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Feb 2nd, 2012
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Look up jumper or jumpers in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

The barry harris approach to improvised lines harmony pdf. Jumper or Jumpers may refer to:


  • Jumper (sweater), a long-sleeve upper body cloth pulled on over the head, covering the torso; also called top or top garment in Britain, Ireland, and some Commonwealth countries, and called a sweater in the US and parts of Canada.
    • A waist-length top garment of dense wool, part of the Royal Navy uniform and the uniform of the United States Navy
  • Jumper (dress) (U.S. English; known elsewhere as a pinafore dress), a sleeveless dress intended to be worn over a top or blouse.


  • Betty Mae Tiger Jumper (1923–2011), first female chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida
  • Hunter Jumper (born 1989), American soccer player
  • John Jumper (1820–1896), principal chief of the Seminoles from 1849 to 1865
  • John P. Jumper (born 1945), former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
  • William Jumper (1660–1715), Royal Navy officer


  • Jumpertown, Mississippi, a town, United States

Arts, media, and entertainment[edit]

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  • Jolly Jumper, the hero's horse in the Lucky Luke comic books
  • Jumper (novel), a novel by Steven Gould
    • Jumper (2008 film), a 2008 film adaptation of the novel
    • Jumper: Griffin's Story (video game), a video game based on the film
    • Jumper: Griffin's Story (novel), a novel based on the film
  • Jumper (1991 film), a pornographic film
  • Jumpers (play), a play by Tom Stoppard
  • 'Jumpers', an episode of the television series Zoboomafoo
  • Puddle jumper, a spacecraft in the fictional Stargate universe
  • Jumper (band), a Swedish pop group 1996-2001


  • 'Jumper' (song), by Third Eye Blind, 1998
  • 'Jumper' (Hardwell and W&W song), 2013
  • 'Jumper', by Capsule from More! More! More!, 2008
  • 'Jumper', by Waterflame, a video-game track first used in Geometry Dash, 2008
  • 'Jumpers', by Sleater-Kinney from The Woods, 2005

Computers and software[edit]

  • Jumper (computing), an electrical connector
  • Jumper 2.0, open source collaborative enterprise search software


  • Jumper (BEAM), in BEAM robotics, a robot that moves by jumping
  • Jump wire (also known as jumper, jumper wire, jumper cable, DuPont wire or cable)

Motor vehicles[edit]

  • Citroën Jumper, a French van

Religious groups[edit]

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  • Jumpers, members of the Welsh Methodist Revival
  • Jumpers, a faction of the Molokan religious sect


  • Show jumper, a type of equestrian competition, or the horses that compete in same
  • Jumper, a person who participates in parachuting

Jumper Full Movie


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Other meanings[edit]

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  • Jumper (suicide), a person who kills themself by jumping from a height
  • IAI JUMPER, a self-contained missile launcher system
  • Jumper, a common name for Jumping spiders
  • Jack jumper ant, venomous ant of Australian temperate regions

Download Film Jumper 2 Full Movie

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