTIMATE Sound Barrier: Lucio's ultimate provides a +500 HP shield for him and all allies around him for a short duration. Knowing the right times to use this ability is very important.

11) Zenyatta

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

I felt that Zenyatta has the steepest learning curve out of all the support heroes and this is mostly due to the difficulty in aiming Zenyatta's energy orbs and knowing which ally or enemy to receive the Harmony Orb or Discord Orb before others.

Energy Orb: Zenyatta's basic attack weapon fires fast flying projectiles that has a steep learning curve to them. I can only imagine years down the road where we start watching really good players with Zenyatta that can aim really well with him, only then when we really start unlocking the full potential of Zenyatta.

Orb of Harmony: Knowing which ally to put the Harmony Orb onto before other allies will take some knowledge. Constantly being aware of your surroundings of who needs healed will take some experience.

Orb of Discord: Keeping up with putting the Discord Orb on which enemy would benefit your team the most is not an easy task all the time and using this ability will most likely take some experience.

ULTIMATE Transcendence: There is a lot more to this ability than just healing your teammates. One must learn how to communicate pushes with this ability to your team in order to be successful with Transcendence.

10) Sombra

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

Sombra is essentially a support offensive hero that has great spy skills. As Sombra you will need to learn how to be very stealthy, sneaking around the enemy to flank and hack them. To become a master with Sombra you should have a good understanding of all the heroes in the game and which targets are more important to hack along with knowing the maps so you can find safer paths to sneak up to the enemy from.

Opportunist: This is Sombra's passive ability that allows her to see all enemies behind walls that have less than 50% health. The passive combines great with Sombra's other abilities. To make the best use out of Opportunist, you will need to be a master of every ability Sombra has access to.

Machine Pistol: Sombra's only means of dealing damage is her Machine Pistol. This weapon has a large clip size that does hitscan damage, but with extreme falloff damage. The pistol itself is not very difficult to get used to and does not require extreme precision to master.

Hack: Hack is Sombra's signature ability. Hack prevents enemies from using their abilities for a short period of time. To master Sombra, you will need to have a good understanding of which enemies are more important to hack before others and at the right times as well.

Thermoptic Camo: This ability allows Sombra to go invisible (but not invulnerable). This is one of Sombra's stealth abilities she has access to. To make best use of this ability, one needs to have a good understanding of the maps and know how to follow up with her other abilities to finish her spy/flank goals.

Translocator: This is the other stealth ability Sombra has access to, allowing her to instantly teleport to where she places her Translocator at. This ability can effectively keep Sombra alive by allowing her to escape deadly situations and to teleport to higher up ledges. This ability will take a lot of practice and map knowledge to get better at.

ULTIMATE: EMP: Sombra's ultimate (EMP) works very much like her single target Hack ability but in a wide radius around her, preventing all enemies from using their abilities for a short period of time. Knowing when to use this is important and will take some time to get used to.


Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium is somewhat difficult because her abilities gives her many different opportunities to choose from and one must make better decisions if you want to be better with her.

Fusion Cannons:'s mech is equipped with a rapid firing gun that is actually one of the easiest aspects of her to master. This is because her gun is very easy to aim due to the large hit radius with no reloading.

Boosters: This is where the decision making comes in. With the ability to boost every 5 seconds one must make better choices with where to boost to. A lot of this is map knowledge and some of this is basic offensive/defensive skill.

Defense Matrix: This ability blocks incoming enemy fire and projectiles. Knowing when to use this will take some experience.

ULTIMATE Self-Destruct: This ability explodes's mech and kills anyone within the explosion's line of sight. There is a lot more to this ability than just pressing your ultimate hotkey and hoping for the best. can launch her self-destructing mech by using her boosters first. There is so many strategies for launching the exploding mech that have yet to be discovered yet. in Human Form: In human form is still quite powerful with her blaster gun. Her blaster shoots projectiles that will take some aiming practice to get better at.

8) McCree

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

McCree's abilities all work synergistically together and he has tremendous damage potential but to unleash it one must have great execution skills with all of his abilities.

Peacekeeper: McCree's revolver requires precision in aiming and will take a lot of practice, especially if you are inexperienced with FPS games in general.

Fan Fire: McCree's alternate fire quickly unloads his revolver dishing out a lot of damage quickly. This ability works synergistically with McCree's other abilities and it will take a lot of practice to become more fluent with.

Combat Roll: This ability quickly somersaults McCree while reloading his revolver. This ability supports McCree's other abilities and it will take a lot of practice to get used to using this for reloading and fan fire attacks along with many other uses that players will need to learn.

Flashbang: Flashbangs will stun enemies near McCree and one must learn how to be quick with using this ability along with learning how to follow up with using your other abilities to complete the entire process successfully.

ULTIMATE Deadeye: Deadeye slows McCree down tremendously while he lines up deadly shots against his enemies. Deadeye is very risky to use as McCree is very vulnerable while he is lining up shots. One must learn when and where to use this ability and this can take some time.

7) Zarya

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

What makes Zarya a difficult hero to play is knowing how to properly use her barriers.

Particle Cannon: Zarya's weapon can either shoot out a short range beam that is relatively easy to get the hang of, but her alternate fire (explosive charged shots) will take a bit more experience to get better at.

Particle Barrier: Zarya can put a barrier on herself that will absorb damage and transfer the power over to her Particle Cannon. It is only active for a very short time (a few seconds) and you must be very good at knowing exactly when to use this ability.

Projected Barrier: These act similar to a Particle Barrier, except these can only be put on allies. This is probably the most difficult ability that Zarya can do as one must be very keen at knowing when to give one of these Projected Barriers to an ally for maximum effectiveness. This will take a lot of knowledge and skill to get better at.

ULTIMATE Graviton Surge: This ability launches a gravity bomb that forcefully pulls in nearby enemies and clumps them up together, making them very susceptible to AOE damage. This ability is best used with other allied ultimates and abilities, so practicing team communication is the key to maximizing the potential of this ability.

6) Ana

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

As a long range support sniper, Ana caters to players who both want to play a highly precise aiming hero along with managing the support and healing of allies. I believe she is the hardest support hero to master properly.

Biotic Rifle: Ana's Rifle serves multiple uses, to heal allies and to damage enemies. Players will need to practice her aiming to be able to connect more shots if you want to get the most use out of Ana. Players will also have to choose targets more carefully as all heroes in the game (both allies and enemies) will become a target for Ana.

Sleep Dart: Sleep Darts are another high precision aiming weapon of Ana's arsenal that serves many uses for Ana. Sleep Darts can be very powerful, but if you keep missing targets you will be wasting a lot of Ana's potential, and at first it can be difficult to consistently land Sleep Darts on your enemies. This will take a lot of practice and experience to get better at.

Biotic Grenade: These grenades do damage to enemies while also prevent healing on enemies and doubles the healing of allies for those struck in the vicinity of the blast radius. Ana can also use these to heal herself as well. This ability has the potential to shut down the healing effects of the entire enemy team. With so many versatile uses it will take some time, knowledge and practice to get better at Biotic Grenade's use in combat.

ULTIMATE Nano Boost: Ana's ultimate turns one of her allies into a killing machine for a short period of time giving them increased damage output and damage reduction. The difficulty in using this ability is knowing which ally to give this to and when. You can easily waste this ultimate if you are not careful with it. Use it wisely and it can be devastating to the enemy. Mastering this ability is not as easy as one would think.

5) Tracer

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Tracer is a fast moving hero which also means you need to be fast at thinking if you want to play her effectively. Tracer also requires a lot of precise aiming that you will need to get used to.

Pulse Pistols: Tracer's weapon has a moderate skill level associated with it, as aiming and reloading properly does take some skill.

Blink: This ability allows Tracer to Blink in the direction she is moving to much faster. Using this ability has a high skill ceiling to it and will take a long time to master properly.

Recall: This ability puts Tracer in the state she was a few seconds ago including health, ammo, and position on the map. Learning when to use this at key times is vital to mastering Tracer. This ability also works synergistically with her ultimate.

ULTIMATE Pulse Bomb: Tracer lobs out a very strong short range bomb that instantly kills most heroes in the game. This ability combos well with her other abilities (Blink and Recall). Using this ability is not easy and it can take awhile to consistently pull off successful Pulse Bomb attempts.

4) Mei

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

So you want to be an expert at ice attacks eh? Well you have a lot to learn!

Frost Stream: This is a very unique weapon that freezes enemies up close. Using this ability properly is not always easy and can take some time to get used to.

Icicle Projectiles: Aiming her alternate fire (icicles) can be difficult and will take aiming practice to increase your hit rate with her.

Cryo-Freeze: This ability locks Mei into an Ice block that heals her HP up while making her invulnerable. This is one of her easier abilities to use, but it still takes quick reactions to execute this at the right times to save yourself and to also block shots from hitting your allies.

Ice Wall: This is probably Mei's most difficult ability she has access to. Ice Walls have many purposes and uses on the battlefield. It will take a lot of knowledge and experience to become a master at using Mei's Ice Wall ability.

ULTIMATE Blizzard: Blizzard is simple to use but there are many strategies and other allied abilities that this ability combos well with. Learning these strategies along with team communication is the key to unlocking the full potential of this ability.

3) Junkrat

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Medium

Junkrat's gameplay is overall very fast paced and he requires a lot of precision in just about everything he can do.

Frag Launcher: Junkrat's Frag Launcher will take some time to get used to properly. One must know how to bounce grenades off of walls to reach specific spots and how to spam the grenades over tall walls and objects.

Concussion Mine & Steel Trap: Becoming fluent with mine jumps while at the same time lobbing grenades will take some skill. Mine jumps in general have many uses and it can take some time to master it. Learning where to place the Trap/Mine combo will take some knowledge.

ULTIMATE Rip-Tire: Junkrat's ultimate Rip-Tire takes a little bit of skill. Knowing how to keep it alive better along with being able to kill more enemies with it will take some practice.

2) Hanzo

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

Now we move on to some of the most difficult heroes to master in Overwatch. Hanzo is high on the list of heroes to master because his arrows take a lot of skill to be a pro at. I can't wait to watch high level Hanzo play years down the road after people having grinded him for many many hours.

Storm Bow: Aiming with Hanzo is one of the most difficult aspects of Overwatch to master consistently as he requires an insane amount of precision with his bow/arrows.

Sonic Arrow: This arrow reveals enemies behind walls in a short radius. The ability is one of Hanzo's easier abilities to use, but one must learn to keep up with using it constantly along with knowing the right spots to use it at.

Scatter Arrow: Scatter Arrows bounce around potentially hitting enemies in the process. The ability requires a lot of skill and it will take a lot of practice to master landing hits with this deadly ability.

ULTIMATE Dragonstrike: Hanzo's ultimate unleashes a mystical dragon (or wolf depending on what skin your using) that goes through the entire map damaging anything in its path. The ability only has a moderate skill level associated with it for the most part. Hanzo usually remains safe while casting it but properly aiming it so it has the potential to clear enemies out of a certain spot along with shooting it through walls to get some surprise kills is not easy.

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1) Genji

Blizzard's difficulty rating: Hard

Every single aspect of Genji requires an insane amount of precision and I feel like he just blows every other hero away at being the hardest Overwatch hero to master. One of my thoughts with Genji is: how good can a Genji player actually get? In his current state, Genji might be the most powerful hero in the game, but nobody really knows for sure right now because no one has completely unlocked his full potential yet. To fully unlock Genji's full potential it will require a lot of practice and grinding, possibly years to become very fluent with him.

Genji's mobility in general will take some time to get used to as he can climb walls and double jump. There aremany shortcuts Genji can do and learning them is essential to mastering him.

Shuriken: Genji's shurikens are probably the hardest weapon to aim with in Overwatch, even more difficult than Hanzo's Storm Bow. The shurikens have amazing damage potential as they do no fall off distance damage, but it will take a lot of practice to consistently land shurikens on your targets.

Deflect: This ability blocks incoming shots and projectiles and ricochets them back to the enemy. Using this at the right times along with properly aiming them back at the enemy is not easy and will take some time to get the hang of.

Swift Strike: Another ability that takes insane skill to master. Swift Strikes have many uses and combos well with other abilities. Properly executing them is not easy.

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ULTIMATE Dragonblade: Dragonblade is one of the few ultimates in the game that actually requires skill to control it from start to finish. While Dragonblade is active, Genji's Swift Strike becomes immediately available again (even if it was on a cooldown). Using Dragonblade is risky because Genji is still very vulnerable while using it. This is one of the most difficult ultimates to properly use and it will takes some time to get down better.

Well that is my list of the easiest and hardest Overwatch heroes to master. If you feel like a specific hero deserves to be higher or lower on the list then please comment down below.

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