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This guide will explain to you (hour by hour) how Emily and each doll work during the hours, and how to survive easier so it could be beaten without restarting or dying.

-11 PM lasts approximately 4 minutes, while every hour after that lasts about 6 minutes.
-If you're confused, check my deathless run as a visual aid which is present in the full-game leaderboard and on YouTube/Twitch on my profile.

11 PM - You, the pizza man, just entered your worst nightmare! The goal is to survive until 6 AM, in which you run like hell out through the front door. Emily and her 3 dolls, Kiki, Mr. Tatters, and Chester all want to play with you. Fortunately, none of the dolls are active at this hour, so the best thing to do is find the flashlight which can be located either on the floors of the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, or the room with a hole on the floor which is located next to the kitchen. Be sure not to fall in the hole which leads to the basement, otherwise Emily will kill you as you step forward. After you found the flashlight, head towards the master bedroom which contains an extra door, but nothing is in it (not yet!). If you click on the lamp that's on the left side of the door, it will reveal a secret entrance towards the basement in which if you explore there, Emily won't kill you. This secret passage will be useful 4 AM onwards.

12 AM - Okay it's play time. Kiki will be active this hour. If you seen the whiteboard, in the kitchen, that tells you not to look at her, don't listen to it. It lies (hence the winking face). When Kiki giggles with her cute little girl laugh, look behind you as that's where she'll spawn, and just stare at her until she disappears (I believe around 15 seconds). It's best to camp at the living room, and stand at the end of the carpet while also having the view of the room in front that doesn't have a door, and contains many chairs and boxes.

1 AM - Hope you're not afraid of clowns! At this hour, Mr. Tatters the clown, along with Kiki, are active. The whiteboard will say not to stand still, but you're smarter than that. Mr. Tatters will let out a deep laugh that indicates he spawned near you. When you hear his deep laugh, do not move at all! This means not walking, not sprinting, and not even moving the view (camera). You don't have to look at Mr. Tatters, you just stand still until he lets out a sigh which indicates he has left. Follow the same strategy for Kiki.

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2 AM - Fun Fact: Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps makes a cameo! Well, he's one of the 3 dolls. At this hour, only Chester the dummy and Mr. Tatters the clown are active (Kiki isn't active). Chester will make a rather higher-pitched laugh when he spawns near you. When you hear it, run to a different room which makes him disappear (and he shuts the light from the room he spawned in). As shown in the video, I stand in the living room, and whenever I hear Chester laugh, I run to the adjacent room with all the chairs and that lacks a door, but it still makes Chester disappear even though there isn't a door because it's technically a different room. Repeat the strategy for dealing with Mr. Tatters.

3 AM - The more the merrier when it comes to playing games. Now at this hour, all 3 dolls are active and thirsty for pizza man blood. Combine all the strats mentioned above in dealing with each doll. Camping in the living room; stare at Kiki until she disappears, don't move when Mr. Tatters laughs and wait until he sighs, and run to the room with the chairs when Chester laughs.

IMPORTANT: If Kiki and Chester spawn together in the same room (in this case; the living room), going to the room with the chairs will not work, and Chester will continue to chase you. If this occurs, instead run to the door with the lights blinking, lamp shattered and with all the boxes, and make your way to the kitchen which is enough to get rid of Chester. Also watch where Kiki spawned if that.

4 AM- Finally, the titular character plays a major role now! At this hour, Emily is the only one active. All the lights will be turned off (make sure you don't turn any of them on otherwise Emily will kill you), and you'll only have your flashlight to help provide vision. A timer will appear on the bottom starting at 75 seconds. You have that amount of time to run around the house and find Emily. When you find her, the timer will reset back to 75 seconds, and you'll have to find her until 5 AM comes. Emily will spawn in every room, and will stay at her location until she is found (she is found by getting close to her once you see her). Through trial and error, you'll understand that Emily spawns in the same location of every room (e.g. if she hides in the living room and spawns again in the living room after finding her somewhere, she will hide in the same location in the living room). She'll also hide in the basement in the same location, in which the location is found (assuming you went through the secret entrance) by making 2 rights, and you'll find the specific section she hides in. Practice 4 AM a couple of times so you know where ALL of her spawning locations are in each room.

MAJOR TIP: When you find her, don't get close to her yet. Since you're waiting until 5 AM hits, and probably don't want to run around all night, it is best to wait until the timer hits about 5 seconds and then get to her to reset the timer. This way, you don't have to find her as much.

5 AM - Enough playing around, it time for Emily and her dolls to make their LAST STAND! At this hour, you have to find Emily as well as dealing with the 3 dolls ruining your night. The timer will start at 90 seconds this time. Follow the same strategies in dealing with each doll, as well as for Emily from 4 AM. However, don't linger at her for too long because one of dolls (specifically Mr. Tatters) may spawn right when you're about to reach her, thus preventing you from moving if it's Mr. Oec hhs aramishidden hills stable. Tatters, forcing you to another room if it's Chester, or Kiki is right behind you breathing through your shoulder. When you find her, wait until about 15 seconds or more to reach her in order to be safer. If Emily is in the basement, don't bother waiting until the timer gets low and just reach for her right away because Chester can spawn in the basement, and you can't outrun him considering it's a large basement with only 1 exit. You'll mostly likely be dead if you wait too long in the basement. Hopefully Chester and Mr. Tatters won't spawn the same time. Also if Kiki spawns near you when you haven't even found Emily yet, don't bother staring and just run away from her and try to find Emily. Only stare at her once you're in the room Emily's in, and you're camping there until the timer is low.

6 AM - VICTORY SCREECH!!!! Playtime is finally over, and Emily is now letting you go. To finish this last hour, just head to the living room, and the front door will finally open making your way out of the house, and thus ending the game. Hopefully that psychiatrist that your mother spent on for you comes in handy for you pizza men (or gals)!

Emily Wants To Play Crack

The latest horror/strategy title on Steam, Emily Wants to Play, is one confusing piece of work. Hopefully, this guide will help clear things up. The game begins with you, a pizza delivery man, arriving at a seemingly empty home. You walk inside and the door slams behind you. The clock strikes midnight and a child’s distant giggle begins an increasingly difficult struggle to survive the night. The game gives you no instructions on how to proceed other than what is written on a white board in the kitchen. Keep in mind that in order to survive, you must do the exact OPPOSITE of what the board tells you to do.

The game is similar to 5 Nights at Freddy’s. As each hour passes (over the span of roughly 5 minutes each), more creepy challenges and rules are presented in the form of Emily’s demonic toys. Your goal is to identify each enemy as they are presented to you and deal with them accordingly. Failure to do so results in a jump-scare cutscene and you are taken back to the beginning of whichever hour you died on.

There are a total of 3 killer dolls that are mixed and matched as the hours go by, each with different rules to follow. For the first hour of the night, the only doll in play is Kiki. A child’s giggle will tell you that she is nearby and your goal is to spot her ASAP. Once encountered, a brief staring contest will cause her to disappear. Generally, a good idea is to keep her within your field of vision as you make your way to the nearest doorway. She’ll continue to appear randomly throughout the game.

By 2am, the Clown enters the fray. If you see or hear the clown, remaining still will cause him to disappear. From experience, even the slightest movement of the mouse while the clown continues to grumble at you will cause him to attack. Unlike Kiki, you don’t need to make eye contact with him.

3am adds yet another doll with another rule to follow. Chester can be distinguished by his high-pitched, male laughter. If seen or heard, the player will only have a few seconds to escape the room before he breaks into a sprint. Between Kiki, the Clown and Chester you’ll find yourself in a game of Red Light Green Light, carefully avoiding areas where Chester may be able to trap you.

Emily herself steps in after 4am, and from then on the game really becomes a challenge. For this hour, it’s just you and Emily. In my play through, no dolls were encountered. A 70 second timer appears at the bottom of the screen, indicating how much time you have to find her before she kills you. Locating her will add 70 seconds to however much time you had left. Rinse and repeat.

Once the clock strikes 5 the game turns to chaos, as all of the enemies start doing their rounds. Follow the rules of each respective doll and search the house thoroughly for Emily. Around the 5 minute mark, start working your way to the entrance of the house. At 6 o’clock, the front door finally opens and you only have a few seconds to escape before Emily gets to you.

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