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Free Keylogger Software by Refog is the top rated monitoring software available. Invisible and undetectable for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. Hardware keylogger infections occur if someone gains access to your unlocked device, which can fuel any number of scenarios. Say a crook somehow installs a keylogger plug into the keyboard USB port of a bank loan officer’s PC. That gives the keylogger operator all kinds of exploitable data in the course of the loan officer’s normal duties. Trusted Mac download Perfect Keylogger for Mac 3.0. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Perfect Keylogger for Mac alternative downloads. KIDLOGGER – Free Keylogging App for Mac Kidlogger, Our most popular free keylogger for Mac is one of the few free keyloggers that is routinely updated and compatible with all versions of the OS. Not limited to keystrokes, Kidlogger offers quite a few features normally found in paid keyloggers and smartphone spy applications.

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Who Should Use the Software?


Parents and should use Refog Keylogger for Mac. The software is designed perfectly for use on home computers. Parents can make sure their children are not going to illicit sites, downloading music illegally, or chatting with dangerous people. Parents can read chat conversations, check the screenshot history, and look at a list of visited web sites from their children's computer activity. The Refog Keylogger provides a full-range of versatile surveillance features for the home.

Runs Undetected


Mac Os Keylogger

Refog Mac Keylogger provides undetected surveillance unlike some of free keylogger programs available. The program can run in stealth mode so children will have no idea their activities are being monitored. That means they won't be able to bypass the program, stop it from recording, uninstall it, or change their behavior to avoid detection.

Easy to Use

You don't have to be a computer-savvy to use Refog Keylogger for Mac. Download the software and install it. You'll be asked to set a Master Password then you're done. Let the software do the rest of the work 24x7. No maintenance or other tasks are required.

Keylogger Software Free

Recorded Information

With Refog Keylogger Mac, all keystrokes are recorded on the computer. Each time a key is pressed by a user the program records that keystroke. Screenshots of computer usage are also taken periodically and saved for your viewing. Additionally, outgoing chat messages, Web site visits, and application uses can all be recorded by the software.

Pc Keylogger Free

Password Protection

Once you have set your Master Password during the install, no one can make changes or delete saved information without that password. Unlike other keylogger programs which are easy to circumvent, Refog Keylogger for Mac has a security as strong as your password. As long as your children don't know the password, no one but you can make changes or see saved records.

Download Free Keylogger For Mac

Free Copy

Best Keylogger For Mac

If you want to try out Refog Keylogger Mac today, you can download a free trial copy today so you can keep a watchful eye on the computer activities of your family. Acrobat pro dc mac.