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Wide Compatibility With this Free MDB Viewer tool, you can open and read MDB files of any version of MS Access, including MS Access 2019/2016/2013/2010. Easy to Use Kernel Free MDB Viewer is a simple tool with a descriptive interface. Recovery of Access database file data from mdb, accdb is carried out automatically in the online mode. Below is a list of MS Access repair features of the service that enable it to restore the contents of faulty and/or damaged.mdb and.accdb files of MS Access.

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Some days back, I received an email from one of my reader with a small question.
& his query was: how to open MDB files without MS Access?

And I guess many of you also face the same question when you don’t have an MS Access but you have to view or open the contents of MDB or ACCDB files.

So; today, I will try to answer this and will be sharing with you some easy methods or ways to open MDB/ACCDB files without even installing Microsoft Access in your system.

But before jumping into the methods let us first understand what is an MDB file?

What is an MDB file?

MDB (Microsoft Database) is a database file developed by Microsoft Access; it is the default database file form previously used in Microsoft Access. While the current version of Access uses the ACCDB format. MDB files include database queries, tables and a lot more that can be used to link to and to store data from other files like HTML and XML and some applications like Excel, SharePoint etc.

When you need to Open MDB files without MS Access?

Now, imagine a situation when you receive an MDB file or ACCDB file from another person or colleague & you don’t have an installed MS Access in your system or computer.

In order to help the people who have no Microsoft Access for MDB /ACCDB file to open and edit, it is important to find out another way to open and edit the files.

Let us now see the three easy ways to open, edit & view MDB and ACCDB files without installing MS Access.

Using Microsoft Excel

One way to open MDB file is through Microsoft Excel. It is mostly used when MS Access cannot work. You can import the MDB file into Microsoft Excel. However, there is a probability that the data will be saved in some other spreadsheet format.

Using Notepad

It is really worth a try to open MDB file with your Notepad. As many files are text-only files. So, a text editor like notepad can be the best fit to open MDB / ACCDB files.

Using Oxygen Professional Base

Unfortunately, if the above two methods didn’t work then you may try an automated method. On of the method is by using an Oxygen Professional Base. With this techniques, one can create, edit and view MDB files easily and quickly. Using this utility user can import and export MDB files with so much ease.

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Using Libre Office

By using these utility users can create, edit and view MDB file free… It allows user, search, sort, import, and export and even modifies MDB files.

Note: If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and most efficient way of viewing your MS Access files without MS Access then you should definitely look upon to the next method.

Open & Read MDB file/ACCDB file using third party tool

Download Free Open Mdb Access Database Download

How to open mdb database

There are many software and tools available to complete this kind of work. However, one of the applications that I will suggest you guys to use isMDB file viewer.

It is a free tool to view, open and read MDB files without the installation of MS Access. A file viewer is a reader which is generally designed to open a specific type of file. They do not support the file if damaged or corrupt. But this tool is a free program to open healthy as well as a corrupt file without any error.

Some of its prominent features are:

  • Supports preview of MDB/ACCDB files without MS Access.
  • It is a free tool to open corrupt or damaged access database files.
  • Compatible and runs on all MS Windows versions.
  • It doesn’t bother about the file size you are dealing with. It supports a view of any file regardless of size it possesses.
  • This tool can scan the damaged or inaccessible state of MDB or ACCDB files and show preview of its contents.
  • MDB Viewer tool is completely non-dependent of other platforms to give users a preview of their MS Access database files without having Microsoft access installed in a system.


I have mentioned all the possible methods I know in this blog So, I hope these methods would help you in finding the appropriate solution and I would personally suggest you to try these methods to open MDB files without MS Access. Hope this helps.I f you know any other method then let me know in the comment section.

Till then keep reading.

This blog explains the best MS Access Database MDB Viewer tool to open MDB file on Windows when your MS Access database (MDB & ACCDB) doesn’t access due to corruption reason. It also describes the top 3 best MDB Viewer tool & comparison with their features.

Introduction to MS Access MDB Viewer

The MS Access MDB Viewer comes in the category of Access Database file viewer software. This tool is used to view, open and read the MS Access MDB & ACCDB files when Access database does not access due to corruption. MDB viewer is a free tool which provides an easy method to view the MDB and ACCDB files. It has the interactive user interface which is suitable for the novice user. MDB Viewer provides the preview of the entire database including table contents.

Why We Need MS Access DB (MDB) Viewer

The following are the conditions in which we need the MDB Viewer:

Download Free Open Mdb Access Database Query

  1. When the MDB file is stored in the bad sector of hard disk then these files become inaccessible. So, you can open these inaccessible MDB files with the help of MDB File Viewer.
  2. When there is a virus infection then the MDB and ACCDB database files become corrupt files cannot be open. But, the MDB Viewer is capable of opening the corrupt MDB and ACCDB files.
  3. When you are working on the MDB file, at the same time there is a sudden power failure. As a result, the file will become corrupt and cannot be opened. So, for this issue, the MDB Viewer is useful to open, view and read database files.

Comparison of Best 3 MDB Viewer to Open Access Database (MDB) File

Download Free Open Mdb Access Database Access

BrandAryson MDB ViewerSysInfo MDB ViewerMDB Viewer Plus
Rating5 star4.5 star4 star
Product Detail
Latest Version18.017.03.3
Size2.23 MB3.10 MB8.00 MB
Technical Features
Open MS Access MDB or ACCDB file
Scans & Explore MDB File
View All Versions of MS Access Database File
Preview complete Access database MDB along with Table contents
Maintains the hierarchyX
Keep your data intact
Simple GUI to Easily View MS Access MDB File
Compatible with MS Access Database 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003
Windows Compatibility
Mac CompatibilityXX
Live ChatX
24*7 Live Assistance
Technical Support