Duro Dyne Model Aqc 1 Manual

The AQC-1 Air Quality Control Center, item #35220. Programmable 24-hour, 15 minute interval timer. Eliminates use of low voltage transformer for fresh air damper. Controls a 24 or 110 volt damper. See AQC-1 Specifications. 4 Position Dampers. All DuroZone Zoning Dampers, (RD, MS and MB series), are available with a 4 position motor. Replacement parts for Lockformer, Flagler, Duro Dyne, Doran, Roper Whitney, ruoff, and other metal fabrication machines, hvac machinery parts. The house has natural gas heating and A/C. The furnace is an American Standard Freedom 80. The Honeywell thermostat is set for auto system and fan. There is a timer control for the fresh air intake (a Duro Dyne AQC-1) which is currently set to run nearly continuously, except for a few randomly spaced 15 or 30 minute intervals. Duro Dyne Consumables. Search the Duro Dyne Consumable section to quickly find the most requested Duro Dyne machine parts, products and consumables. Don’t see the Duro Dyne consumable that you need? Try searching for the part by the Roto-Die machine model the part is needed for, or contact us today for additional details on how to find the.

CONSTANT ENERGY CONSERVATIONemphasis and local building code changes over the past several years haveresulted in efforts to make buildings and homes more weather tight and draftfree. While these efforts have been successful, eliminating outside air leakagehas created another potential problem; air quality of the interior atmosphere.

Many provincial and local governmentshave become concerned that the relatively stagnant indoor air is showingincreasing levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Many provinces haverequired periodic introduction of outdoor air into the indoor environment. The Dyna-FreshAir Quality Control Center coupledwith a model NSPRD024 or SPRD110 Spring-Return Damper was designed for thispurpose.

  1. Fresh air is drawn in from the outside and mixed with return air to be distributed by the air handling equipment.
  2. The Dyna-FreshAQC Control Panel coordinates the blower, exhaust fan and damper to introduce fresh air and remove stale air at user selectable 15 minute intervals.
  3. Stale air is exhausted by the independent exhaust fan.


Duro dyne damper hardware

The Dyna-FreshAQC has a programmable (in 15 minuteintervals) 24 hour timer which is wired to control a DuroZoneTouchmate cam driver free download. Spring-Return Damper (110 volt or 24 volt), an exhaust fan, and the air handlerfan. Once the timer has been programmed, a call from the Dyna-FreshAQC for fresh air will:

  • Open the Spring-Return Damper to allow fresh air into the return duct
  • Turn on the air handler fan to distribute the fresh air into the home
  • Activate an exhaust fan to remove the stale air in the home or office

Duro Dyne Parts

Dyna-FreshAQC Air Quality Control Center

Duro Dyne Damper Hardware

Duro Dyne Model Aqc 1 Manual

Duro Dyne Aqc 1 Timer

  • Listed to UL and CSA Standards for Safety
  • 24 Hour Clock Timer
  • Programmable in 15 Minute Intervals
  • Controls Either a 24 Volt or 110 Volt Damper
  • Eliminates the Need for a Low Voltage Transformer to Power the Fresh Air Damper
  • Installs Quickly
  • Compact Design
  • Manual Override Switch for Continuous Fresh Air