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Embroidery i2 free download

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Mac lovers rejoice. Pulse introduces a snazzy new product that works on a Mac*, and creates great embroidery INSIDE Adobe Illustrator. Draw or open a vector file, assign a stitch effect, adjust embroidery parameters, and you're ready to sew the design on the embroidery machine.

Introducing Embroidery i2 for Adobe Illustrator.

A revolutionary new embroidery software plug in that lets you work inside the Adobe Illustrator. Embroidery i2 for Adobe Illustrator is intuitive and is loaded with great features. It works on both the Mac and PC. Creates amazing embroidery, and the stitch quality is flawless. Has a short learning curve, so you're ready to embroider sooner. And, you don't have to struggle with independant software packages or be bothered by vector compatibility issues. Or change your world just because you prefer a Mac.

Embroidery i2 for Adobe Illustrator is perfect for screenprinters, creative professionals, promotional product companies, and embroidery digitizers. Customer's logos and vector artwork can be quickly and easily converted into embroidery designs. You will have complete control to create perfect embroidery-whether it is simple text, corporate logos or stunning fashion embroidery. There are garment recipes to help you along, so you don't have to guess the parameters needed to sew on pique, silks, fleece, jacket backs, etc. And it is easy to create outstanding embroidery lettering with over 125 specially digitized embroidery fonts included in Embroidery i2. We'll give you special fonts for small lettering, too. Welcome to the world of embroidery on a Mac!

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* Only works with Intel-based Macs. Check the System Requirements

Product Information

Product Information


3d animation software for mac. We have compiled a short list of frequently asked questions that
may help you support Embroidery i² :

What are the major benefits of Embroidery i² ?

  • Embroidery i² is a perfect choice for creative professionals who are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or interested in using graphic design software in their embroidery business. Embroidery i² plugs into Adobe Illustratorlso users work within the familiar Adobe environment.
  • Create designs directly within Adobe Illustrator, no need to use separate digitizing software.
  • Embroidery i² is a professional embroidery design system offering automated and manual control allowing you to maximize your creativity.
  • Embroidery i² is compatible with Windows and Intel based Mac computers.
  • Subscription based model makes sure you always have the latest version.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Embroidery i² ?

A high speed internet connection is required to convert vectors to stitches. However, you can work offline to create vector artwork while you are not connected to the internet, and connect to the Internet to convert the design to stitches.

What are the system Requirements for Embroidery i² ?

How do new Embroidery i² customers get started?

The customer should have received an activated code for Embroidery i² from the distributor. Also, the customer needs the Getting Started Guide This contains the information they will need to register on the Embroidery i² web site, download the latest Embroidery i² client and how to start using Embroidery i² . An updated version of the guide is available on this website here.

What is the Embroidery i² Community?

The Embroidery i² community is a service for all Embroidery i² users that allows them to exchange ideas and information with other Embroidery i² users and receive important information about their software. We encourage your participation in the on-line forums. The on-line community is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis. Please check back often and feel free to post. If you have any suggestions on forum topics or any other suggestions, please let us know.

You can access the community by clicking the link below:

Your user name and password that was assigned to you for logging into the Embroidery i² server will also give you access to the community.

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Are there any getting started or training resources available for Embroidery i² ?

The Training and Documentation forum contains some videos that can help new users become accustom to the Embroidery i² tools.

Click the link below to view the Training and Documentation forum:

Your user name and password that was assigned to you for logging into the Embroidery i² server will give you access to the link above.

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