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Carrot Weather delivers that and much more for Mac users. Greetings, meatbags! Carrot Weather debuted on iOS earlier this year as a “talking forecast robot.”. Weather Network provides free up to the minute local forecasts with current, hourly, 5 – 14 day forecasts and trends for your favorite cities around the world. Main features: - Current weather temperature and conditions. Local forecasts from Hourly thru to 14 Day. Severe Weather Alerts. Satellite and Radar Maps. Top Weather News Stories.

With the launch of macOS Catalina comes the ability for iOS developers to port their apps to the Mac with Catalyst. The highly popular Carrot Weather is taking advantage of that right away with its Mac app now available.


Carrot Weather was updated with full support for iOS 13 when it launched last month. Now along with the release of macOS Catalina and support for Catalyst apps, Carrot Weather’s for Mac is here to offer a great desktop experience of its snarky app.

The new Catalyst version of Carrot Weather for Mac is a free update for those who purchased the previous Mac release. For those already on a Tier 2 or Tier 3 membership with the iOS app, they will apply on Mac.

Carrot Weather for Mac is a $15 download and the iOS version runs $5. Both have in-app purchases to unlock more features.


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Full release notes:

Guess what, meatbags? You’re getting an all-new, crazy-powerful weather app today… for free!

Plus, my Premium Club is no longer limited to iOS users – now macOS users can join in the fun! (And yes, because I’m a generous overlord, Tier 2 and Tier 3 memberships purchased on iOS work on macOS and vice versa.)

Complete RedesignCheck the weather lightning-fast with my gorgeous new interface. And there’s so much more meteorological goodness packed under the hood, just waiting for your clicks and scrolls.

CustomizationAdd extra data points to the hourly and daily platforms, and customize every last data point in the app to display the weather details you actually care about.

Weather Data Sources (Tier 2 and 3 only)By default, I grab my forecasts from Dark Sky’s super-accurate weather data service. But meteorological science is more art than science, so now you can switch data sources to providers like MeteoGroup, AccuWeather, and ClimaCell if you want a second opinion. You can also hook me up to PWSweather and Netatmo weather stations, as well!

NotificationsWeather alerts, precipitation notifications, and daily summaries are still available to all users. But now Tier 2 members can set up custom notifications, and Tier 3 members can sign up for lightning and storm cell notifications. (Lightning and storm cell notifications are U.S. only.)

Background UpdatesUnlock more frequent background updates of your weather data by upgrading to Premium Club Tier 2 (for 30 minute refreshes) or Tier 3 (for 15 minute refreshes).

Secret LocationsFollow my clues to hunt down a brand new set of secret locations, including Chernobyl and the Titanic wreck.

AchievementsUnlock achievements like “Cow Dodger” and “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.”

Download carrot weather 1.1 for macbook

Personality ModesAdjust my personality to your liking with options ranging from friendly to homicidal. Or be a boring person and turn my personality off completely to disable all my “fun” features.

Weather MapsWith legends and an expanded viewport, my radar is now better than ever at helping you track oncoming storms. Tier 2 members can also add additional data layers, like storm cells and temperatures, to the map.

LocationsNot only can you rename your saved locations, you can also pinpoint their exact position on a map – perfect for big cities with many different neighborhoods.

And what major redesign would be complete without over two thousand new lines of dialogue, each snarkier than the last? I’ll throw that in, too, so long as you promise not to poke my ocular sensor.


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