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Download Urban Terror Mac Client Side Stats for free. Perl script for generating stats from system.log messages entered by Urban Terror on OS X. Download the compressed file of your choice below, and simply extract the UrbanTerror43 folder to where you want. Then run the UrTUpdater, follow the instructions on screen and you should be downloading the latest version of Urban Terror 4.3! Information: Do NOT install Urban Terror. Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.

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FrozenSand was proud to announce a few days ago the immediate availability for download of a new major update for its popular Urban Terror multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) game for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.Biologymrs. mac's classes.

Urban Terror 4.2.016 introduces two sets of new player skins, Dr. Pink and Dr. Blue, allows users to set skins per team using cg_skinfixed 0 1, updates animation config, fixes an Auth System bug that was present in the previous release, repairs a “badinfo” issue, and the inactivity timer is now correctly disabled when g_inactivity is set to 0.

The minimum value of com_hunkmegs has been increased, the “Hunk_Alloc failed on…” error message is now more understandable, the lagometer position on CTF has been fixed, cg_speedo CVAR has been enhanced and it will now display client speed in KPH, MPH and UPS.

Moreover, the kill sound is now correctly played when using HE Grenade kill and bleed out, a new sniper crosshair has been added, the skeetshoot map reloaders have been fixed, a new Quake 3 style crosshair has been added, respawn timer is now displayed after restarting a map, a sound has been added when changing weapon mode, as well as accelerometer, which is configurable with cg_accelero 0 1 2.

Urban Terror 4.2.016 also allows users to tune dedicated accelerometer size via a cg_accelSize CVAR option, the bots are no longer being kicked from the server for teamkilling, TeamBalancer has been added, which can be controlled via g_autobalance CVAR, and g_noVest CVAR has been added for the Jump Mode.

Last but not least, Urban Terror 4.2.016 adds client respawn event to game log, enhances the dmaHD sound system, introduces brand new wide resolutions in the graphics menu, and adds flag capture time. More details can be found in the official release announcement.

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Download Urban Terror 4.2.016 for Linux right now from Softpedia.