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A Mac OS X theme for ubuntu 13.10 make your ubuntu look like mac os x. There are Nice Themes, Icons, Cairo Dock and other tools to make ubuntu look like Mac OS X Look. There was a project called Mac4Lin to do this thing. But now You want to do it manually. Here is how you can transform linux mint into osx.

Mac OS X transformation pack for Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Linux Mint 16 includes haniahmed (One Gnome Shell theme) and mbossg (One Gtk theme + two icon sets). These theme and iconset give Ubuntu a very nice feel.

Step #1: Download the Mac Theme package – named as: ‘Not Mac’. Download Not Mac Theme for Ubuntu 11.04. Step #2: Now install the downloaded theme using- just Drag and Drop method i.e drag the ‘139967-Not Mac.tar.gz’ theme file, and drop it to ‘Appearance - Theme window’ to install. You will get a message – like ‘Keep the. Arc Theme is the most popular theme for Ubuntu. It provides 3 different looks – Arc, Arc.

IF you want to go back to old look and feel then also just change the theme and some settings done for this make over.

Step 1 . Wallpapers and Firefox Theme Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu.

This is a very nice job. Download the wallpapers and firefox theme. If you dont like you can switch back easly.
Download Mac OS X Wallpapers
Download Mac theme for Firefox
Unzip the following folder and drag and in firefox and click on install.

Step 2: Install Cairo Dock and change the theme to Mac Like theme.

Right Click on Cairo Dock -> Select Launch Cairo-Dock on Startup. Just go in Configuration section in cairo dock Theme tab Select Mac theme and Apply.


You can try docky insted of cairo dock.

Step 3: Remove overlay scrollbars in Ubuntu 13.10

Remove the overlay scrollbars and enable the standard scrollbar in the right side in Ubuntu. Enter this command in terminal and

Step 4: Install Indicator synapse

Synapse indicator is another cool alternative for “spotlight” in Mac. Install the indicator from the command given below.

Also see the previous LibreOffice 4.0 features page and general hints on the advantages of LibreOffice at the Why-page. Text layout on Mac OS X has been ported from the deprecated (and 32-bit only). Add File Recent Documents Clear List feature (Ariel Constenla-Haile. In addition to the open dialog, LibreOffice also gives users quick access to recently created and opened documents. This is a list of up to 25 documents that are in three locations in LibreOffice: Recent Documents in the File menu of the six applications and StartCenter. The drop-down menu associated with the Open icon in the Standard toolbar. Recent Files tab in StartCenter. As a workaround you can use the 'Load URL' toolbar option to obtain a lengthier list of recent files. Tools Customize Toolbars tab on the 'Standard' Toolbar ensure the 'Load URL' Command is checked. Libreoffice for mac os recent files list. I want to be able to clear the 'Recent Documents' list. Windows stores links under AppData / Application Data that I can automatically delete with a.bat file. I'd like to add the location / file for LibreOffice so I can clear it monthly. I've found how to remove the toolbar icon, change the number of files shown, etc. But that doesn't delete the stored information, just hides it. Grateful for any advice. Running Mac OS 10.14.5 on mid-2014 MacBook Pro 2.5 i7. Just cancelled Office 365 sub. Attempting to reset LibreOffice as default app for.xlsx,.docx,.pptx files etc. But MS Office for Mac fired up every time, despite holding option and selecting LO as 'everytime'. Deleted MS Office for Mac apps to resolve issue and now when trying to open any files created in MS.

a semantic launcher used to start applications and find relevant files using Zeitgeist, extensible through plugins. It’s a great, lightweight alternative to spotlight.

Step 5: Mac OS X Lion Theme, Icons and Mouse Pointers

To change themes in Ubuntu we need The Tweak tool Ubuntu tweak and Gnome Tweak Tool

Ubuntu for mac

Install them using

Now Install Mac Themes

After installation of these themes select theme, icons and mac cursor from ubuntu tweak tool.

Step 6: Change Ubuntu Icon and Autohide Unit Launcher

Go to Settings >> Appearance >> Behaviour and turn on auto hide. Here you can choose the location and sensitivity of the unity launcher.

Change the Ubuntu Icon with Apple Logo

To give back the ubuntu logo

Step 7 : Remove the Ubuntu Logo and Dots from Login Screen

In this step we removing the dots and Ubuntu logo from the login screen. So It almost look like Mac Theme.

Step 8 : Mac Fonts for Interface

Change the ubuntu font with mac font. So it look like native mac.

Ubuntu Mac Os Theme

Change the fonts using Unity Tweak tool or Gnome Tweak Tool.

Step 9: Disable Crash Reports

Ubuntu On Mac

Using this command disable various crash reports in Ubuntu.

Now the Ubuntu got a makeover to Mac OS X.

Ubuntu Download For Macbook

Also elementay OS and Pear OS are the other alternative to this make over. Both are come with nice mac looking theme and are based on Ubuntu.

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