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The Tenth Record

Ratings: 9.3/10 from 119 users
Season: 1
Song Yi has difficulty dealing with her feelings for Min Joon, who's also trying to distance himself from her and not reveal his true nature to anyone.
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Jeon Ji Hyeon is way too ArvisJaggamar8792

She's be medicated for love!

The end doctor visit was priceless! He's taking her feelings as something that needs medication. Ha-ha.
Ah, we've come to the point where Min Joon needs to distance himself because he's leaving. *sighs* I still have many questions about him feeling the cold and if he can't swap body fluids with humans and all. Overall I like the way the romance is going. Especially when Song Yi realizes she has a crush on him.
It's cute.
I'm really surprised how things turned out. Not that Jae Kyung is framing Min Joon, but that poor sweet Yoo Suk (Se Mi's borther) seems to be a causality! I bet if she new she would have no problem telling her brother who the potential boyfriend is now! Ah!
Not to mention that cliffhanger! Oh, no. With Mi Joon revealing himself to Jae Kyung (see!!!! he found out before Song Yi, cruel trope) things are probably going to get crazy. I can't wait to see what villainess Jae Kyung and his wicked secretary are going to do next. (The secretary is the hot monk from Mirror of the Witch!!! Oh my drama! Too awesome.) I'm really impressed by the passing of this drama and I love that Song Yi at least has a real friend in her bookstore friend.


This episode was great. I thought Cheon Song Yi would need some more time to figure out her feelings. I didn't expect it to be so 'fast'. But it's kind of sad that Do Min Joon is hiding his feelings and I guess he didn't expect her to love him back. He's probably already torn between staying beside his love interest and going back home (after all he was waiting for 400 years for this opportunity)being an alien.
What also surprised me was that so many people already know or at least suspect something about him (Se Mi, this hyung-guy and Cheon Song Yi herself and also Jae Kyung).
On the one hand I am kind of happy that it isn't a real secret anymore but on the other hand I am afraid that this will be a disadvantage for Do Min Joon and might cause him pain in any way.
I wonder what Jae Kyung will do after he has found out that Do Min Joon is not a human (although he didn't really figure THAT out).
But I guess he will probably create more evil plans.
I honestly hope that Se Mi's brother won't die. That would be so bad (kind of reminds me of City Hunter).
Anyway I am looking forward to the next episode.

i knew it

omg, that last part of the episode! he show him right on! u cant kill me! haha love it!!

Such an Unexpected Confession!

I totally didn't see that coming. I thought it was going to take a while before she would realize her feelings, much less confess. It was a pleasant surprise! Oh how I adore the characters of this series. I'm just worried for Do Min Joon because I don't want him to be framed and treated like a fugitive. I'd prefer to see more funny and romantic moments between the two leads. But since the events in Joseon times are parallel to what's happening to the present Seong Yi and DMJ, I'm afraid there will be a lot of unfortunate events coming. I hope it stays light-hearted till the very end.

Head Over Heels!

She's fallen completely for him..and is over reacting so funny lol.
She is really funny.
Now the bad guy has no limits to cover up his crime. He is a cool bad guy. With his bad guy attitude and those eyes. Suave. So sure he can get away with everything.
Can't wait for next episode.
So stay tuned!

Can't wait for the next episode

I know this episode was supposed to be really serious, but I could not honestly focus on that aspect of this drama because I was too busy laughing my ass out at Song-yi's reactions. She thinks she is going insane.. I love that bit because she wasn't that familiar with how she is feeling.
..and that last bit spin off scenario in this episode? I cracked up laughing. Now she's going crazy and had herself made a gold nail ring. LOL!

Daebak over daebak <33333

This was such an amazing episode. Love Jun Ji Hyun,she is soooo pretty,love her english,she is sooo funny :D


every episode it's so intense!!! I just love it!!

Wow! It's getting better!

Download Lagu Soundtrack Film You Who Came From The Star Wars

It has been a while that I've been hooked to a drama. Honestly, I've just been here and there with other dramas, and end up dropping them, but this one is so darn good!
Jun Ji Hyun nails it everytime. She is such a wonderful actress, and I'm grateful to be able to watch her in this drama. She is hilarious and emotional. I can really see all her senses in this episode. She is a genuine true beauty. Her acting makes this drama so much better than it would have been. I kid you not, this drama would not be the same without her. Aside from that, let's get onto what I thought about this week's 2 episodes.
I thought these two were one of the best episodes so far. Everything is moving along faster than I expected. I was so excited and happy that she confessed! I didn't expect it to be then and there. I literally smiled and giggled a bit at heart. Gee, she totally made my heart flutter.
Haha, I guess this review is more of my love for this drama. The storyline is definitely getting better. There were some parts that bothered me because they were too convenient like how the evil dude always has everything planned out so well. Seriously, how did his subordinate even get in there? Anyway, Jun Ji Hyun is the star of the show.

Download Lagu Soundtrack Film You Who Came From The Star-spangled Banner

SoundtrackDid I also say that they are so darn cute together! She makes me fangirl haha! I can't wait for next week. It's too far away..

Download Lagu Soundtrack Film You Who Came From The Stardust


Download Lagu Soundtrack Film You Who Came From The Stars


The cliffhanger had me on the edge of my seat. Too bad I have to wait until next Wednesday for the next eps! :) This episode took more a serious note, but there are still comedic moments.