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In this article we will learn How to download complete Facebook albums in a few clicks.

Facebook is one of the prime places friends and family upload pictures. Mechanical keyboard deals. Chances are, at some point someone has tagged you in at least one picture. The problem is, when the person who tagged you. How to download all tagged Facebook pictures? I just made the huge mistake of deleting my back up of all pics I've collected over the years and instead of downloading one by one is there a way of bulk downloading tagged pictures?

Everyday we upload hundreds of photos on Facebook and share them with our friends and family. As you know, Facebook allows us to create photo albums and this way we can gather all photos of an event at single place. Unfortunately Facebook doest allow to download complete Photo albums. If you go for downloading Facebook photos to computer one by one and let say the album contains 200 photos then imagine How much time it will take to download whole album. So, for saving you time, here some tricks to download Facebook photo albums by one-click. You can easily download photo albums that are either created by you, your friends, a group member or a page you liked by these methods.

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

You can use chrome extensions, Firefox addons or online web apps to download and save Facebook albums to computer. Out of dozens of methods, I have selected the 5 best working ways to download Facebook albums.

1- By PicknZip

Tagged Pictures

This is a free online application which can grab Facebook photo albums that are either created by you or your friends. You can also get backups of photos from Facebook pages and groups using this app. First of all open Picknzipwebsite and click on the login button at the top. Login with your Facebook account and allow the application to access your profile. Select the photos or albums you want you backup or download and you are done. One can also download videos from Facebook using this free online tool.

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2- By Chrome Extension

If you are a Google chrome lover then here is a nice chrome extension that can download photos albums from Facebook. Install Download FB Album mod in your browser and open the FB Photo album page that you want to download. Press ctrl+s simultaneously and save the page as Webpage, complete. This will automatically grab all download all the photos from that album and save them at your selected destination.

3- By Firefox Addon

Here I have a simple addon for Mozilla firefox users that can grab bulk photos from Facebook albums and saves them to PC. Install fluschipranie extension in your browser and browse through the album you want to download. Right click on its link and select the option fluschipranie download.

Download Tagged Facebook Photos

4- By Android Application

There is a cool application by which you can download Facebook albums on android smartphone. Install album download application from Google Play Store and download your photos to android in HD format. It has an advanced search feature that allows you to search for albums by name, by location or by any keyword. The application also allows you to download tagged photos from Facebook in bulk.

5- By PhotoGrabber

This is a desktop application that you will have to install on your PC. Once authenticated, it will allow you to download photos from Facebook friends, tagged photos and complete albums. Install photograbber on your computer and login with your Facebook account. Select the photos or albums you want to download and choose the destination where you to want to save your pics. Finally press the Begin download button. Photograbber is available for both Mac and Windows and you can download it totally free of cost.

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If you face any problem while downloading photo albums from Facebook then feel free to discuss it below.