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'Dust in the Wind'
Single by Kansas
from the album Point of Know Return
ReleasedJanuary 16, 1978
RecordedJuly 1977
StudioWoodland Studios (Nashville)
GenreSoft rock[1]
Songwriter(s)Kerry Livgren
  • Kansas
Kansas singles chronology
'Point of Know Return'
'Dust in the Wind'
'Portrait (He Knew)'
Point of Know Return track listing
  1. 'Point of Know Return'
  2. 'Paradox'
  3. 'The Spider'
  4. 'Portrait (He Knew)'
  5. 'Closet Chronicles'
  6. 'Lightning's Hand'
  7. 'Dust in the Wind'
  8. 'Sparks of the Tempest'
  9. 'Nobody's Home'
  10. 'Hopelessly Human'

Dust In The Wind: 2-44: Miracles Out Of Nowhere: 2-45: The Preacher: 2-46: House On Fire: 2-47: Carry On Wayward Son: Always Never The Same 2-48: Eleanor Rigby: 2-49: Dust In The Wind: 2-50: Preamble: 2-51: Song For America: 2-52: In Your Eyes: 2-53: Miracles Out Of Nowhere: 2-54: Hold On: 2-55: The Sky Is Falling: 2-56: Cheyenne Anthem: 2-57. Kansas - Dust in the Wind (Official Video) 320 Kbps 7.81 MB 3:23 Uploader: KANSAS.

Movicon 11 1 cracker. 'Dust in the Wind' is a song recorded by American progressive rock band Kansas and written by band member Kerry Livgren, first released on their 1977 album Point of Know Return.

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The song peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of April 22, 1978, making it Kansas's only single to reach the top ten in the US. The 45-rpm single was certified Gold for sales of one million units by the RIAA shortly after the height of its popularity as a hit single. More than 25 years later, the RIAA certified Gold the digital download format of the song, Kansas' only single to do so certified as of September 17, 2008.[2]

Kansas version[edit]

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The title of the song is a Bible reference, paraphrasing Ecclesiastes:[3]

I reflected on everything that is accomplished by man on earth, and I concluded: Everything he has accomplished is futile — like chasing the wind![4]

A meditation on mortality and the inevitability of death, the lyrical theme bears a striking resemblance to the well-known biblical passages Genesis 3:19 ('..for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.') and Ecclesiastes 3:20 (All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return.) as well as to the famous opening lines of the Japanese war epic The Tale of the Heike ('..the mighty fall at last, and they are as dust before the wind.') and from a book of Native American poetry, which includes the line 'for all we are is dust in the wind.'[5]

Writing/ recording/ impact[edit]

Kansas band members comment on
the Top Ten success of 'Dust in the Wind'
• Steve Walsh (in 1979): 'I thought ['Dust in the Wind'] would be a hit from the very first. It [defies] the basic formulas - the Boston, Foreigner, Heart formula - that most [rock] groups try to follow. They don't realize that it's not the formula [that matters], it's the song.'[6]
• Phil Ehart (in 1989): 'We're a hard rock band that's known mostly for a ballad we did [over] ten years ago. We're an album band & it's a fluke [if any] of our songs was a hit single.'[7]
• Rich Williams (in 2010): 'Our hits are hits by accident. 'Dust in the Wind' & '[Carry On] Wayward Son' aren't formula songs. They were flukes.'[8]

Kerry Livgren devised what would be the guitar line for 'Dust in the Wind' as a finger exercise for learning fingerpicking. His wife, Vicci, heard what he was doing, remarked that the melody was nice, and encouraged him to write lyrics for it.[5] Livgren was unsure whether his fellow band members would like it, since it was a departure from their signature style. After Kansas had rehearsed all the songs intended for the band's recording sessions of June and July 1976, Livgren played 'Dust in the Wind' for his bandmates, who after a moment's 'stunned silence' asked: 'Kerry, where has this been?'[9][5] Kansas guitarist Rich Williams would recall that Livgren played his bandmates 'a real rough recording of him playing ['Dust in the Wind'] on an old reel to reel. [He] just kind of mumbl[ed] the lyrics, [but] even [hearing it] in that bare form..we said: 'That’s our next single.'[10]

Recorded at Woodland Studios in Nashville, 'Dust in the Wind' featured electric guitar maestro Livgren playing a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar borrowed from Williams:[11] highlighted by the electric violin work of Robby Steinhardt, the track featured Steve Walsh as lead vocalist despite being recorded after Walsh had given his immediately effective resignation to his bandmates (Walsh' 1977 'departure' from Kansas would last a month).[12]

Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson

In fact passed-over as lead single choice in favor of its parent album's title cut, 'Dust in the Wind' began receiving radio airplay as an album track, factoring into the underperformance of the 'Point of No Return' single[13] which dropped out of the Top 40 from its Billboard Hot 100 peak of No. 29 the week the rush-released single of 'Dust in the Wind' debuted at No. 81 on the Hot 100 dated January 21, 1978. On the Hot 100 dated April 1, 1978 'Dust in the Wind' reached No. 10—besting the No. 11 peak of the 1977 Kansas breakout hit 'Carry on Wayward Son'—rising to a Hot 100 peak of No. 6 with a total Top Ten tenure of seven weeks. 'Dust in the Wind' would remain the all-time highest charting single for Kansas: of the group's five subsequent Top 40 hits, only two would reach the Top 20, 'Play the Game Tonight' and 'All I Wanted' having respective Hot 100 peaks of No. 17 and No. 19.[14]

Billboard praised the song's 'evocative lyrics', 'catchy melody' as well as the lead vocal performance and how the string instruments evoke the mood.[15]

Kansas also released a live version of the 'Dust in the Wind' on their album Two for the Show and a symphonic version on Always Never the Same.


  • Steve Walsh – lead vocals
  • Kerry Livgren – acoustic guitar
  • Rich Williams – acoustic guitar
  • Robby Steinhardt – violin, viola, backing and harmony vocals
  • Phil Ehart - hand drums

Chart performance[edit]

Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (1978)Peak
Australian Kent Music Report[16]52
Belgian VRT Top 30[17]29
Canadian RPM Top 100[18]3
Canadian RPM Adult Contemporary[19]1
Dutch Singles Chart[20]19
French Singles Chart[21]22
New Zealand Singles Chart[22]36
U.S. Billboard Hot 1006
U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary[23]6
U.S. Cashbox Top 100[24]3

Year-end charts[edit]

Chart (1978)Rank
Canadian RPM Top Singles[25]24
U.S. Billboard Hot 10039
U.S. Cashbox Top 100[26]37


United States[28]RIAA3x Platinum

Sarah Brightman version[edit]

Dust In The Wind Mp3

Sarah Brightman recorded 'Dust in the Wind' for her 1998 album release Eden cited by some critics as an anachronistic item in the operatic pop singer's repertoire,[29][30][31][32][33] the song was recorded at the suggestion of Eden's producer: Brightman's then personal partner Frank Peterson.[31]


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